Former Circus Lions Set Free (Video)

Animal Defenders International released a heartwarming video of 25 former circus lions as they were released into their new permanent 20-acre home at a Colorado sanctuary. The organization rescued the lions earlier this year from Bolivia in the largest evacuation mission of circus animals.  

Prior to their rescue Pancho, Temuco, Chitara, Delila and Kenya had been part of small traveling circuses in Bolivia.  They lived in cages that were the size of an average bed.  It is truly amazing to watch their reaction to being set free at the Wildlife Sanctuary. 

ADI trekked all over Bolivia rescuing the lions and other animals after the government legislated a ban on the use of wild animals in the country’s circuses.

The rescued lions arrived earlier at the sanctuary, but have been housed in a 15,000 square-foot biosphere to help them adjust to the cool Colorado weather.  The biosphere was the first opportunity for many of the lions to walk around without being tethered or caged.

Their release onto the grounds of the sanctuary is the first time for these magnificent animals to run and play as nature intended.

The rescue of the lions was a direct result of ADI’s “Stop Circus Suffering” campaign which the organization is currently waging in the U.K.  Operation Lion Ark was the largest rescue and airlift of lions ever seen in the world. 


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William C
William C10 months ago

Thank you.

Michelle Lacombe
Michelle Lacombe5 years ago

Man, I'm so overjoyed right now! Thank God
for groups such as ADI, PETA, Care2, and all others that fight so hard for the rights of people and animals! Without organizations such as these, the rate at witch people and animals would die is unimaginable...

Natasha Salgado
Past Member 5 years ago

So wonderfulto see these magnificent animals roaming free!!! Thanks to all who helped this happen!

LMj Sunshine
James merritt jr6 years ago

Great news, thank you for sharing!

LMj Sunshine
James merritt jr6 years ago

Great news, thank you for sharing!

Victor C.
Past Member 6 years ago

Good to hear something like this once and a while.Makes me very happy!!

mary l.
mary l7 years ago

I'm glad they are free to roam,as it should be.

Alessandra C.

Terrible! How can they say the animals were cared for and fairly treated! Shame on them!

Linda P.
Linda P7 years ago

WOW, how wonderful!! Thank you to ADI, God bless you all.

Antonia M.
Antonia maestre7 years ago

"A man can measure the value of his own soul in the grateful look that will guide an animal to which rescued"
- Plato