Former Giffords Aide Will Run for Full Term, Too

Ron Barber, the former aide to Arizona Democrat Gabrielle Giffords who was wounded during an assassination attempt on the Congresswoman, was already seeking the nomination to fill the rest of her term in a special election.† Now, he is announcing that he will run for her seat in the 2012 election, too.

Via Roll Call, Barber said in a statement, “Some people might ask, Hey Ron, what took you so long? ďI donít rush into things, but once I make a decision, I stick with it for the long haul. But donít take my word for it. Ask my wife Nancy. We started dating in 1963.Ē

Barber’s announcement has caused one other Democrat seeking what will be a new, redistricted seat, to drop out.† “[S]tate Rep. Steve Farley, said he will step aside and help get Barber elected. Farley plans to run for state Senate in District 9, he said.† State Rep. Matt Heinz said he plans to stay in the race for CD 2. The other two ó state Sen. Paula Aboud and Nomiki Konst, a former University of Arizona student ó have yet to return calls. Itís unknown if Nan Walden, a pecan-farm executive who was expected to join the race, will still run.”

Rep. Giffords, who was nearly killed in an attempt on her life in January of 2011, had a miraculous recovery, but announced earlier this year that she would leave Congress immediately to continue focusing on her health.† Barber was asked specifically by Giffords to run for her seat in the special election, which he is doing unopposed by any members of the Democratic party.† The special election for Giffords’ current district is June 12th, 2012.

Photo credit: wikimedia commons


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