Former Senator Bob Kerrey May Run For Ben Nelson’s Seat


When Democratic Senator Ben Nelson announced that he was going to retire rather than try to get reelected to his Nebraska senate seat, it seemed nearly impossible for Democrats to keep the seat, much less the senate.

Now, there may be hope after all.

Former Nebraska Governor and Senator Bob Kerrey has announced that his is giving serious consideration to running for Nelson’s seat, and that he will be spending the next week talking to local politicos and voters as he makes a final decision.

Kerrey, who has spent the last ten years in New York as the president of New School University, hasn’t been very active in politics since he left the senate in 2001, although he did briefly consider a run for senate in 2008 when Republican Chuck Hagel retired. Besides one term as governor and over a decade in the senate, Kerrey also took a quick run for the presidential nomination in 1992.

Kerrey, a former Viet Nam vet who lost a leg in the war, has always been a popular politician in the state, and likely the party’s best hope of keeping the senate seat, and the senate majority, in the 2012 election.   If Kerrey announces a run, expect the rest of the Democratic field to clear for him, while the REpublicans continue with their contiguous primary battle.


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New G.
W. C6 years ago


Chad A.
Chad A6 years ago

Kerrey has his problems, but he was popular as a senator and governor in Nebraska and he is much more in tune with the rest of the national Democratic Party than Nelson and I would rather have him in office than most Nebraska Republicans.

Marilyn L.
Marilyn L6 years ago

Better than Nelson

Frances C.
Frances C6 years ago

This brings back all the horrors of the Vietnam war. So many deaths, so much destruction, and so many young men drafted and caught up in that senseless violence. And then there were so many who did not serve but when it came time to run for elected office thought it was OK to trash the Veterans who they were running against. Such as the horrible attacks on John Kerry and Max Cleland. The Iraq war was another senseless "Shock and Awe" action.

Bob Kerrey was one who was caught up in that tragic war, but who performed bravely. I hope he runs and wins the election.

jerry coleman
jerry coleman6 years ago

Go Kerry

Allen S.
Allen S6 years ago

To correct the article. Bob Kerry did not lose a leg in the Viet Nam war. He did have part of his foot shot off by a large caliber machine gun while he and his SEAL team were climbing a cliff during a mission. Wounded and hanging by the climbing ropes, he returned fire and provided covering fire for the rest of his team to reach safety, an action he received both a Purple Heart and a Congressional Medal of Honor for. An action that I, as a former Army Officer and Republican from Nebraska, have the utmost respect for. I also happen to know Bob Kerry from his days as Governor of Nebraska, and he would be an excellent Senator from this state if he were to run and be elected again.

Edward N.
Ed Nizalowski6 years ago

I'm about half way through Blood on the Tracks by S. Brian Willson. He was a Vietnam veteran who realized the war was a big mistake and could not acquiesce to knowing how many innocent Vietnamese were being slaughtered. He became a fervent anti-war activist and in 1987 he was run over by a munitions train coming out of the Concord Naval Weapons Station in an effort to keep munitions from going to the Contras in South America.

Willson mentions the incident that took place in the Thang Phong hamlet on February 25, 1969, when Kerry's NAVY Seal team murdered 24 villagers including women and children. Kerry himself described this as an “atrocity”. This operation was part of a larger effort called “Operation Speedy Express” which murdered an average of 61 Vietnamese peasants everyday for 180 days.

Kerry has admitted remorse over this operation, but has he done anything special in the last 40 years to keep this atrocity from being erased from the American memory? Has he done anything in this same period of time to keep the American military, the CIA or its paid mercenaries from engaging in similar atrocities?


Lynn C.
Lynn C6 years ago

Good luck to him.

Cheryl M.
Cheryl M6 years ago

Please run, I still have a Kerrey for Senate t-shirt. I have met the former Gov. and Sen. and he would at least represent Democrats in Nebraska. Otherwise, we have no one representing us in this very red state.

Holly Lawrence
Holly Lawrence6 years ago

Gimme a liberal any day !