FOX Is Not News: Leaked Memo Shows Political Effort to Sway Health Care Bill

Further proof that Fox News is not disinterested journalism, but highly partisan and works in concert with political actors to set the stage for conservative policies:

Leaked FOX News Corporation emails dating back to the 2009 debate over health care reform show that the Managing Editor and Senior Vice President of FOX news discussed how to tarnish Americans’ overwhelming approval for a “public option” by using phrases like “government-run option” and “government takeover” instead. 

This was done in alignment with a right-wing pollster and political consultant, who in April 2009, bragged how he planned to revive the 1990s plan of attack to torpedo health care reform he used under the Clintons. (The memo outlining how GOP elected officials should talk about health care reform in order to kill it is here (pdf).)

Media Matters for America (MMFA), a progressive watchdog group that corrects lies and distortions in FOX news reports, argues that not only does FOX employ several potential candidates for public office in its stable of pundits, the separation between “news” content and “opinion” programming is paper thin. 

MMFA also argues that when its corporate parent contributed $1 million to the Republican Governor’s Association in the 2010 election, FOX was an active player in partisan politics and not a journalism outfit. Comparable network or cable news outlets avoid even the appearance of swaying political outcomes in the name of journalistic integrity.

MMFA’s addition of a progressive activist who successfully encouraged over 300 advertisers to drop ads on Glenn Beck’s show gives liberals hope that FOX will bear the consequence of its distortions and partisan meddling.


Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons.


Bonita R.
Bonita R.6 years ago

If you truly are non-partisan, you will want to aim the same criticism at most of the other major news networks who report/opine with a decidely left of center bias.

Kasey K.
Kasey K.6 years ago

Fox News is not news, they sell fear and uncertainty to control the masses. Fox News is mostly just opinions, one sided and partisan. Journalism is dead at Fox News. I encourage everyone to read their news online, explore how the world views our actions and stay away from major media outlets. Especially, outlets like Fox News because its so negative and just serves to divide us as a nation. For people who are interested in additional info about media, please visit & We need fairness, accuracy and true journalism.

Martha Eberle
Martha Eberle6 years ago

I'm SHOCKED, just SHOCKED, to hear you demean Fox news like this -- their slogan is "fair and balanced." Whoever wrote this article, is a sniveling leftist socialist!!

Helen Delahunt-Avila
Helen Avila6 years ago

Fox and News... and oxymoron

Tania M.
Tania Morse6 years ago

One difficulty in answering the poll: I've never watched Fox News. I never intend to, either. Regardless, I answered yes.

Patricia S.
Pat S7 years ago

Heather G,
No, unfortunately I'm not getting paid by Fox News. I'm just one of the millions who trust it.

Penelope P.
Penelope P7 years ago

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Heather G.
Heather G7 years ago

Patricia S, are you getting paid to defend FOX? If not why are you?? are you afraid of everything? that's what FOX does, preys on people's fears.

Robert S.
Robert S7 years ago

Media Matters for America. Now there's a reliable source for information... NOT

Patricia S.
Pat S7 years ago

Just imagine how many of us brainwashed are walking around this country!