Fox News Asks: Do You Agree With Occupy Wall Street?


The mainstream media has made a lot of fuss over the fact that the Occupy Wall Street movement doesn’t have a leader, a clear set of end goals or affiliation with a certain political party.

Humans (especially journalists) like to compartmentalize things. And a national movement of hundreds of thousands of disenfranchised mothers, fathers, students, military veterans, business owners, artists, teachers and labor union members all happy to sleep in the street and educate each other on the dismal state of our economy is hard to dilute into a sound byte for the evening news.

So to get to the heart of the matter, Fox News has launched a poll with one simple question:

“Do ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Protests Represent Your Views of the Economy?”

Regardless of how you answer, I would encourage you to click the link above and take this poll. Despite several questions that read like they’re right out of the Fox News script, I give the network props for even asking in the first place.

And despite fears that the votes will be skewed in favor of the network’s conservative agenda, current results are encouraging. I think the completed poll will be an important visual for demonstrating the legitimacy of this movement going forward.

Every politician claims to know what’s best for the average American. It’s just that they seem to forget by the time they make it to Washington. Now is the time for the 99% to stand up and be counted. It’s time for us to tell the mainstream media what’s news and what’s not.

Well, what are you waiting for?


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William C
William C2 months ago


W. C
W. C11 months ago

Thank you.

John G.
John G.6 years ago

Ira, you're a moron.

Our entire government gets kickbacks from big corporations. Maybe you should take a look at your precious Democratic Party (whom is in power) and is still continuing to push policies that hurt the little man.

Ira L.
Ellie L6 years ago

I support the 99ers. I support our President Obama. I support a filibuster-proof Democratic House and Senate. I support a chance for Obama to fulfill his promises without an OBSTRUCTIONIST congress preventing everything he wants from happening. He is our only chance for good change. Out Out with the tbagger/republicans who don't give a damn what happens to America and its people. All they care about is MONEY AND POWER, and the hell with everyone else. Vote straight Democrat, and live to see better days.

Terri Lynn Sullivan

Deborah P, very well said! Yes, we should be marching on Wall Street and in front of big banks.....but I'd also add that we should me marching in front of the Pentagon and White House too, two areas of the biggest corruption very much intertwined with blood money/corruption going into Wall Street/Banks (war and weaopons profits) Its all more closely connected than many think: oil reseves/mineral deposits in Iraq/Afghanistan/Libya....look at Qaddafi stashing billions of Libyan oil revenues with financial institutions on Wall Street and in Europe for just one example. The only thing you wrote that I don't totally agree with is your comment about "women and children" being abused(God, children being abused far worse than women, how horrific!) Yes, this happens and is awful, but don't only include "women" in your statment. women are not abused more than men in our society, at least half domestic abuse started by women, more women abuse their children than men. Look at our horrific wars for one, there are STILL, even in this age of modern warfare technology requiring no physical stength never mind fact many women stronger than men, and this modern age of "equality" there are shockingly still more men on useless battlefields than women. Even though women do not deserve to be protected from such horror any more than men in pretense of "fighting for nation". Yes, those military recruiters are now chasing down women on college campuses as much as men, but we are abusive to boys/men

Terri Lynn Sullivan

what a skewed unrealistic poll. It was not objective enough, can only vote yes with one viewpoint (corporate greed overlloing "little guy". The 99% of occupy actually INCLUDES many people working in corporate world fed up with treatmenet of employyes and don't consider themselves the "little guy", Occupy Wall Street includes MBA's, Docots, Nurses, successful people that are concerned aabout thier kids futures in a nation that makes profits off CORRUPT CORPORATIONS (not all are corrupt), that make profit off of dirty energy causing pollution, war and weapons (no, these things do NOT serve humnaity=only profits into corrupt corporations/big banks etc. Many people are missing main point....Trillions spend on wars over past decade is #1 reason we are in this recession

Robert H.
Robert Hamm6 years ago

Well the right surged at the last minute. Someone must have advertised the poll on the Glen Beck Show LOLOL

Joni Munch
Joni Munch6 years ago

I agree !! It's time for the working people to stand together and tell politicians that our government is no longer "for the people" .It has become "for the greedy" Help us return to our roots and speak out against greed and corruption!

Silvia G.
Silvia G6 years ago

I absolutely agree with them. I'm with the 99% too!

Keeley D.
Keeley D6 years ago

I'm with the 99%!