“Fox News North” (ie Canada) Will Not Be Funded By Cable Fees

“Fox News North” chances of becoming a reality are looking slim after a bid for forced access to cable fees was dropped — thanks in large part to an out pour of complaints, letters and petitions throughout Canada and the United States.

Just a few months ago, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper started pushing Fox News North, or Sun TV News — similar to the kind of hate-filled media Fox News displays — to be funded with money from Canadian citizens’ cable TV fees. Canadians would most likely not be interested enough in the channel to fund the programming, which is the primary reason Sun TV sought such funding in the first place. Now that the network is feeling the pressure of the several thousand opponents, this dropped bid could ultimately end their attempt to put Fox News on Canadian airwaves.

In just two months, the Care2 petition to keep hate media out of Canada gathered more than 8,500 signatures — thank you to all who signed. Avaaz.org also set up a campaign that played a major role in stomping out the use of cable fees for funding Fox News North.

Congratulations to all who took a stand against Fox News North, you’re actions are not going unnoticed!

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Elizabeth R.
Elizabeth R7 years ago

Boycott Fox.
Boycott anything owned by Richard Murdoc...

When NEWS becomes Business it's a song and dance all the fecking way.

Regina B.
Regina B7 years ago

Well said; Charley Sullivan & Winston Smith! And kudos to all who support FOX NEWS and their bravery in reporting the truth. If not for Fox News and its many great reporters, we would all be in the dark, believing the lies and deceit of the other news/political stations. Yes, we have eyes to see and ears to hear - and the truth shall be known.

Charley Sullivan
Charley Sullivan7 years ago

Enjoy your laugh Fox News is the #1 news network in the US and O'reilly has a #1 show for over 10 years.

This just tells me that Conservatism is the norm and what is accepted in this country. We have morals and obligations. We believe in God and we believe marriage is for a man and a woman. We believe in defending freedom and not letting Muslims or anybody else steal is from us. We despise the Liberal Fringe.

Winston Smith
Winston Smith7 years ago

Fox has more integrity and truth than MSNBC and CNN has together. The Fox haters cannot come out with any proof of any lying by Fox News. If you want to find out who the real liars are, read "How the Left Swiftboated America" by John Gibson. Keith Olbermann is the biggest liar on TV and the proof is in this book. Although this petition site seems to be geared to toward the far left, there is a petition her to dump Keith "Bath Tub Boy" Olbermann. http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/keep-keith-olbermann-off-the-air/.

Linda M.
Linda M7 years ago

I guess if people need to watch it, they could pay for it privately. I don't know anyone would want it anyway.

Dimple L.
Dimple L.7 years ago

can you do a voting for : Bill O'reily out in fox? It made me regurgitate whenever i see him,ughh!!!

well done!keep up the good work!:)

Manuela C.
Manuela C7 years ago

Thank you

Donald MacDonald
don MacDonald7 years ago

I can tell you from experience that mainstream media is still handcuffed by their corporate masters.

Fox north and south are only the more extreme examples of long lost journalistic independence and integrity.

The apparent defeat of north was just a minor victory...and possibly just another diversion to maintain their control through the usual news outlets.


Patricia Plunkett

Well done Canada and AAVAZZ.org. We have to tell Murdoch that we like our news reported not dictated, send him back to OZ.

espen j.
Espen jorge7 years ago

Well I live in Norway but the only positive thing about Fox as a channel is "Family Guy" and some other series,but NOT the "christian" values sort of series, the whole channel should be banned and sued for making false accusations and spread hate to groups and religions like islam f.ex...
And if the news/talkshow host is so kind to have an opponent on the show they never ever let them speak out, it`s so redicolus that I get nauseas...
And the Israeli values and licking the Israel goverments shoulder every 5 minutes is just lowlife!
This is my personal oppinion,but I believe I share it with millions of other people, let me know your thoughts about this, if the guys in black cars and black suits have`nt kicked in my door yet they surely will come and arrest me on terrorist accusations.. :-D