France Convicts Killers of Gay Couple Buried Alive


Two men have been sentenced to thirty years imprisonment for the abduction and burying alive of a ‘discreet’ French gay couple.

According to the French gay and lesbian magazine Têtu, Guy Bordenave and Luc Amblard were killed because they were suspected of interfering with the relationship of one of the accused with his sister.

They were confined during the night of March 7 to 8, 2009, and buried alive on March 8 in a hole dug in a sandy bank of the Loire River near La Charite-sur-Loire in the Nièvre, sitting face to face, mouths gagged.

The autopsy showed that they suffocated to death, unable to call for help. Their bodies were found three months later. Several plaintiffs had tears in their eyes as the facts were recalled in court.

Part of the first day of hearings
was spent examining murderer Claude Juillet’s ‘complex personality.’ A 55-year-old former casual worker in show business, he was impulsive, angry, antisocial or enigmatic for some, but a caring father of a little girl and not a bad guy for others. “Too nice,” Juillet said of himself, according to Têtu .

At his side was Christopher Rayé, a 39-year-old unemployed lift truck operator and an old friend of Juillet. Tall, short haired, wearing small glasses, he spoke with a southwestern French accent.

The older man’s lawyer argued that it was a crime of passion, not homophobia, though she acknowledged that this ‘might seem unlikely.’

Rayé’s counsel argued that there is no evidence that could show that his client had participated in the burial, but Rayé, a friend of Juillet, and like him unemployed at the time, had gone along with confining the couple because he hoped to get a few bucks out of it.

The sentence is a bit lighter than what had been sought by the Advocate General, Têtu reports. She had asked for life imprisonment with a minimum sentence of 22 years for Juillet.

The two defendants remained impassive on hearing the verdicts. A few sighs were heard from friends of the couple present.

Witnesses had said Bordenave and Amblard were an inseparable and discreet couple. The two event organizers lived in the small village of Couy, about 30 km east of Bourges, in central France, where the trial was held.

Juillet’s former companion, Marie-Laure Bordenave, had never spotted the slightest tension between Juillet and the Amblard-Bordenave couple, to whom she was very close. In 2008, after they had shared the same roof for many years, Marie-Laure asked Juillet to go live elsewhere and look for work, but they had continued to see each other until the double murder.

Translation thanks to Francis Young.


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Photo of Guy Bordenave and Luc Amblard


Jennifer S.
Jennifer S6 years ago

I know nothing about French law, except that there is no death penalty. Hopefully, there will be a special place in Hell reserved for these murderers. If this doesn't fit the description of a hate crime, I don't know what does.

Mac R.
Mac R6 years ago

They should have gotten life without the possibility of parole. That would be some justice, but in my heart, I would prefer they suffer the same fate as they meted out to two innocent people.

Annmari Lundin
Annmari L6 years ago

The world are getting sicker by the minute. My only hope are the majority of members of Care2, that work hard to change the world into a better place.

Jackie Agusta
Jackie Agusta6 years ago

Stomach turning, my heart goes out to their families and friends :-(

Joy Jin
Joy Jin6 years ago

Awful. I can't believe that some people think this isn't an act of homophobia

Beth M.
Beth M6 years ago

Burying someone alive is sick. Hopefully they never see freedom again.

Jane L.
Jane L6 years ago

Do my eyes deceive me? I thot I read wrong when Raye said he wanted to make a few bucks out of it...out of BURYING PEOPLE ALIVE?? Can't you just make a few bucks working part time at Mc Donald's??? Must you bury people alive? Geez...People these days are just...crazy!

Glen P.
Glen P6 years ago

30 years! That's absurd. It should be life in prison with no parole, or at least no parole earlier than 50 years.

Hopefully that's a straight 30 years, and neither can be released from prison any earlier.

Margaret C.
Margaret C6 years ago

Everyone should just mind their own business, live their own lives, let others live their lives, and keep their judgments to themselves. Everyone is different and there is not a thing we or they can do about it.

Christine Stewart

So sad and pointless to bury the couple alive- just to cause immense suffering. I am glad the perpetrators are being punished.