Freckles the Dog Slowly Recovering from Abuse, Starvation

Remember Patrick, the starved and abused pit bull dog that was pushed down a garbage chute in Newark, New Jersey?  Public opinion about Patrick became a global cause. I regret to report another pit bull/mix dog, called Freckles, has been found discarded — alive — in a dumpster in Baltimore, Maryland.

Worse than Patrick – who had been starved and abandoned – Freckles was tied to a motor vehicle and dragged for a long time before being tossed in the dumpster.  This occurred after long term starvation.  At about one year old, Freckles, who should weigh 60 pounds, was found weighing only 30.

This unfortunate pit bull was rushed to Essex Middle River Veterinary Center (EMRVC), where he was stabilized for a few days before being taken in by Noah’s Arks Rescue (NAR), a South Carolina rescue specializing in difficult medical abuse cases.  Charleston Veterinary Referral Center in Charleston, SC is where Freckles currently is receiving treatment.

Jennifer Smith, President of NAR, reports Freckles is improving minute by minute.  A dog abused to the extent that Freckles has been needs intensive care for an ongoing length of time.  Smith expects Freckles care to exceed $35,000 by the time he is well enough to be placed in a foster home, pending adoption.

She reports typical cases at NAR reach $5,000 and up.  Donations to NAR can be made on their website.  Smith is proud to report all donations are 100% spent on medical care, rehab, training and transportation.  NAR, a 501c3 charity has no employees; it is run with all volunteers. Read some of their rescue stories.

The photos of Freckles’ abuse are so graphic they cannot be shown on Care2.  If you dare, take a look at them on NAR’s site.

The Injuries

Smith told me doctors determined Freckles was tied by the neck and dragged behind a vehicle for a long ride to sustain the injuries he has.  All four legs have lost skin and tendons and were exposed to the bone.  The medical fight has been massive debridement of necrotic tissue in the infected wounds.  The goal is to prevent amputation, if possible.

NAR has purchased a V.A.C. (vacuum assisted closure) negative pressure wound care machine for Freckles.  This modality has been quite successful on humans for many years and has proven a small miracle for Freckles.  Now, instead of having to sedate the dog for each dressing change, the negative pressure unit allows fluid to be withdrawn from the wounds while not allowing introduction of air into the injured sites.  This decreases risk of further infection and allows the wounds to heal quickly and less painfully.

Veterinarians also discovered through x-rays that Freckles had ingested foreign items such as coins and other metal objects.  They were able to remove them.

As any physical therapist will tell you, “no pain, no gain” is the mantra of physical rehabilitation. Freckles is given rehab six times per day. Freckles’ condition is compromised by his nutritional status.  More calories are needed to heal properly, but due to re-feeding syndrome caused by his starvation, Freckles’ calories need to be cut back to allow him to keep the down the food he does ingest.

The balance ball in the photo below is the beginning of teaching Freckles to stand up on his own before getting him to take his own steps.  It’s no April Fools Day joke that Freckles took his first steps on April 1st.

Photo of Freckles from NAR website

Freckles is still in critical danger of losing one of his front legs.  A determination of which one he will lose will not be made for a couple of weeks yet.

Baltimore is no stranger to animal abuse.  The case of a dog named Phoenix who in 2009 was set on fire sparked (no pun intended) the mayor establishing an Anti-Animal Abuse Advisory Commission.  This commission became permanent by the new mayor, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake. NAR has added $5,000 to the reward money set up for finding Freckles’ perpetrator.

Stay tuned for updates on Freckles condition at Care2.

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All photos used with permission of Jennifer Smith, Noah's Arks Rescue.


Stephanie s
Stephanie s13 days ago

Hope Freckles in having the best life now and is in the most loving home. Thank you

Susanne Jurek
Susanne Jurekabout a year ago

People who do this to animals need to be confined (for life) to a facility that houses no one but animal abusers. Then they should be forced to spend their days helping animals instead. Perhaps all their pay for work done should be donated to places that rehabilitate the animals sub-humans like this harm.

Philippa P.
Philippa Powersabout a year ago

People who do this to animals need to be confined (for life) to a facility that houses no one but animal abusers. Then they should be forced to spend their days helping animals instead. Perhaps all their pay for work done should be donated to places that rehabilitate the animals sub-humans like this harm.

Marcia Geiger
Marcia Geiger3 years ago

May the abuser be the recipient of what goes around comes around. I have no tolerance for sadistic humans who think that they can abuse animals or humans just because they want to.
Abuser, I pray that someone will step up and speak your name loud and clear.

Teresa W.
Teresa W3 years ago

a sad story with a happy ending

Carole R.
Carole R3 years ago


jana dicarlo
Jana DiCarlo4 years ago

surely someone saw evidence of abuse - why the wall of silence?

See abuse - report it.

Tough laws!!! needed!! People who do this to an animal are dangerous

mari L.
Mari L4 years ago

The perpetrator/s of this heinous crime must be found and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the humane law. We must unite globally and totally for the innocents. We must start with education on a global scale. PAUSE is working to do just that in less than a year from now. We need your help to organize people in your country and state. We need a physical presence and one on the internet. We need all ages for an event: a day of humane educational awareness and non-violent action that will change the way the world sees animals permanently. Please be a part of it in whatever way you can.
CPR for the innocents: the animals and the humans
Let's Be Their Angels

Past Member
Nina S4 years ago

Go Freckles Go!! We're cheering for you!! :o)

Lynne Whittington

There is a special place in Hell for people who abuse children and animals. My guess is that the perps were abused as a child and the only creatures they could pick on were smaller and weaker than them. they had to have been abused because babies are not born to be evil. they arrive with a clean slate and others begin imprinting on them.
God bless Freckles and it looks like he is in the right hands