Friday Wrap: A Wedding, Some Birther Nonsense and Stinky Cheese

Happy Friday, Care2 members! This week has been so exciting, and here’s why:

Royal nuptials

Congratulations to Prince William and his bride Kate, who are officially married as of this morning. The event spurred a flurry of media attention around the world. Care2 blogger Safa Samiezade’-yazd took the opportunity to write a thoughtful critique of our culture’s obsession with weddings. In the same vein, Judy Molland tells us why she did not wake up at dawn to watch the ceremony.

The royal couple attempted to make some environmentally friendly choices for the nuptials, and Laura Bailey brings us some inspiring tips on how to green your own wedding. Also, Robin Marty discusses the feminist implications behind Kate’s omission of the word “obey” from her wedding vows.

For more coverage on the wedding, click here.

Bye bye Trump!

Care2 Causes is currently considering a May moratorium on Donald Trump. We (and our readers) are very disappointed with his incessant birther antics and his ridiculous publicity stunts. The scary part is, he is actually leading in polls despite his lack of a political platform (beyond throwing insults at President Obama and his homophobic remarks).

Therefore, some of our bloggers have decided that Trump is not worth the headache. Until he becomes a serious candidate, we may be avoiding him. Good riddance!

What do you think? Should we ignore Trump’s faux politics? Please comment!

North Africa and the Middle East

In Libya, fighting intensifies as Colonel Muammar el-Gaddafi’s troops continue to brutally attack the rebel forces that are fighting for his ouster. NATO is still involved in the fighting, and 12 rebels were killed from friendly fire in a NATO air strike.

Heavy violence is affecting many areas of Syria as leaders roll in tanks to combat anti-government protesters. Almost 500 protesters were killed in the military’s crackdown.

Yemen’s ruling party has agreed to step down from power, but inflation of food and fuel prices continue to cause problems. Yemenis are struggling to feed themselves.

For more Care2 coverage of the North Africa and Middle East protests, click here.

Strange stories of the week

This week marked a huge setback in man’s search for alien life. The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) Institute has lost its funding in the recent budget cuts and will no longer be actively looking for signs of life in the cosmos. Their work will be missed.

In a flash of brilliance, two cheesemakers in Austria are using the poop from their cows to power their farm. Sound unappealing? Maybe, but think of the reduced carbon footprint that cheese will have!

Chewy, the squirrel menace of Oklahoma, has been nabbed. Chewy was wanted for $700 worth of damage to Oklahoma County patrol cars. Don’t worry, the squirrel has been pardoned and will not have to pay the damage fees.

The winner for twisted logic this week is Pat Robertson. In an attempt to explain why liberals insist on funding Planned Parenthood, he stated that “killing babies” is a way to level the playing field for lesbians, who cannot have their own children. If I’m understanding Robertson correctly, liberals are so afraid of offending lesbians that they want to make sure that straight people aren’t allowed to have babies….

Animal welfare success stories

This week, let’s celebrate the beauty and wonder of the animal kingdom. Check out this amazing springtime video of a robin hatching.

In honor of Easter, we have some truly adorable videos of bunnies in cups. In more bunny news, a family has created a wheelbarrow-type device for a paraplegic bunny that they rescued (check out the video!).

Animals that aren’t so cute and furry are also amazing. South American fire ants can link together to form an unsinkable raft that helps them avoid flooding in their rainforest habitat. That is an amazing survival skill!

One more note…

Our hearts go out to all those affected by this week’s devastating storms in the U.S.’s southern states. Learn about what the storms mean for climate change, and check out what you can do to support the victims.

That’s all for me, Care2 members. Enjoy the weekend!


Cartoon from Peaco Todd, Care2 blogger


Grace Adams
Grace Adams6 years ago

Beyond being a landlord, who is Trump anyhow?

Hope S.
Hope S6 years ago

Trump's father financed his first real estate deal so it should be understood he did not make it on his own. He did well in the beginning but his overconfidence led him into major debt which almost brought a bank down, and heavy losses to his investors. Since his numerous bankruptcies he really doesn't own all the propertes with his name on them; some he has just licensed his name and others he only owns a small share. Having said that leaves his ethics in question.

He has run for president in 2004, 2008, and now? in 2012. For him it's all publicity. Why would anyone want him for president? Fire him!

Sam Phillips
.6 years ago


Rosie Lopez
Rosie Lopez6 years ago

thank you!

Martha Pendino
Past Member 6 years ago

I think we should hold Trump accountable and not tolerate his antics. If we cause him to be seen as a blithering idiot we can discredit him. He is a joke as is Pat Robertson. How can anyone take these two seriously? Oh right, most Americans read at the 8th grade level and those on medicaid at the 5th.

Gary Heck
Gary Heck6 years ago

CORRECTION: Keep your fiends close but keep your enemies closer!

Gary Heck
Gary Heck6 years ago

As much as I am sick of the idiot, I'm not sure we should ignore Trump. There's a lot of wisdom in the old adage "Keep your friends close but keep your friends closer". I think we need to at least keep track of him so we know what kind of stupidity he's trying to pull off.

Tana Williams
Tana Williams6 years ago

Please dump Trump!
And Robertson? Don't know how many of you remember, I believe he was the one who said the the Equal Rights Ammendment would cause women to become lesbians, leave their families and if that' wasn't bad enough, he declared they would become witches.

Lucy D.
Lucy D6 years ago

Definitely dump Trump for a while. I think the recent February or March moratorium on Sarah Palin by some of the big newspapers helped my digestion and negatively influenced her popularity. I think the Donald is or has become notorious for his racist homophobia (or homophobic racism) and famous for nothing else. Why waste brain space?

Terri Morrison
Mary Morrison6 years ago

thx for the Friday wrap!