From Homeless Teen to College Grad

In reading and hearing of so much negativity, turmoil and destruction in our world, a great story about overcoming adversity can serve as a nice little pick-me-up every once in a while, wouldn’t you agree? Well, you’d be hard pressed to find a more uplifting story than that of Quiana Childress. 

Childress went from a homeless 16-year-old girl living in her car, to graduating from the University of Arkansas Pine Bluff with the highest GPA in the School of Arts and Sciences. 

Her story was so moving, the commencement speaker actually singled out Childress and her remarkable journey during the graduation ceremony. Oh, and did I mention the commencement speaker just so happened to be Michelle Obama?! 

“If Quiana Childress can go from being homeless to graduating with the highest GPA, not just in the Biology Department, but in the entire School of Arts and Sciences, then surely, I can overcome whatever adversity I might face in my own life,” said the First Lady.

Not too shabby of a compliment comin’ from one, Michelle Obama, eh?

photo credit: thanks to Werwin15 via flickr


June L.
June Lacy5 years ago


Sheri P.
Sheri P6 years ago

Wow! That's really inspirational!!!

Beverly S.
Beverly Strachan6 years ago

i am so very proud of that young lady. she has a strong dertermination to succeed and want to be somebody. you go girl and keep reaching for the skies. i was very impress with that story. keep it up and god bless.

Jill E.
Jill E6 years ago

Excellent story.

Stella R.
Stella Routis6 years ago

Quiana Childress is indeed a strong young lady that would go ahead in her life and fulfill her dreams. My hat off to her. Without wanting to take her triumph away i want to mention that she is not alone. Ulyses B.Hooks Jr of Tallahassee Florida, much older than Quiana, graduated from the university with a degree in Criminology. He also wrote his autobiography "Guardian Angels Along My Homeless Path", you can find him on Facebook. He was also homeless at a very young age. Those two people shows us that nothing is impossible. We have to learn to look at homeless people as human beings not as a burden to the society. We have to get in to their shoes even for a second and realize that anything can happen in our lives and it might be us on the streets one day. We have to treat them with dignity as they deserve it, judgment and criticism should not be present.

Cristiane P.
Cristiane P7 years ago

Inspiring is not word enought for this story means to me right now! But in the lack of another word I'll leave this one! :-)

Merna G.
Merna G.7 years ago

Great story! very inspiring!

Trish H.
Anne H7 years ago

Great story. Hope and determination are amazing.

dve d.
aa b7 years ago

great news giving me hope on my exams next week

Alison Baker
Alison Baker7 years ago

Every HS drop out should read this. No excuses afterwards!!