Gaddafi Supporters Won’t Give Up


Nearly 10,000 residents have fled Surt, the coastal Libyan city that is the birthplace of deposed Libyan leader Muammar el-Gaddafi and is one of the last holdouts against the new authority, the National Transitional Council (NTC). This weekend, NTC called for a 48-hour suspension of fighting to allow people to flee the city: Streams of vehicles packed with possessions, with children and elderly relatives crammed into backseats, lined the main road west out of Surt. People massed around two gas trucks to get a few liters to get them out of the city.

Most are supporters of Gaddafi and are “stressed“; as residents of Gaddafi’s own home town many are having their cars searched at NTC checkpoints. Some of those fleeing are staying in a desert camp just a few miles outside of Surt, so as not to be too far from their homes. Photos of those fleeing Surt can be seen via the BBC’s site.

Once civilians have been able to flee, the NTC says that it will launch a full-scale assault on Surt.

Within the city itself, there is little food and no electricity or water — that is, water that is safe for drinking. Dr. Siraj Assouri says that people are drinking water that is contaminated with waste oil — the city’s water reservoir has been damaged — and that there is simply “no medicine for heart disease or blood pressure or baby milk or nappies.” The  hospital has neither electricity nor oxygen.

Four aid workers from the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) were able to enter Surt on Saturday and deliver medical kits and fuel to keep hospital generators running. But, due to heavy gunfire, the ICRC workers were unable to enter the hospital where about 200 patients are.

While NTC forces have been advancing closer to the center of Surt, pro-Gaddafi supporters still control about 40 percent of the city. The NTC has been saying for the past two weeks that it will soon take Surt, but has yet to do so. Gaining control of the city and of Bani Walif, another loyalist stronghold, has become an “increasingly urgent priority” for the NTC who has said that it will not “push ahead with plans for new interim cabinet and elections until the country is fully liberated.” As the efforts to take control of Surt and Bani Walid drag on, “increasing frustration” is rising among ordinary Libyans, while different factions and other individuals seek to gain influence.


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Photo of the Surt desert by Space & Light


Marilyn L.
Marilyn L7 years ago

The NTC needs to learn how multi-task it seems. It seems to me it's bad idea to wait until the country is fully liberated. They need to set up their govenment and start making positive changes where they can, if not they are going to allienate their supporters.

Ernie Miller
william Miller7 years ago

War is always sad and to think there are people rubbing their hands to get at the oil and other ways of making fast money.

Marina Joslin
Marin Joslin7 years ago

My heart goes to those who are being disposed, tortured or murder. Let’s pray that Libyans don’t do onto us –Westerners- as we do onto them. Of course, with congress reps like ours, who needs enemies?

Lynn C.
Past Member 7 years ago

@Jamie C. thank you for your comment! That's exactly how I feel.

Ellen Mccabe
Ellen m7 years ago

These "followers" are as deranged as their "leader".

Melissa D.
Melissa Dittmer7 years ago

I hope and pray Gadaffi and his family get exactly what they have been giving to the Libyan people all these years. If it's rainbows and unicorns...fine. If it's murder, rape and torture...they brought it on themselves. Considering the video showing tiny cells within their housing compound with chains, collars, blood, etc...I don't think rainbows and unicorns are coming their way.

Emanuel v.
Emanuel v.7 years ago

Gaddafi was a good ruler. The West want him out of the way so that they can take the gold he accumulated instead of the worthless dollars he refused to accept. They also want to control his oil. Make no mistake all these middle East revolutions are supported and organised by the Elite Illumniati ZIONIST Banksters who don't give a stuff about anyone including the Israelis whom they use as disposable pawns.

Gloria H.
Gloria H7 years ago

I fret over the innocent ones (children and subserviant wives) who are going to get slaughtered. If I was there, I'd hand him over in about 40 little baggies before I'd stay and have the children murdered.

Michael M.
Michael M7 years ago

Letting any supporters of Ghadaffi out will only come back to haunt the NTC Leave them there to feel the brunt of their foolish ways and force them to surrender unconditionally or die fighting.

Siusaidh C.
Susan C7 years ago

How about a petition asking Ms. Clinton to stop NATO's victorious Islamist and other 'rebels' from raping, torturing and killing - esp. 'ethnic cleansing' Black people?