Gaddafi Takes Key Towns With His “Billions In Cash”

The Gaddafi regime has issued a defiant warning that the “time for action” has arrived as a sustained military assault forced the defeat of Libyan rebels in the strategically important town of Zawiya and their retreat from Ras Lanuf.

EU And Nato Leaders Disagree About What To Do

While leaders of the European Union and NATO squabble about what to do in Libya, on the eve of an emergency European summit on Libya in Brussels, Muammar Gaddafi’s son said that a new offensive will be launched within days.

From The Guardian:

“It’s time for liberation. It’s time for action,” Saif al-Islam told Reuters after the defeat of opposition forces in the town of Zawiya, 30 miles from Tripoli, and the rout of rebels in the town of Ras Lanuf. He added: “We are moving now.”

The tough rhetoric from the Gaddafi regime – and its apparent success on the ground against the rebels – set the scene for a difficult emergency EU summit where leaders are expected to clash on the military and diplomatic response to the gravest crisis on their doorstep since the collapse of Yugoslavia.

Fears among Libyan opposition groups that they will be defeated by the time Europe and the US agree on a course of action were heightened when:

• Nato was left paralysed as the US joined Germany in blocking the imposition of a no-fly zone supported by Britain and France. Robert Gates, the US defence secretary, said at a meeting of Nato defence ministers in Brussels that contingency planning for a no-fly zone would continue, before adding “that’s the extent of it”.

Gaddafi’s son said the renewed offensive, which has been building for several weeks, would be launched following the refusal of rebels to negotiate or lay down arms. “Time is out now. It’s time for action … we gave them two weeks [for negotiations],” Saif al-Islam said in a speech to supporters.

Rebel Leaders Want Nothing Less Than Gaddafi’s Overthrow

The Libyan leader’s son was referring to offers of a “national dialogue,” approaches to tribal leaders and an offer of an amnesty made by his father last week. Rebel leaders in the east said they would accept nothing but Gaddafi’s overthrow.

Vowing that the rebels would be defeated, Saif said: “We will never ever give up. We will never ever surrender. This is our country. We fight here in Libya.”

Gaddafi Has “Tens Of Billions” In Cash

All this can happen because, according to The New York Times,
Colonel Muammar el-Gaddafi has “tens of billions” in cash secretly hidden away in Tripoli, allowing him to prolong his fight against rebel forces despite an international freeze on many of the Libyan government’s assets, according to American and other intelligence officials.

Colonel Gaddafi has control over the huge cash deposits, which have been stored at the Libyan Central Bank and other banks around the Libyan capital in recent years, the officials said.

The huge cash reserves have, at least temporarily, diminished the impact of economic sanctions on Colonel Gaddafi and his government. The possibility that he could resist the rebellion in his country for a sustained period could place greater pressure for action on the Obama administration and European leaders, who had hoped that the Libyan leader would be forced from power quickly.

So the question is, how long can those rebel leaders stay strong in the face of Gaddafi’s armored response?

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Maira Sun
Maira Sun7 years ago


pam w.
pam wilkerson7 years ago

Noted! thanks for the infor.

Yvette T.
Past Member 7 years ago

Why is our money given away to people like him, while we suffer here at home?

bernadette P.
berny p7 years ago

Forget the UN...they are good at talking but nothing else! They are a waste of time,energy and certainely money!!!
Not surprising really as China and Russia will alaways oppose anything who has to do with demcracy because then WE could ask them what they sare doing in their own country !!!!!!

Beaman E.
Bryan B7 years ago

Sorry, I misspoke. It isn't Gaddafi's oil to sell. It belongs to the Lybian people.

Beaman E.
Bryan B7 years ago

We're powerless by design. Follow the money ... Gaddafi sells us his oil.

Raen Luscombe
Raen L7 years ago

Oh look no one wants to do anything.. that is apparent or it would have been done long ago its pressure from the world at large that is forcing the hand of NATO the UN and world leaders. Over the past few weeks all that has been done during these protests and uprisings by the peace keeping orgs.. is talk..words..its frustrating and appalling to see the same things being said day after day while Gadaffi does what he wants to these people. He has no fear he knows that no one is coming to save the day, this is why he isnt going anywhere, the west has a bad habit of reporting what they want to believe and not what is truth, Gaddafi will not step down, that is fact, he will fight to the end.. that is to him martyrdom, his son Safir al Islam Gadaffi is ready to take over the reigns..Muammar Gadaffi must be having a great time watching the world scramble to do nothing while he orders the deaths of hundreds daily, it just goes to show how powerless we really are, the world against one man and this one man has the world by the throat.

Annie B.
Annie B7 years ago

This is our big chance to help a fairly large and earnest group of people who want freedom from a crazy and blood thirsty dictator and his lunatic son. What have we done so far? Nothing. GET WITH IT RIGHT NOW. Impose the no fly zone ASAP and get some "military advisors" in there to help the freedom fighters use their weapons successfully. We really don't have that much to lose by trying and LOTS to lose if we do nothing.

Adam T.
Adam L7 years ago

Our govt. has funded DICTATORS all over the globe for over 40 years. Why are you shocked that "we" aren't doing anything now? Clearly, there is more involved than we know, deals in place, backroom deals, shadow govt. stuff...we just get the CNN version, that has been written for us to form the PC opinion. Should we get involved? I truly feel for the rebels fighting for their freedom, and I hope they get relief, but it doesn't surprise me at all we are sitting on the fence watching, and bickering with other countries over what to if we don't know...its all a big show.

Charles W.
Charles Wise7 years ago

No we should stay out of it.What we should do is move heaven and earth to spit out the oil teat Spend billions if necessary to replace oil with solar, wind,or other forms of energy production. Once we can stop paying billions upon billions to despots like Gaddafi they won't have those billions to buy weapons to turn on their people. We could de-fund despots and terrorists alike in one fell swoop. Down with the oil based economy!