Gaddafi’s Wife & 3 Children in Algeria


Al Jazeera reports that Muammar Gaddafi’s wife, Safia, his daughter Aisha and sons Hannibal and Mohammed entered Algeria on Monday morning via the Algeria-Libyan border, according to the Algerian foreign ministry. Algeria is the only country bordering Libya that has not recognized the rebel-led National Transitional Council. The whereabouts of Gaddafi himself remain unknown.

Ahmed Bani, military spokesman of the NTC, said that he was not surprised to hear that Gaddafi’s wife and family had been welcomed in Algeria; the rebels have previously accused Algeria of supply Gaddafi with mercenaries during the uprising. Last week, Egyptian’s MENA news agency reported that a “convoy” of six armored Mercedes had crossed from the southwestern Libyan town of Ghadamis into Algeria.

According to the Guardian, Safia and Aisha were reportedly sent to Belarus by Gaddafi in May.

In general, the whereabouts of all of Gaddafi’s family members, including his other sons Saif al-Islam, Mutassim, Khasim, and Saadi and an adopted daughter Hanna remain unknown. At least two of Gaddafi’s sons were reportedly briefly captured by the rebel forces, and Gaddafi himself claimed that Hanna was killed in a 1986 US air strike. However, she was found last week to be working as a doctor in a Tripoli hospital:

The director of the Sharwa Zarwa hospital, in the centre of the capital, told the Guardian that Hannah Gaddafi had ordered staff not to treat wounded rebels during the past six months. “She also stayed here sometimes during the night,” said Dr Ghassem Barouni.

Gaddafi’s other son, Saif al-Arab, is thought to have been killed by a Nato strike in April. However, the reappearance of his second daughter after 25 years has left some members of the Transitional National Council sceptical of the claim.

The New York Times notes that, while rebel fighters feel they have accomplished a greatest task by ousting Gaddafi after 42 years in power, others say that he still casts a disturbingly long shadow. Two-thirds of Libya’s population has known no other leader:

“It’s the same effect as when you’re trying to get a comfortable night of sleep and there’s an annoying mosquito buzzing around the room,” said Aref Nayed, who heads the rebel leadership’s Stabilization Committee. “I’m absolutely convinced that he’s finished but it is a nuisance.”

The comparisons with Saddam Hussein are inescapable. Like Colonel Qaddafi, the Iraqi dictator fled with his sons as his capital fell in 2003. He evaded capture for seven months, moving around a series of safe houses and subterranean hide-outs. American troops carried out more than a dozen raids trying to capture him before a close associate finally gave him up.

Gaddafi still poses a “threat” to Libya and to the world, say NTC leaders in the BBC. But the NTC’s main concern remains restoring essentials — running water, electricity, fuel — to war-torn Tripoli. Another concern is to locate tens of thousands of Libyans who were detained in the uprising that began in February and whose whereabouts remain as unknown as those of Libya’s fallen leader.

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Photo of Gaddafi and his wife Suffiya in Dakar in 1985 by شبكة برق | B.R.Q


Freeman Gordon of the fam

The french prime minister is being sued for war crimes by french lawyers who also said they would defend Qaddafi at the Hauge.Why dont you tell folks the real reason Libya was invaded?How about the fact that Qaddafi was away to start buying and selling ALL Libyan oil in Gold?And the fact that he was away to create a new national currency backed by GOLD?The criminal cartel of international bankers controled by the Rosthchilds,who happen to be the wealthiest family on the planet, were not going to like that as it vwould challenge the empire they have built out of paper backed by nothing.Wake up folks.The mainstream media cannot be trusted as it is owned by a handfull of guys like Rupert Murdoch who just love going for days out on Rosthchilds yacht.

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Deborah L.
Deborah Lashever6 years ago

So where are all the accolades from the GOP for Obama getting these people without killing large numbers of innocents? Hmmmm....?

Huda G.
Huda G6 years ago

As Yvonne T stated Hannibal's wife abused and tortured her maid, for NOT HITTING her SON. Mohammed is known by many Libyans for lots of corruption! I feel that Algeria should hand over these people, "so that they can prove their innocence" let people who have been wronged by them come forward!
All members of the Gaddafi family and Gaddafis supporters are guilty, because they must have been aware of the abuses being committed in all cities of Libya.They are guilty because they didn't stop it!
Time will tell where all the Gaddafi family are, alive or dead.

Jonathan Y.
Jonathan Y6 years ago

All Lybian people deserve freedom and human rights, including the Gaddafi family.

AbdulAziz A.
AbdulAziz A6 years ago

Gadafi and his family were all very welcome at all power corridors of the West. They have just overstepped and angered the West by not following ALL the instructions.

Hence they had to be replaced by some newer and more compliant personnel.

Watch the new boys and if they don't behave and handout everything as requested / ordered then they will be called NEW ISLAMISTS and EXTREMISTS. The world can watch decades of unrest and destruction.

Gadafi and his company were dogs and good riddance - just give the public a chance to govern themselves and not the West.

Marie W.
Marie W6 years ago

And how much wealth did she take with her?

Frances C.
Frances C6 years ago

Thank you President Obama for forming the very intelligent and effective group to kill the murderer Osama bin Laden.

Frances C.
Frances C6 years ago

Thank you President Obama for helping to bring down this hideous family.

Fred Krohn
Fred Krohn6 years ago

Moamar the Moron Ghaddafi of Libya should be executed posthaste, along with his entire possible 'legacy' and offspring, to prevent his ever poisoning the Barbary Coast -er, Libya again with his style of bad leadership. Hollywood can sit on it and rotate; Ghaddafi's atrocities should have been answered by our Marines the same way his Barbary pirate ancestors were back when the Marine Hymn was composed!

Yvonne Taylor
Yvonne Taylor6 years ago

Meta, Gaddafi's wife did horrific torture to the Nanny of her children because she refused to beat her son for crying, and Poured scalding water on her, twice, i saw the condition of this Nanny and it was horrible, there is a video you can watch on Huffington Post. Gaddafi's wife should have her children taken away and incarcerated! "Leave her alone.." .indeed, uff!