Get a Head Start on the Global Proctor & Gamble Boycott

Proctor & Gamble would like us to believe that they only test on animals as a last resort when required by law. However, evidence uncovered by groups like Uncaged points to the contrary.

While the global boycott of P & G and products like Herbal Essences, or Hurtful Essences, shampoo isn’t until officially until May 16th, it’s really never to early to send a message that animal testing is unacceptable, even more so when it’s unnecessary.

According to In Defense of Animals (IDA), P & G has been testing a well-known ingredient, butylparaben, by force feeding it to pregnant rats, before killing them in gas chambers and subsequently removing and killing their offspring.

In addition to these tests, P & G also tests on a number of other animals, although they’re pretty stealthy about what they’re actually doing. IDA has a nice little list of some of the other tests P & G has run including tests for skin irritancy and ingredients for laundry detergent or the use of nanoparticles, along with generic engineering and pet food.

Check out Uncaged’s Boycott P & G Campaign for more information about the boycott and P & G’s animal testing and products.

Also, if you haven’t already, check out the Leaping Bunny for animal friendly products.

Take Action!!!

Send a message to P & G telling them you will boycott their products until they stop testing on animals. 


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Natali M.
Natali m8 years ago

I have boycotted P & G, Johnson & Johnson, Unilever, Colgate-Palmolive, 3M and many more ever since I found out what they do, and do out of greed.
Just because they are huge and can flood the market with cheap products doesn't mean they should be free to do whatever they want, and then lie about it too!
Bleh.... disgusting!!

Merthyr Stevens
Merthyr Stevens8 years ago

Proctor & Gamble are anathema to me, like many of their counterparts throughout the UK and the rest of the world. I have boycotted them for years and will continue to do so! Hypocrites and liars, perveyors of needless animal cruelty and abuse! To give a comment on just one product: I would sooner brush my teeth with brick dust than use a toothpaste manufactured by P&G and their ilk...... We must be vigilant and aware!!

Jan S.
Jan S8 years ago

Animal testing for household & beauty products is NOT mandatory, the U.S. still insists on testing for medical issues however. (which also is bad medicine-no pun)
Animal testing is done for legal reasons not scientific ones.
I have boycotted P&G and the rest for decades now. Don't trust their new products that say "green" or "not tested on animals" They lie too much!
This was how I got started in rat rescue 11 yrs ago ;-)

Gaily Berlusconi Ring
.8 years ago

Sherbet, thanxxx for all your info, will definitely look out for labelling when I buy products,and other goods... It's totally unfair they they can use these products on animals, especially the cruelty that is involved and besides that we don't have the same genetic make-up as they do.. Will definitely let people know in South Africa to boycott their products.

johnnie W.
johnnie W8 years ago

I wrote them a letter now more than 2 weeks age, I was not important enough to get a replied. I have put them on my facebook on my space and today they will go on my twitter.I tell people about them at Church, scouts, school, grocery stores, it doesn't bother me to stop a stranger and them how horrible they treat animals. I will never allow anything with their logo, but you do have to watch because they put stuff under different name. Like Lever, also. There is no reason to use animals anymore, only that its cheaper and I guess that all they care about.. We need to save the lab animals.. and wolves and the polar bears. Kick salzar out of office

lorii He
lorii He8 years ago

thank you fot telling me i will boicot and tell my friends we need to know all these maters here in mexico to be able to do something

Judith g.
Judith g8 years ago

I have been boycotting P&G for years! They lie and lie and lie. You can get a list of their products which range from Crest to Pepperidge Farm. They are not honorable in any way and are not to be trusted.

Selma A.
Selma A8 years ago

I hope everyone who is volunteering with this boycott will take the time to research all the produts that the company has. They make everything from diapers to cleaning products to shaving appliances. The P&G website has their US and global products listed and also a search bar.

Roxanne N.
Roxanne N8 years ago

I have already been boycotting them for years and intend to continue doing so. I don't particularly like their products--full of toxic chemicals. I prefer more environmentally healthy products, and those with less questionable ingredients. And of course, I don't buy ( to the best of my knowledge) products tested on animals

Ruben M.
Ruben Medina8 years ago

In the Philippines,there is also an on going boycott of P & G products due to closure of their factories and immediate transfer to another Asian country, in response to labor strikes.-Ruben Medina.