Ghana Education Ministry: ‘Train Teachers to Reduce Homosexuality’

The Ministry of Education in Ghana has said that the Ministry’s HIV/AIDS Secretariat has trained teachers to educate students about homosexuality and its “adverse consequences,” including HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Education Ministry Public Relations Officer Paul Krampah told the Accra Mail:

We are very optimistic that things will change and the incidence of homosexuality in the country will be a thing of the past.

The Mail quotes the Domestic Violence and Victim Support Unit (DOVSSU) of the Ghana Police Service saying that more teenage boys in junior high and senior high schools are becoming ‘victims of sexual abuse.’

Many of these young boys and their families, according to the Mail, are reluctant to report such cases to the police.

In February, the Deputy Director General of the Ghana Education Service (GES), Stephen Adu told Citi News:

I will agree that homosexuality and lesbianism started with single-sex schools. It has become prevalent and so more people have become aware of it. This is just one of the many problems we have in our educational system.

In June, The National Commission on Civic Education (NCCE) in the Volta Region said they would use civic education clubs to ‘fight homosexuality in senior high schools.’

The Conference of Heads of Assisted Secondary Schools (CHASS) have called for specialists to be placed at their disposal to train them on how to deal with homosexuality but has rejected widespread calls for single sex schools to be ended, though because, as the General Secretary of CHASS Felix Essah-Hienno puts it, mixed schools can ‘equally breed gays and lesbians.’

Many Ghanaians believe, as Kwaku Adu-Gyamfi writes in Modern Ghana, that:

Homosexuality is not born, but made. I believe the brainwashing process begins in schools and colleges, where many people develop the desire to experiment the act of having sex with the same sex. In the case of the Ghanaian homosexuals, it’s an acquired lifestyle which is mainly derived from boarding schools and the importation of the sexual trade by our open-door hospitality.

Writes Isaac Karikari for Ghana Liberty:

Second cycle schools have been major hubs for gay and lesbian acts. Senior high schools have been the real hot spots for gay and lesbian activities. It is in those places that gays and lesbians are really made. Underground gay and lesbian cells exist in many senior high schools.

Homosexuality has become a major topic of discussion in Ghana for some time, with international attention on the country following a directive earlier this year by the Western Regional Minister, Paul Evans Aidoo, to the police to arrest people suspected to be gay or lesbian.

Legislators began discussions last month on strengthening legal sanctions against gay people.

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Christopher M.
Christopher M.6 years ago

Feel free to say whatever humanistic support you want about homosexual love, sex, and marriage but in the Bible there is none. Let's be clear about that. Justify it with anything else except the Bible, Torah, or Quran.

Christopher M.
Christopher M.6 years ago

Don't debate Bible with me. I know what I am talking about Robert F. Homosexual sexual activity simply does not compute in Scripture.

Christopher M.
Christopher M.6 years ago

M.A. in sociology, incidentally.

Christopher M.
Christopher M.6 years ago

1. Ghana is not the United States. You are judging Ghana by American values. That is ethnocentrism. Separation of church and state is an American issue, not a foreign issue.
2. Ghana is in sub-Saharan Africa and has a worse HIV problem than America does. It certainly lacks the wealth to fight HIV with retrovirals like we do.

It makes relative sense for Ghana to use its schools to combat homosexuality, then. Prevention is what works. In other African countries, deterrence/repression is a desperate measure to fight HIV. Although they ought to fight heterosexual sex too (prostitution, premarital and extramarital sex) because dry humping spreads the virus very well too, perhaps more efficiently than would otherwise be the case.

june koylass-ali
june koylass-ali6 years ago

homosexuality and lesbianism goes against was not mean't to be.

Miriam Greenwald
Miriam Greenwald6 years ago

It's so weird Ghana exemplifies the faulty notion that homosexuality is a choice. Of course it isn't. The same people that mistakenly assume that you can change sexual orientation are the same ones who practically consider gays a separate species and that they can tell who they are by the way they walk, talk, dress and so forth. The bigots can never see their own contradictions. They are impossible to reason with. It's going to take a long long time to educate Ghana on the true state of affairs.

Mrs Shakespeare
Mrs Shakespeare6 years ago

I wonder how they would do that!! Would they suspend boys for using the word fabulous?!? XD

Jennifer C.
Past Member 6 years ago


Gloria Morotti
Gloria Morotti6 years ago

To hear about insanity, tune in to 2011.

Marie W.
Marie W6 years ago

Suppression as a way of life- very Right wing.