Giffords Picks Up A Democratic Challenger


Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords has picked up a challenger for her House seat, and this time it is someone who is supposed to be on her side.  Special education teacher Anthony Prowell had filed paperwork to run as a Democrat in the district, citing his worry that Giffords will not be able to serve and that with no other Democrats in the race, the seat will flip to a Republican.

Prowell, who is actually a registered Independent, has expressed frustration with the local Democratic party for being unwilling to support his candidacy and has said he may have to switch parties as a result.  In a blistering interview with the conservative website The Daily Caller, Prowell complained about the lack of response.

The few local Democratic Party officials he has spoken with on the phone are “livid” and have “flat out said, ‘we already have a congresswoman and I will not support you in any means whatsoever’” before hanging up, Prowell said.

“They’re furious that I’m even considering running after what happened to her,” he said. Most phone calls that Prowell makes do not get past the front desk of party organizations.

Prowell hypothesized that he has been given a cold shoulder because “they’re afraid to make Giffords mad.”

Prowell said he is meeting with Green Party leaders to be considered under their endorsement instead.

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Ira L.
Ellie L6 years ago

Instinctively, from the way he talks, I think this guy is a teabagger. A republican in disguise to get the vote, like Scott Walker did in Wisconsin -- putting up "phony" Dems to primary against "real" Democrats, and fool the voters into voting out the "real" Democrat. This guy is too angry and unsympathetic to a "fellow Democrat." He's "thinking of changing parties"????? He's an "Independent" (often code for republican in hiding) and is considering a run on the Green ticket????? Prowell is a republican-teabagger. Take my word for it. Gabrielle Giffords will keep her seat. End of story.

Eternal Gardener
Eternal G6 years ago


Jamie Clemons
Jamie Clemons6 years ago

if he is an independent why don't he run as such?

Jamie Clemons
Jamie Clemons6 years ago

This guy is entitled to run,,,,,, but he is not automatically entitled to the support of the democratic establishment especially since he is an independent.

Robert T.
Robert T6 years ago

I'm sure some will dismiss me as cynical, uncaring blah blah, but why shouldn't this guy run?
I'm glad Giffords is doing well and running again, and by all means I wish her the best, but why should another candidate, who may be just as good, if not better, be dismissed and rubbished, just for the sympathy vote?!
He has as much right to run as anyone else and should not be made to feel guilty because his opponent was unfortunate enough to be shot.

Of course, as already said I am glad to see Giffords doing her best to remain active in politics and, God willing, she will be able continue in her work; But this is politics. A candidate's worth is not determined on a sob story. So please don't dismisses Prowell just because he is daring to run against against the victim of an assassination attempt.

That being said I do wish Giffords all the best in the future and hope she continues to be the strong and popular Congresswoman she has proved to be :) At the same time I hope her success is based on her achievements, record and merit, rather than because she was shot. If she does indeed run and is against Prowell, I hope the winner is determined soley on who the voters think is the best candidate.

Thanks for the article.

Lynn C.
Lynn C6 years ago

Adrian H, Marilyn L. and others of like mind have said it for me. There is no one I know in this benighted state that listens to the people, and this guy sounds like everybody else. I won't vote for him because of this maneuver - it does not bode well for his veracity and honor while in office. God knows we don't need more like what we already have!

Miranda Lyon
Miranda Lyon6 years ago

Much as we respect and admire and support Gabby Giffords here in Southern Arizona, I don't think anyone outside her intimate circle of family and close friends...and her physicians and other care givers...have any idea at this time of when, if ever, she will be able to return to public service.

Laurie D.
Laurie D6 years ago

Okay. Call me cynical but could it be that he put his name in the hat to see what support SHE has after all she's been through? They are probably testing the waters prior to her running again!

Sound Mind
Ronald E6 years ago

Ehh, independent, Green - doesn't matter. Run if you want, it IS a free country. I expect Giffords will get all the sympathy votes.

Kathleen D.
Kathleen D6 years ago

Seriously folks, this is America and simply because this man states his is running on the Democratic ticket for Gifford's seat does not make him a dork, or any other negative that is being thrown at him. Come on, get real and recognize we are supposedly living in a democracy. Isn't that what we fight for. If she is capable of holding her seat and functioning as a Congressional member will be wonderful. But, her injuries were very significant and I certainly do not want the seat to go to a Republican if she is not able to fulfill her duties. The most important thing for her at this juncture, is to get the medical care she needs, plus the surgeries she still has to go through, and heal physically and emotionally from the horrific ordeal she's been through.