Gingrich: Obama A “Food Stamp” President

Conservative icon Newt Gingrich has jumped right into the fray with his campaign, calling President Barack Obama a “food stamp” president at a stop in Macon, Georgia.

The Washington Post reports:

Gingrich sought to lay blame for the recession, as well as the economic and social upheaval in Detroit, on Obama and his policies. “President Obama is the most successful food stamp president in American history,” Gingrich said. “I would like to be the most successful paycheck president in American history.”

Gingrich then stated that he pledged to eliminate capital gains and estate taxes and cut corporate taxes in half, as well as make the Bush era tax cuts permanent.

These tax cuts, a plank in the Ryan Budget plan that is set to dismantle the social safety net and end Medicare, have already said that they would eliminate food stamps as they are now, changing it into a block grant program that states could potentially reassign to other funding needs.

Gingrich is right, Obama is a “food stamp” president.  The GOP, on the other hand, thinks the poor can simply eat tax cuts for millionaires.


Photo from Gage Skidmore


W. C
W. C2 years ago


William C
William C2 years ago

Thank you.

Carole R.
Carole R7 years ago

What can ya say? It must be nice to be rich and so out of touch with reality. I'll never know (thankfully).

Jason R.
Past Member 7 years ago

Freedom. Otherwise known by the right as, lack of laws. Libertarianism. I'm so tired of that "less government" the right wing, pundits push 24/7. 30 years of "less government" was really just a shift to corporate power and welfare. Regulations (LAWS) dropped and a people let to face an economy decimated by the hoovering of cash, rights and wages, by a small group of foreign nationals that pay no taxes. A raping by strangers, pure and simple. They (righty) purposely do everything wrong to achieve these results while their flock of sheep show 100%, to vote for them like Xtian cultists. Filled with unfounded, manipulated hate and disdain for Liberals. The people that used to run this country well, before Reagan's fascism lite was ruling this democracy. Less government also meant a controlled media and self supplied, electronic voting machines that robbed us of even more democracy. Our vote and truthful information that guided us instead of dividing us.

Every one with half a brain, knows that fox (murdoch) pushes racism, division and hate. No one can point to the left and say we promote or hint at any of what our enemy does to us. "Less government"/"freedom" is a mirage.
Government is made up of people. They make decisions according to their collective agenda. The more "good people government" that works for us, is our best path. Falling for their bull shit any more, is pure insanity.

I invite any one to find a picture of a Norwegian or Dane slum. Any thing like the old, w

Patti Tray
Patti T8 years ago

OH MY...So MANY, where to start!
@ Newt> "paycheck pres."? from what magical universe are you going to get these jobs from to generate "paychecks"? "cut corporate taxes"? What Corporate Taxes? They don't pay any thanks to you RepubliCONS.
@ Sandra W> I'm glad you're able feed your animals & strays... are you going feed the homeless (stray) children when the RepubliCONS take ALL Social Services away? I PRAY no one in YOUR family Ever becomes DISABLED or God-Forbid OLD. Seems you care more about the Creatures of GOD than the Man of GOD! --- "HEARTLESS"? "CRUEL"? You don't consider what the TEABAGGERS are trying to do as HEARTLESS or CRUEL??? hmmm! --- "screw YOU people" You People? Exactly who are you refering to when you say YOU PEOPLE?
@ Paul B> "fellow Americans"? yeah until someone disagrees with a RepubliCON. And look, I don't know where you did your surveys at, but all the people I've talked to around the country have no intention of voting republiCON. Stand up on your soap box if you want, BUT...non-republiCONS are NOT the ones that want to take food, headstart, etc. from Children & let the Elderly and Disabled fend for Themselves!! SHAME ON YOU!
@ Frank P> GOD has a place just for people like you! Go put your White Sheet back on, grab your guns & do what you do best, you moron. ((I'm actually Embarrassed to say I'm white when I hear such HATE & IGNORANCE as you!))

Patti Tray
Patti T8 years ago

The only reason they call Obama that is b/c Bush,Newt,& all those other repubs MADE us into the 'welfare country'!! Put the BLAME where it BELONGS - The Republicans!

Susan J.
Susan Johnson8 years ago

I pray that he will not become our president. What would the super poor, and disabled do with out their food stamps? How is he going to explain this to all Mental, Emotional, and Physical Disabled people, and their familes who depend upon those two factors. How about Him Increasing the Super Riches Taxes, to help the Disabled do better with their lives? I am always trying with what SSI disabilty Money I can save which by the way isn't much, but I am trying to find work I can do sitting down, with my hands, and limited physical abilites?? What does he expect to do about the Dozens of Millions of Diabled, and Families with Dependant children that are starving already, and have cronic medical diabilites that need their medicare, and medicaide??? For the few years now that he has been out of office, He sure hasn't proved anything to me, or to anyone I know who is a democrat. He is only thinking about his Lobby buddies, and the Money he will make when in office. Not the betterment of those who need to survive.

Cheryl C.
Cheryl C8 years ago

If he will be the paycheck president. Where, pray tell, will all these people get their paychecks, when there are no jobs!

Becky Y.
Rebecca Y8 years ago

Stupid is as stupid does....need I say more?

Pradip C.
Pradip Chavda8 years ago

I am glad that you want to be a PAYCHECK PRESIDENT but you did not clarify whose paycheck Mr. Gingrich - were you refering to yours??????