Give Holiday Gifts Made By Sex Trafficking Survivors

Many women who want to leave the sex industry or who are rescued away from sex traffickers need to start making money right away. These women often have children depending on them or they need to move away from abusers.

Well-paid, dignified jobs are instrumental in keeping women out of the sex trafficking industry. The Made By Survivors project gives fair-paying jobs to women around the world as they are making new lives for themselves. The project describes itself as an “economic alternative to slavery and exploitation for women and youth at high risk for being trafficked.”

Made By Survivors is part of The Emancipation Network (TEN)’s work to care for women escaping the industry and to prevent many more from ending up in exploitation. Through Made By Survivors, women are taught to make jewelry, handbags, and rugs. The women are paid fair wages and become artisans or business-owners. The goods are sold regionally and on the Made By Survivor’s website.

One story
Meet Rekha, a mother from India. Her entire family was recently freed from slavery in a quarry. She explains why new work is an important option for women: “We want the best for our children – to go to school rather than to work. And for ourselves, only the chance to choose our work, and to be paid for it, to care for our families and to help others.”

Women, through 18 anti-slavery organizations around the world, including Thailand, Cambodia, Nepal, India, Ukraine, Uganda, the Philippines, Tanzania, and the United States, learn artistic and business skills through Made By Survivors‘ programs. The women and programs are paid 100% upfront for the products, not a portion of sales later.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called out sexual slavery in newspapers across the U.S. last month saying, “I have seen firsthand the suffering that human trafficking causes… This is a violation of our fundamental belief that all people everywhere deserve to live free, work with dignity, and pursue their dreams.”

Sex trafficking also happens in the U.S. It is both about girls smuggled in and large numbers of young citizens sexually exploited on U.S. soil. Made By Survivors works with girls in New York City’s Girls Education and Mentoring (GEMS)’s  programs to educate, job-train, and care for girls who have been sex trafficked in the U.S.

TAKE ACTION: Urge Congress to pass legislation combating human trafficking within the United States.

The beautiful pearl necklaces, carefully beaded cuff bracelets, turquoise sets, hand-sewn handbags, silk wallets, handwoven scarves, and colorful rugs make eye-catching holiday gifts. Purchasing them also keeps former sex trafficking victims learning and working in the U.S. and around the world.

Consider purchasing a holiday gift from Made By Survivors!

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Before men go thinking it's their right to spend money on what they think is a run of the mill prostitute, because it's their sex, they should remember that many of the girls and ladies out there are current or former sex abuse victims. Do research and be a smart consumer. What if someone kidnapped YOUR daughter to sell to other men?

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Elaine wrote:

Sheryl WuDunn and Nicholas D. Kristof wrote "Half the Sky-Turning oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide"
The title comes from the Chinese proverb "Women Hold Up Half the Sky"

In addition to horrific information on how young women are sold into sex slavery, there is information on how many have survived and become independent economically by owning their own businesses.

The authors wrote:
"Global statistics on abuse of girls are numbing. It appears that more girls have been killed in the last fifty years, precisely because they were girls, than men were killed in all the battles of the 20th century.

** "More girls are killed in each decade than that people slaughtered in all the genocides of the 20th century".

" In the 19th century, the central moral challenge was slavery. In the 20th century, it was the battle against totalitarianism. We believe that in this century the paramount moral challenge will be the struggle for gender equality around the world."

Robin Morgan wrote "The Demon Lover" about the link between terrorism in the home (domestic violence or more accurately, MALE violence against women in the home) and global terrorism.

Morgan said, "The majority of the population in virtually all nation states is female and is forced by patriarchy to obey, be silent, and acquiesce-which means that ‘democracy' does not yet exist anywhere.”

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