Giving Rights To Fertilized Eggs Could Potentially Jail or Kill Mothers

Mississippi’s impending vote on granting legal rights to fertilized eggs and fetuses prior to birth has many up in arms over the likelihood of the measure abolishing abortion, blocking many fertility treatments and possibly banning popular forms of birth control.

But one thing that has been less discussed is the potential it has to affect all pregnant women by granting her fetus rights equal to and separate from her own.  Rights that, if they conflict with that of the woman carrying it, could potentially put her in jail, or worse.

Allison Korn, a staff attorney at National Advocates for Pregnant Women, explains how passing “personhood” could spread the issue of criminalizing women who miscarried, putting suspicion on her that she may have “murdered” her baby, or could force women to undergo medical interventions against their wills for the “sake of the baby.”  But most disturbing?  Her reminder of the story of Angela Carder.

In Washington, D.C., Angela Carder, who was 27 years old and 25 weeks pregnant, became critically ill. She, her family and her attending physicians agreed on treatment designed to keep her alive for as long as possible. Nevertheless, the hospital called an emergency hearing, and based on claims of separate rights for fetuses, ordered cesarean surgery despite the fact that it could kill Carder. The surgery was performed; both the baby and Carder died.

Would hospitals put the rights of a potential life over that of the woman who carried it, choosing to prioritize a new life at the expense of the life of the mother?  When so many anti-choice believers are idolizing women who choose to give birth while sacrificing their own lives, it can only be a matter of time before that become the rule.

Especially if “personhood” becomes the law of the land.

Watch a video from the National Advocates for Pregnant Women, below, which summarizes the potential threats to women that Proposition 26 offers.

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Emma S.
Emma S6 years ago

Is there an update on this?

Shirley Marsh
Shirley Marsh6 years ago

Must be something in the water. Lots of 'fracking' going on in the US. Or perhaps - oh, I give up. Can't believe this sort of insanity is even being CONSIDERED in a supposedly advanced, developed country that used to lead the world, let alone actually being proposed in a bill! But then, there have been a number of catastrophic bills coming up for consideration lately. And they didn't all originate in Mississippi. What they did all do, however, is violate the Bill of Rights in some way.

So do the individual States now have precedence over the 'United' States of America now? Does the Bill of Rights and the American Constitution no longer cover all US citizens? If it still does, why is the Federal Government even allowing these insane movements the legal right even to be placed before State governments, let alone be given intelligent consideration? Perhaps America should now consider following the example of the Middle East when it comes to individual freedom; they appear to be way ahead!

Was thinking of coming to the US for a holiday; would rather put my head in a lion's mouth, thank you very much. People, if you don't exercise your precious right to vote, you are going to end up with the most terrifying place on earth as your home, because the inmates really will be running the asylum.

Far out!!!!

Gina Caracci
Gina Caracci6 years ago

STOP THIS MADNESS and LET PEOPLE MAKE THEIR OWN DECISIONS!!! WHO THE HELL IS ANYONE TO TELL ANYONE ELSE WHAT TO DO?????? Besides the govt running and RUINING our lives we have others trying to make it so NO ONE HAS ANY RIGHTS. I GET that people are passionate about something, but America WAS about freedom, and that means freedom to do what you WANT TO DO. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO DO WHAT IS RIGHT FOR YOU withOUT interference from the govt and others. SO these maniacs get their way and birth control is abolished and abortion is illegal no matter what: so mothers die or go to jail and leave other children behind, attempt back room abortions like they did 100 years ago and millions of more children, UNWANTED CHILDREN, are born to people who dont want them or cant care for them, so the foster care system, which is ALREADY OVER BURDENED and is full of places for kids to be abused and worse, will have to take over, taxing an already taxed system. MORE CHILDREN will be abused, regretted, resented and neglected all for a bunch of extremists to get their way to have a POTENTIAL person made more important than a HUMAN BEING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GROW UP AND STAY THE HELL OUT OF MY BUSINESS!!!!!!

Shar W.
Shar W6 years ago

RELIEVED to be Canadian!

Also, I wish these a$$wipes would read:

colleen p.
colleen p6 years ago

oh no. what next? the Animal Rights people will get their dream, where a flea, fish, frog, falcon, and fox has the same rights as a person too?

Mz Baker
Marie B6 years ago

What I would like to know is these moms who have miscarriages or are in a life or death situation and the hospital has *Authority over your body* and they decide the baby is more important.

What about the rights of other children this mom may have? Where are those kids rights? Don't they have the right to keep there mom opposed to this baby that will require care that no mom can be there to give. I just dont get it we have no rights, this country isnt free, our government runs and ruins everything, religions not allowed in school but is in offices. WHAT IS THIS COUNTRY COMING TO?

Its time to get rid of all these over bearing religious fanatics and replace them with people who are FOR the PEOPLE!!!

We have rights. If I could get pregnant and have more kids, I would surely say its me over this fetus and it may seem mean or harsh but what about my 8 year old who has lived, loved and needs me? Im disgusted with Mississippi!!!!!

Cathy Noftz
Cathy Noftz6 years ago

~I would vote NO on Propostion 26!!~I certainly hope it doesn't pass!!~

Cathy Noftz
Cathy Noftz6 years ago

~I wish the government would just stop intervenng on this subject!

Beth Laurer
Beth Laurer6 years ago

An egg is an egg fertilized nor not, and a person is a person. Let us not confuse the two, and above all, let the woman decide what to do with her eggs.

Tom Y.
Tom Y6 years ago

There she goes again, pitting the unborn against their own mothers! A premise only a population control freak or an abortion absolutist could love. Who else could be so anti-human?