Glendale Fights To Save Coyote Family


Neighbors in the upscale community of Glendale, CA including the town’s mayor are fighting to save a coyote family that has taken up residence in a burned-out home. They have asked L.A. County to postpone trapping and killing the animals and use humane techniques that will encourage the pack to move out of town.

Two coyotes took over a home that was destroyed by a fire last fall. They lounge in the yard every day and even gave birth to a litter of five pups. Homeowners say they are docile, but refuse to be scared away.

Coyote sightings are not unusual in the hilly suburb of Los Angeles. Many residents move to the area to be closer to nature.

But typically wildlife officials would set out traps and euthanize the animals as protection to people living nearby, if the animals wandered too close.

That was the plan for the latest coyote pack until neighbors and Glendale Mayor Laura Friedman began listening to animal welfare groups about methods to humanely encourage the family to move away.

Friedman told L.A. Now that she understood lethal measures should be taken if the coyotes become aggressive, but for now her town is taking measures to discourage the pack from staying.

They are clearing brush around the home and up and down the street to stop the coyotes from establishing a den. Neighbors have been asked to bring pet food inside their homes, secure trash cans and remove fruit from their trees to eliminate food sources.

Rita Cohen who lives next door to the burned-out house has had the coyotes visit her backyard where they tore up her spa cover. “It’s a pain, but I don’t want them euthanized,” she said to MSNBC.

Next week the house is scheduled to be demolished. Most people think the coyote family will run away once the house is overrun by workers and noise.

Cohen joked, “They will go — probably back to my yard.”

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Photo from 10574543@NO8 via flickr.


W. C
W. C1 years ago

Thank you for the information.

William C
William C1 years ago

Thanks for caring.

Oleg Kobetz
Oleg Kobets5 years ago

Thank you

Kathy G.
Kathy G5 years ago

They are keeping the rodent population down in the neighborhood while they are there. If they become a problem - trap and relocate. This is the ethical thing to do.

Duane B.
.6 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

terri armao
terri armao6 years ago

i used to live in glendale and i am so happy to read about these people trying to protect the wildlife.

S. N.
Susan N6 years ago

Good for the Mayor and inhabitants of Glendale!

Holly Lawrence
Holly Lawrence7 years ago

So many thanks to these wonderful folks trying to help this family..BRAVO!

richa blue akasha
Raiin Blue7 years ago

first they are encroaching on wildlife habitat, then justifying killing ..what a shame!

yashoda j.
Yashoda jordan7 years ago

Yay California!