‘Good’ News: U.S. Will Soon Be World’s Top Oil Exporter

Despite all we know about the harms that oil does to the environment, Americaís love affair with fossil fuels is still very much alive. Last year, the United States became the biggest producer of oil in the world, and now Iím sad to report that it is on track to become the biggest exporter of oil as well.

Most Americans tend to think of themselves as consumers of oil rather than producers, which we most typically associate with the Middle East, but thatís not in line with recent economic trends.

Presently, the U.S. exports 3.6 million barrels of oil each day Ė an all-time record for the country, albeit a disappointing one. However, the International Energy Agency (IEA) expects that the U.S. will grow to about 9 million barrels of exported oil per day within five years, thus surpassing current leaders Saudi Arabia and Russia whose rates of export are believed to remain steady.

Furthermore, the U.S. will singlehandedly account for 70 percent of the increase in oil production throughout the world. USA! USA! Weíre #1! /sarcasm

Itís pretty difficult to take pride in any of that economic success knowing that weíre up against the clock when it comes to switching to renewable energy. We are terrible global citizens (let alone leaders) for heading the charge on oil production/exporting at a time when we know damn well that we need to wane ourselves off oil.

Per usual, though, it comes down to money. Rich, powerful people stand to make a lot more money in a future where the United States dominates in oil. However, those of us who arenít oil tycoons (so, you know, pretty much all of us) should work to block this trajectory since itís not like we get to share in those riches. Collectively, weíll be much better off taking the lead with renewable energy instead.

Looking ahead, the IEA also believes that the cost of oil could go down significantly as the U.S. becomes a larger player in oil sales. The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (better known as OPEC) has cooperated to keep the price of oil inflated, but major competition from a non-member like the U.S. would probably send that price downward.

While thatíd be good for consumers in the short term, itís definitely not a positive for the planet in the longer term since that would financially disincentive a switch to renewable energy.

Take Action!

These projections should serve as a wakeup call to Americans that the country isnít going to pursue a green future left to its own devices. Oil production and exportation are on the rise, and we need to make a deliberate effort to thwart that. Start by signing this petition to start renewable energy.


Alice S
Barbara S1 months ago

Thanks for posting

Beryl L
Beryl L2 months ago

Excuse me Sarah Hill. How in the world is this actually good news?

heather g
heather g2 months ago

Poor Venezuela and its exports used to be phenomenal. US couldn't have that!!

Sarah Hill
Sarah Hill2 months ago

Very good news. The US has much cleaner drilling and transportation.

David C
David C3 months ago

Petition signed. thanks.

David C
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William T3 months ago

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Michael F
Michael F3 months ago

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Freya H
Freya H3 months ago

I suppose it's good in a way - it means that we don't have to rely on Saudi Arabia for oil, so we should be able to tell them to p**s off. On the other hand, we are promoting dirty, limited fossil fuels; and exploration and drilling are environmentally bad. Steve F, we can make the move to 100% renewable energy - other countries are doing it, but powerful Big Fossil Fuel have too many politicians in their pockets, and plenty of well-paid snools belching propaganda.

Loredana V, I wouldn't say the US is worse than China - where would you rather live?

Sophie A
Past Member 3 months ago

thanks very much