GOP Candidate’s Ad Warns of Dystopian, Black-and-White Future

It’s always tough for a long-shot candidate to draw attention. Minnesota State Rep. Kurt Bills, R-Rosemount, badly trails Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., and is given little chance of upsetting Minnesota’s senior member of the Senate. So what’s a guy to do? Well, how about sponsoring a short film about a time-traveling loser from a horrible, dystopian future?

That’s the trailer to “Staring at the Future,” a short film commissioned by the Bills campaign as part of the Minneapolis 48 Hour Film Project. The trailer, which features Bills himself as a Serlingesque narrator, has been referred to as “bizarre,” and prompted disgraced former Minnesota GOP Vice Chair Michael Brodkorb to ask, “Is it April Fool’s Day?” Local weekly City Pages was more direct in its questioning, asking, “What the hell is [Bills] thinking?”

The trailer presages a meeting between a young, white guy named Riley Thomas, who is confronted by himself in old-man makeup, who warns, “You’re going to die alone, in a broken world, if you don’t remember what I say to you, today!” It isn’t revealed what the future Thomas says, but given that Bills won the GOP endorsement on the strength of his libertarian economic proposals and Ron Paul army support, I’m going to guess that it involves eliminating government, and maybe something about gold. It probably doesn’t involve eliminating education; despite opposing government, Bills is a public schoolteacher.

For those of you who are deeply curious, and/or those of you who enjoy mocking things, the full film will debut Wednesday night at the Riverview Theater in Minneapolis.

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Image Credit: Bills Campaign


Gloria H.
Gloria H5 years ago

wow! score another point for the Dems. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot. The Republican future...only there won't be any old people around after they cut Medicare, and SS.
Living to be 65 at all will be a fairy tale told to children (if they don't die of starvation/polluted air, etc).

Jonathan Y.
Jonathan Y5 years ago

The GOP peddling Manichean propaganda, who knew? Bemoaning a future they are contributing to by killing the Middle Class in the present? tsk tsk.

Economics, the dismal science, reminds us all that entropy is ineluctable and the universe functions with limited means. After conservative economists such as Smith, Ricardo, and Ferguson have eloquently explained how this pertains to public policy, why does the GOP keep beating a dead horse? [e.g. regurgitation is a sign of prescriptive bankruptcy]

Dawn Walker
Dawn W5 years ago

How dumb would you have to be to vote for this guy based on this stupid movie?

Dawn Walker
Dawn W5 years ago

He thinks this will get him votes??

Linda Rust
Past Member 5 years ago

Sounds like the world the Republicans will create for the 99% if we let them have their way. So wait, this is an ad that's supposed to get a Republican candidate elected? Okay, Steven Colbert you can come out now, this is definitely one of the spoofs from your show. (Always so clever!) Wait, it's for real? A real Vote for me, I'm a Republican, campaign ad? Hey Romney, hire this guy's PR team. Run some ads that show the real world you would create!

Carole L.
Carole L5 years ago

be afraid! be very afraid!!! 911! terrorists! Osama BinLadin!!! 911! terrorists! Osama BinLadin!!! 911! terrorists! Osama BinLadin!!! booga booga booga!!!

that's pretty much all they have, and Obama has eliminated BinLadin. so now they're stuck with "Back To the Future" scenarios. where's Doc Brown?

Ron B.
Ron B5 years ago

So Kurt Bills is a school teacher, eh? What does he teach, psychiatry from the viewpoint of a mental patient?

Charles P.
Charles P5 years ago

Seems to me he stole that premise from a tv ad. Hmmm? Property rights suit?

BMutiny TCorporationsAreE

Marianne says it PERFECTLY! {I already gave you a Green Star this week!}

"I mean, look at the old guy. Taped glasses and bad teeth indicates NO health care. Ragged clothing and living in an abandoned warehouse indicates NO job and NO Social Security. NO money, NO job, NO union to act as a support system indicated that the corporations have taken over and utterly destroyed the working and middle classes."
"The guy must be as dumb as a box of rocks to PAY for that kind of ammunition against him!"

Can't WAIT to see the whole movie!

Margaret G.
Margaret Garside5 years ago

Sandy, dear: Decaf, decaf!

As for the ad, I suggest we all rent 'The Terminator' instead.