GOP Congress Has Made 125 Anti-Environment Votes This Year So Far


Written by Brian Merchant, a Treehugger blogger

I posit the following as general truisms:

The average citizen enjoys living in places with clean water and blue skies. The average citizen values public health and safe drinking water. The average citizen hopes that its government will help protect him or her from air pollution, water contamination, and exposure to toxic materials. Ergo,

The average citizen would say WTF in all caps if he or she were ever to read in one sitting the total amount of damage our current Congress is hoping to inflict on the American environment.

Now the average citizen can do exactly that. If he or she cares to. Some Democratic staffers have compiled a searchable database of all of the different anti-environment votes that members of Congress have registered since the beginning of the year. Spend a minute clicking around this database — if you are not infuriated, then I must conclude that you care little about the environment.

The first thing you learn is: The sitting Congress has made 125 anti-environmental votes since January. Since bleeping January.

These votes can be considered to be extreme. These votes are not just against things that our media considers ‘controversial’ like the scientific reality of climate change, which 97% of scientists support. They are not about ‘trivial’ things like some endangered species in Kansas. These are things like voting to end mining regulations that protect people’s homes from corporations’ toxic dredge, that protect the water quality in rivers, that protect air pollution standards in cities.

As an average citizen, I would like my government to help protect me from these things.

Typically, when faced with knowledge like the fact that the GOP is in the midst of an expansive attempt to shut down environmental protections in order to dole out favors to its corporate benefactors, I type up a blog post with a tone intended to convey an emotive blend of dismay, befuddlement, and outrage, and hope in some way that it is infectious. This time, I have abstained from such an approach:

To the average citizen, the sheer number of unambiguously anti-environmental votes as presented in the database should be infuriating enough.

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Gloria picchetti
Gloria picchetti5 years ago

My congressman, Mike Quigley D IL, loves the environment & animals. We need 99 more Mikes!

Carole R.
Carole R6 years ago

Thanks for the post.

Britin J.
Past Member 6 years ago

Dianne R and Lisa W. : You are not alone! I receive the same kind of crap from all of my "elected" officials, it seems as if they "know better" than us and delight in pointing it out. I keep all my letters to compare them and I have noticed that they all say the same thing, in a nutshell, "get your dumb @ss back in the kitchen and let me do the work"..... I am not voting for a single federal incumbant (and quite possibly my local officials as well) this next election, because they all have ignored everything I have written, and I know I am not the ONLY person who feels this way in my state.....

Lisa W.
Lisa W6 years ago

I feel your pain, Dianne...we've got Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul here. They ought to just send out letters saying "if it's liberal or anti-corporation don't even bother me".

Dianne Robertson
Dianne Robertson6 years ago

My Representitive Chip Cravaack is a real scumbag! He keeps sending me the most condecending answers to the petitions I send him. You'd THINK I was the ONLY person in the COUNTRY to advocate taxing the big money CORPORATIONS AND PEOPLE and Supporting JOBS AND THE ENVIRONMENT. GREEN is a dirty word to him.HE DOESNT BELIEVE THE CLIMATE IS CHANGING! WHO do you think PAID for his lobatomy?

Rea P.
Rea Petersen6 years ago

Dewey F. where's the petition for your "dream"? I'll sign! bet there are many others who would too. Now all we need is a real leader.

William Y.
William Y6 years ago

What else would one expect from a party that is nothing but a puppet of the super rich. Environmental issues cut into their excessive profits.

James D.
James D6 years ago

Feeling sick, having trouble breathing, think you may have developed your cancer because of living too close to that coal mine, or refinery, or nuclear power plant? Well, yours is but a small price to pay for quarterly profits and the cushy lifestyles of the Congressional representatives that big corporations have sent to Washington to represent them.

Movement to Amend (Take Back Our Elections and Democracy) -

M.E. W.
Mary W6 years ago

I believe that we are currently witnessing the USA's transformation from a "1st world" country to a "3rd world". I lived in various developing/3rd world countries for several years and observed common practices: lack of environmental and wildlife protections, lack of regulations for corporations that use the environment as a commodity, the environment/natural resources are for sale to the highest bidder, destruction of wilderness at alarming rates, corrupt politicians benefitting from environmental exploitation...I could go on and on about the parallels I see between what is happening in the US and what I saw overseas.

Annie C.
Annie C.6 years ago

Here's some of the grassroots actions we can do:

POST these details - tweet it, facebook it, email it!
BOYCOTT the companies that damage the environment
EMAIL your representatives
TALK to people about it!

But mostly, your money counts. Buy sustainable, fair and quality products and services. Trust me, if they lose too much, they will listen.