GOP Lawmaker Thinks Islam is a Cult

Apparently some Republican lawmakers need some convincing that the world’s second-largest faith is indeed a religion deserving of Constitutional protection.  Tennessee Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey is currently running in the state’s Republican gubenatorial primary, stated publicly that Islam is arguably less a faith than a cult.  “Now, you could even argue whether being a Muslim is actually a religion, or is it a nationality, way of life, cult whatever you want to call it”.  And the GOP wonders why it can’t seem to kick its image of being a party that panders to xenophobia.

Ramsey’s comments also shine some light on the particular vision of constitutional understanding currently functioning as the party’s base.  In particular, Ramsey touted his support for First Amendment freedom of religion guarantees, placing them in the same category as Second Amendment rights and the Tenth Amendment.  Elevating the Tenth Amendment in political rhetoric has become popular among the far-right wing of the Republican base who view the Amendment as their salvo for such oppressive federal initiatives as Social Security, the minimum wage, and, most recently, federal health care reform.

Perhaps the most tone-deaf part of Ramsey’s comments came later when he called on American Muslims to denounce extremism in their ranks.  “My concern is that far too much of Islam has come to resemble a violent political philosophy more than peace-loving religion.  It is time for American Muslims who love this country to publicly renounce violent jihadism and to drum those who seek to do America harm out of their faith community.”  Just like many Americans have asked Republican lawmakers to denounce the violent rhetoric spewing from its fringe elements, right Lt. Gov. Ramsey?

Reports have Ramsey polling in third place in the primary, so, like other contested primary races, Ramsey’s statements may reflect efforts to salvage his campaign by playing to the lowest common denominator in the Republican base.  Primary voters are notoriously less moderate, on both the right and the left, than voters in general elections.  But even that hope is of little reassurance given that Ramsey’s sentiments are echoed in more and more Republican candidates.

Finally, it is important to reinforce that our constitutional protections are not selective for only a privileged group of folks–or at least, they are not designed to be.  Ramsey’s statements reflect a troubling trend in the conservative movement to deny fundamental rights and protections to this country’s diversifying population.  But if these are the views that are translating into a national platform, then it is time for the GOP to stop calling foul whenever their palpable racism gets called out.  Try as they might, they simply can’t have it both ways.

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Lydia S.
Lydia S6 years ago

Apparently, it's not just a GOP Lawmaker who thinks so ...

Please read THOROUGHLY below. The text is from the YouTube video transcript: "Impossible to Believe in Islam and be Mentally Sane" - by Wafa Sultan.

She is a Syrian-born, Arab-American psychiatrist. She has rejected Islam, and has some very insightful words FOR THOSE WHO DO NOT UNDERSTAND! or REFUSE TO BE ENLIGHTENED!

(I am not shouting ... All Caps are used for Emphasis only!)

Wafa Sultan says:
"When I examined the Koran, the hadiths, and the Islamic books, under my microscope, I came to the absolute conviction that it is impossible - impossible! - for any human being to read the biography of Muhammad and believe in it, and yet emerge a psychologically and mentally healthy person.

Do you remember the way that the Prophet Muhammad killed 'Asmaa bint Marwan'? His followers tore her body apart limb from limb, while she was breastfeeding her child. When they returned to him shouting "Allahu Akbar", he said: "No two goats would lock horns over her." As you know, goats lock horns over the most inconsequential thing.

For Muhammad, however, the killing of a woman while breastfeeding her child was too trivial an incident for goats "to lock horns over".

Is this a prophet of God?

Lydia S.
Lydia S6 years ago

Wafa Sultan interview, continued (2)

It makes me very sad that Al-Jazeera TV allows an insane and terroristic creature like Al-Qaradhawi to use it as a medium for the spreading of his poisons, his terroristic fatwahs, and his babbling.

The words he used against me incited many young Muslims - who have been brainwashed and blindfolded, and who have been programmed to hate - to rain curses and threats upon me, right after the show in which he discussed my appearance on Al-Jazeera TV.

When Islam considers women to be deficient in reason, and I refute this assertion - in that case Islam attacks me, and I am merely attacking back. When Islam calls to kill whoever does not believe in it, and I refute this, in that case Islam attacks me, and I am merely attacking back.

I do not attack Islam. I criticize it, but unfortunately, we, the victims of Islamic upbringing, view any criticism as an attack.

I always focus on the language - the language of Islam. The language of Islam is a negative, dead language, replete with violence, anger, hatred, and racism.

Man is the product of language, the outcome of the negative and positive language to which he is exposed in his lifetime. If his life is dominated by negative language, he will emerge as a negative, reckless, and non-productive person, who rejects everything.

Lydia S.
Lydia S6 years ago

Wafa Sultan interview continued ... (3)

On the other hand, if positive language dominates his life, he will emerge as a positive, happy, and productive person. This is why the negative language of Islam has failed.

Islam has failed to produce people with a spontaneous and positive outlook. It has produced negative people. If we take a look at Islamic societies, we see what that negative man did.

I do not view Islam as a religion - according to my notion of religion. Islam is a POLITICAL DOCTRINE, which imposes itself by FORCE. Any doctrine whatsoever, that calls to kill those who do not believe in it is not a religion. It is a totalitarian doctrine that imposes itself by force.

"When I read for example, the verse: 'The adulterer and the adulteress - flog each of them with a hundred stripes, and do not let compassion for them move you' - I do not discern any spirituality in this verse.

When a certain faith manages to strip its believers of their last grain of compassion, it strips them of their spirituality as well.

Jesus Christ is a symbol of peace. He did not carry a sword, chop off heads, or accuse anyone of heresy.

Read about the life of Muhammad. What do you find there? Nothing but his raid and his wives? In addition to his hadiths, some of which make you shudder. I shudder when I read the hadith: "A woman's paradise is under her husband's foot."

Lydia S.
Lydia S6 years ago

Wafa Sultan Interview continued ... (4)

The Islamic teachings have become dreadful in the skulls of the Muslims. I see no alternative but to open up these skulls, and to clean the life-threatening cancerous cells in these brains.

When the Syrian people swarmed the Danish embassy and burned it down, it burned my heart too. Why? The Syrian people are dying of hunger. The Syrians, despite their ancient civilization, chase after their daily bread. Why don't they swarm the palace of their president, who has 40 Billion Dollars in European bank accounts, and burn down the palace, along with its occupant? They swarmed the Danish embassy, giving the West the wrong image of the moral and civilized Syrian people. Therefore, I describe their conduct as barbaric and backward.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a religious conflict. I support the Palestinian cause. I support the Palestinian children. I lose sleep over the suffering of Palestinian women. I cannot even step on an ant, so how could I possibly be against them? This is inconceivable. This is a political conflict, and they should ask their leaders about what they have done to resolve this problem. But the problem is rooted in religion.

Lydia S.
Lydia S6 years ago

Wafa Sultan Interview continued ... (5)

About a week or two ago, I read a short story in an Islamic book, according to which Muhammad was walking with some of his followers when they heard a commotion. They asked him: :What is this, Messenger of Allah?" He said: "These are the Jews being tormented in the grave."

Regardless of the conflicts Muhammad had with the Jews back then, this statement indicates that the graves of their ancestors were in Saudi Arabia, correct? -- Yes!

They are people of this region, as is evident from the Islamic books and the Koran itself.

The problem with the Muslims is that they do not distinguish between their prophet and their own noses. When you criticize Muhammad, his actions, and his life, it is as if you chopped off their noses.

Please note: These are NOT my words ... these are the thoughts and insights of a woman who has LIVED UNDER ISLAM ... KNOWS ITS TENETS ... HAS SEEN FIRST HAND WHAT THIS "Religion of Peace" is about. She was RAISED A MUSLIM, but REJECTS IT AS A POLITICAL IDEOLOGY!

If the Politically Correct crowd cannot handle the truth, then the LEAST they can do, IS STOP CENSORING THE TRUTH!

I DID NOT COME UP WITH THIS ... I AM QUOTING SOMEONE WHO KNOWS! The link below will take you to the video transcript!


Lydia S.
Lydia S6 years ago

Michael A wrote: "ISLAM is not a religion or a's a mental disorder. An illness of the mind for which no cure has been found yet."

Wafa Sultan, a Syrian born, US citizen, former muslim and psychiatrist -- would agree. Search YouTube ""Impossible to Believe in Islam and be Mentally Sane" - by Wafa Sultan

She has repeatedly said, islam CANNOT BE REFORMED! It is not a religion, but a political ideology. It cannot be changed because one of the tenets of islam is that the koran is "unchangeable".

YouTube has a series of videos where she explains islam & the threat to the West. She is attacked & insulted, but she refuses to back down.

Another very interesting person is Mosab Hassan Yousef, the son of Hamas founder Sheikh Hassan Yousef. He says there is no moderate islam, has converted to Christianity, and warns the West about the true nature of islam!

WAKE UP PEOPLE! And if care2 bans me, I will not be surprised! TRUTH IS THE FIRST VICTIM OF POLITICAL CORRECTNESS! Care2 goes overboard in the P/C department!

As a result, Care2 has become a SHAM, a Fraud. You cannot be Pro Human Rights/Women's Rights AND be Pro islam ... that is an OXYMORON!

Lydia S.
Lydia S6 years ago

Tow W wrote: "... An Alien cult following such as Islam, can teach (with impunity) it's Muslim followers (in writing) as in their book named The Koran, to murder any non-believer by cutting off the head with a sword. And nothing is done and they are free to continue their hate and rehetoric and build their hate Mosques with impunity. ??"

AND Care2 censors anyone who dares to object to this cult's teachings. In addition, they ban anyone who tells the truth about islam!

If you quote actual passages from the koran to support your objections to this racist, misogynistic, violent cult -- it doesn't matter ... you are in trouble for speaking the truth. All it takes is a few muslims & their anti-American handlers to be "offended" -- and voila, you are suspended -- by the same folks who CLAIM to be "Pro Freedom of Speech, Pro Women's Rights, Pro Human Rights", etc.

Interestingly, they cannot see the HYPOCRISY of defending a political ideology, (masquerading as a religion) -- which denies ALL rights to gays, women, Christians & other religions, etc., and suspend members who object to these tactics!

For the record, I have been bashed by many muslims -- AND I will defend their right to express their disagreement with me! I will QUOTE their "holy book" as a rebuttal & allow them the freedom to disagree with me!

I've even had PRIVATE messages sent to my personal email -- many not very nice -- but I will STILL defend their right to express their anger!

Victoria M.
Past Member 6 years ago

and * Michael A. says
* Dec 28, 2010 1:54 PM

ISLAM is not a religion or a's a mental disorder.
An illness of the mind for which no cure has been found yet....

rotfl you are my hero of the day.

Victoria M.
Past Member 6 years ago

to quote
* AsirHusain K. says
* Jul 28, 2010 4:18 PM

Salams to all American Islam Haters. I know you are worried of Islam and of Muslims being better than you, better people, better in all ways and much better in their love for God. I also understand your frustrations about Islam and the Muslims simply due to the fact that Americans in their majority are low lives, stupid in nature and criminal in attitude. Whereas Muslims are good people, loving and caring to the extent of accepting the American bullies and their crap.

Well, there is one way for you Americans to become better than us Muslims and that is to shut your fuck up and get lost! or you want the more natural way? That would be for you to bow to Allah - yes all of America bow to Allah in fear in order to win HIS Compassion!

You see, American low lives, it is that simple!"

shit like that is pretty much the reason for the anti islam live in the usa too so therefore are you a lowlife too? or you just here to shove your crap down americas throat?

that being said i am agnostic and religion is for people who need something to be ok and that is fine if that is what you long as you arent out killing people in the name of your crutch.

islam hates gay people, are misogynistic and very anti everything else...

so far as that mosque in ny..well you may have the right to put i there but that does not mean it should be there. have some sensitivity. does it really 'need' to be in

Tom W.
Tom W7 years ago

Threat or intent to murder a fellow citizen is unlawful and subject to arrest and jail time.
Threaten with intent to kill a government official and that's a felony - Go strait to jail.
An Alien cult following such as Islam, can teach (with impunity) it's Muslim followers (in writing) as in their book named The Koran, to murder any non-believer by cutting off the head with a sword.
And nothing is done and they are free to continue their hate and rehetoric and build their hate Mosques with impunity. ?????