GOP Senate Candidates Deny Climate Change

Nevada’s Sharron Angle is the woman running against Senator Harry Reid (D). She is also one of the Republican candidates who deny climate change is occurring. Angle calls climate change a “fraudulent science.” A survey by the Wonk Room found that almost all the Republican Senate candidates are climate change deniers. Not one of them supports climate change action. Angle is not alone as the following comments from two Senate candidates indicate:

“I don’t think there’s the scientific evidence to justify it. The climate is always changing.” Mark Rubio, Florida

“It’s far more likely that it’s just sunspot activity.” Ron Johnson, Wisconsin

“The GOP is stampeding toward an absolutist rejection of climate science that appears unmatched among major political parties around the globe, even conservative ones,” declared a recent National Journal article. The article pointed out that if the U.S. does not take action against climate change “it will be difficult for the world to move.”

There is a link between the Republican Senate candidates who deny the existence of climate change and oil money. Many of the Republican Senate candidates signed the Americans For Prosperity No Climate Tax Pledge. According to an investigation by Desmogblog, AFP is the “third largest recipient of funding from the Koch Family Foundations.” The Koch Family Foundations is run by oil baron Charles G. Koch. Koch is also funding California’s Proposition 23.

Many Republican Senate candidates also signed Freedom Works’ Contract From America. The Contract rejects cap and trade and supports passing an “all-of-the-above energy policy.” Remember the quote by Mark Rubio? Consider that he received $10,333 for his campaign from Freedom Works.

The mid-term elections are two weeks away. Will American voters reject the GOP candidates who deny climate change is occurring? A recently released study found that 63 percent of Americans “believe that global warming is happening.” Half of those surveyed believe climate change is caused by human activities. The majority of the respondents (72 to 78 percent) cited science agencies, scientists, science programs, and science museums as their “most trusted sources of information about global warming.” If the study is any indication, maybe Americans will reject the climate change deniers.


Aludra N.
susan m7 years ago

97% of all media on the planet is owned by 6 people,, and they are owned by the corps.. there is zero chance you will get anything from the media but their lies and manipulations. They want to continue to rape and pillage this planet for profit, and for some reason we continue to stand by and tolerate it. It is going to come down to one choice - what's more important - chasing that almighty dollar, or taking a breath. Corps don't breathe, eat poisoned food, drink toxic water or anything else that besets humans. Why are we allowing them to trash our home in their insatiable greed? Wake up.. if we don't make huge changes now, very soon the human race will be extinct, and frankly, most of them deserve it. Unfortunately, the innocent animals will go too.. greed and ignorance go hand in hand.

Jake Davis
Jacob Davis7 years ago

...these IDIOTS, blinded by fear, hate and greed, will never accept it, until they can see it from their back porch... =(

Nancy W.
Nancy W.7 years ago

I hate the VICIOUSNESS of the Republican Party. They don't care what happens to this planet as long as their POCKETBOOKS are lined! GORE has PROOF of his findings and the Republicans want to be OSTRICHES and stick their HEADS in the sand. BUSH FIRED everyone who disagreed with him! BUSH set a TERRIBLE PRECEDENCE in this country with all his POLARIZATION.

Nancy W.
Nancy W.7 years ago

I'm not surprised either. I think the Republican opposition, is more about HATING O'Bama and NOTwhat's good for the general public. I'm not in favor of drilling, but it seems to be the only way to create jobs here instead of ABROAD.

Alex Keir
Alex Keir7 years ago

Short term profits over long term consequences - a Republican mantra. Vote Democrat!

jane richmond
jane richmond7 years ago

If they came out of their climate controlled homes, cars and offices they just might notice the difference.

Alice H.
Alice H7 years ago

It is so frustrating.
Climate change is happening. It is happening in a manner that meshes with predictions based on rising CO2 rates. We can see glaciers disappearing. It is happening, denying it won't help one bit.
Since we are going to run out of fossil fuels and their prices are going to continue to rise encouraging new technologies will be beneficial to our economy. Resting on our laurels as a technology leader in the past will get us nowhere. I just do not understand the point of denying climate change and refusing to plan for the future.

Julia C.
Julia C7 years ago

Consider, for a moment, that climate change and global warming don't exist. (Just for a moment, for the sake of making a point, okay?) Those things aside, we are still suffering from emissions-related health problems (like asthma and heart disease) and our landscapes are destroyed and our waters are polluted, thanks to things like mountaintop removal coal mining and oil rig explosions. Not to mention that, when you consider what we pay for securing oil through war, our price at the pump is actually around $7 or $8 dollars per gallon. And, legislation for clean energy would spur job growth, as well.

So, even without the argument for, or against, global warming/climate change, there are still plenty of reasons to pursue a clean energy future.

So, considering that there are so many reasons, other than global warming, to pass energy legislation and, considering it still hasn't been done and, considering the Repubs are the ones who stand in the way, I'm surprised we are still letting them use their denial of climate change as a reason for obstructing energy reform. They can't deny everything, so, maybe we should begin to use "money" as a reason for passing legislation, since that's all they seem to care about, anyway.

Less pollution = improved health
Improved health = less expensive health care
Improved auto mileage = less at the gas pump
Improved energy grid = more jobs and less expensive energy
Clean energy = independence from foreign countries

...and the list go

Scott M.
Its wonderful e7 years ago

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Linda Amos
Linda Amos7 years ago

they should read this: