Gov. Scott Walker Continues To Pummel Women’s Rights

As Robin Marty reports, the attacks on women’s rights under Gov. Scott Walker’s (R-WI) administration has been relentless, which is why there is so much at stake for women in his recall election. And that may be why he is doing all he can to shy away from the major legislative accomplishments under his tenure.

First, he quietly signed away equal pay protections. Now he’s done the same with insurance coverage for abortions and mandatory abstinence-only education. Among the more than 50 bills signed Thursday and Friday includes measure that bans abortion coverage in insurance policies purchased through the health insurance exchange that will be created under federal health care reform starting in 2014.

The insurance coverage ban assumes a woman is able to access an abortion to begin with, not at all a clear assumption since Walker also signed into law a bill that mandates that a woman seeking an abortion must undergo an exam and consult with a doctor alone, away from her friends and family. The doctor must determine whether someone is pressuring the woman into the procedure. Doctors who break the law could be charged with a felony.

Wisconsin also enacted a bill that mandates teachers in schools that offer sex education must stress abstinence as the only sure way to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. It declares that sex education teachers do not have to address contraception. Thatís a dramatic shift from current state law, which requires teachers to instruct students on birth control options.

With the recall elections just two months away, we can expect to see more scrutiny of Walker’s record, a fact that must be making the Wisconsin governor a little nervous these days. I mean, with all these massive conservative victories, wouldn’t Walker want to hit the trail with these successes rather than sign them into law without as much as a press release?

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Photo from WisPolitics via flickr.


Carrie H.
Carrie H5 years ago

Karie Every setting politician makes good decisions and bad decisions. Look at it from a different prospective the decisions made today will affect your daughter and granddaughter they will affect your son and his wife and kids. Gov walker with his removal of pay protections told employers that it was ok for them to pay a woman less. Would you walk into the local gas station and look at the little girl trying to pay for college or trying to feed her family and tell her I see you are working you but off but honey you coworker over there is worth more money than you because he has a third leg. Most women have to work, some choose to work. By telling employers they are worth less you hurt their family less income is less food on the table it may very well be the difference between giving kids a cheap apartment roof or a bridge to live under. This is not just walker it is a large group of republicans who have attacked women’s pay their health with abortion birth control, marriage and being told to say married to someone who beats them. But someday when you are making over 250 thousand dollars a year a republican might save you a buck in taxes. Is that buck worth looking at the gal working her butt off doing the same work as a man and being paid a third less worth it? IS that buck worth pulling food off her kids table? When you make the decision to vote for a republican ask yourself what kind of affect this will have on the kids in the family’s his or her decision will

Karie Curtis
Karie Curtis5 years ago

what i don't understand is that i come on and voice my opinion. MY opinion, just like the rest of you are doing. but i get bashed for it?! i made no rude comments to anyone, and simply stated that i support Scott Walker. Like many people do. I thank God, yes my God, that he brought Scott to us. I do not need to justify why i support him, and listing all the wonderful things he is doing for us would make too long of a comment. I am my own person, and make choices for myself, and yes i surround myself with intelligent people who also support Walker. I am speechless at some of the comments of people telling me to "go back to the kitchen" and "get off the computer because i'm too stupid". YOU PEOPLE ARE TREATING WOMEN A HELL OF A LOT WORSE THAN WALKER IS! that is so disrespectful to say to anyone, let alone someone that you people don't even know! Yes, i am a woman that supports Scott Walker (I am not alone), and to your surprise, i had a teacher in high school who spoke out to many people on the news who also supports Walker. I have just as much right to voice my opinion as any other person, and just because you don't agree with it does not give you any right to be rude and disrespectful.

Susan V.
Susan V5 years ago

Please sign. Thanks.

Joan-Chamonix B.
Joan B5 years ago

As a child, I always summered in Wisconsin, eventually moving there when I was 15 and living there until I was 30. I always retained a soft spot in my heart for the state and it's people, until Scott Walker was elected and began wreaking his carnage through democracy at every opportunity. Now I have serious doubts about everyone there; have they all taken leave of their senses, or we're they always as dumb as the cows they breed but I just never noticed?

Mitchell D.
Mitchell D5 years ago

Walker may indeed be playing to his base, but what a base base!
He may also be trying to get as much imbecilic law passed while he still can, in the hope that once out of office it will be too hard to recall them, as well.
What is going on at the far right end of the political spectrum, in this country, is truly saddening.

Muriel C.
Muriel C5 years ago

I'm looking forward to the day he'll be old and have to depend on a (most likely female) nurse to change is diaper. I hope he keeps all his mental faculties so that he can suffer from the same torturing humiliation he is imposing on women right now

Jessie Rodriguez
Susan Zitzler5 years ago

This man is a total jerk and hope he is jobless next election. Shame on those women who are there cheering him on, traders against other women and our right to work at the same job a man would and get paid the same too. If it were not for a woman he would not even be walking around now, he seems to forget that a woman carried hi, for 9 months and dealt with him til he was old enough to leave home. It is a woman who is the stronger sex, the men are weak so that is why they want to try and control us. we need to rebel and fight against this kind of control and write to this idiot and let him know how you feel even if you don't live in Wisconsin it can effect all of us. This must stop now and make the Constitution cover us too with equal rights in everything.

Christine Stewart

All those brain-washed women supporters at his rally- so sad...

Jo Anne P.
Jo Anne Pyne5 years ago

I'm waiting for the day when a woman pummels him!!

Diana Roth
Diana Roth5 years ago

Charles, This is a good question. The answer: because those the most affected don't bother to vote. I vote in EVERY election and have ever since I became of voting age. It is one of the gifts my parents instilled in me...they always voted...even when they voted differently.