Government Threatens Legislation to End Canada Post Lockout

As of Saturday, June 18th, the United States Postal Service (USPS) will no longer accept mail heading to Canada. Due to the lockout of Canadian United Postal Workers (CUPW) by Canada Post, the USPS is holding Canadian bound mail in its system and declining to accept any new mail in an attempt to minimize inconvenience to its customers. Officials for the USPS will monitor the situation and resume service to Canada as soon as the situation there is resolved. But this is just one of the chapters in the ongoing lockout/strike pitting Canadian postal workers against the Crown Corporation with Canadians caught in between.

Government Intervention

Meanwhile in Canada, legislation to end the work stoppage was will be tabled this coming Monday as both the NDP and Liberal parties threaten to block any legislation that will put an end to the strike/lockout.

Labour Minister, Lisa Riatt, announced on Thursday that she intended to introduce legislation to end both the CUPW’s dispute with Canada Post and the Air Canada strike, but when Air Canada’s strike ended an hour later, the legislation was tabled and rescheduled for Monday, June 20th to deal with just the mail stoppage issue.

Rolling Strikes and Government Interventions

The CUPW had been staging rolling strikes at major hubs across the country for two weeks in an attempt to move along stalled contract negotiations, prompting Canada Post to lock union members out on Wednesday. While the NDP and Liberal parties are calling the legislation to bring the situation to a halt “government intrusion,” Riatt insists that a prolonged lockout will have a major impact on the nation’s economy and is, therefore, a government concern.

Social Security Checks Will Still Be in the Mail

Ironically, Monday will still see the delivery of government-issued mail as Canada Post and the CUPW agreed to delivery important checks like CPP, Old Age Security, Veterans’ Affairs and Canada Tax Benefit Cheques. In addition, Quebec’s Child Assistance, Pension and Income Security and Alberta Pension checks will also be delivered.

The tabled legislation will be debated on Tuesday, but there is concern it might not be passed before Thursday when Parliament is scheduled to go on summer break. The government could possibly extend the current session to pass the legislation, and if this happens, mail delivery would resume quickly.

What Do You Think?

Do you have letters or parcel languishing in the system? Or have you largely learned to bypass conventional postal services?

Canada Post Mailbox by Michael Francis McCarthy


Eternal Gardener
Eternal G6 years ago


Geoffrey Y.
Geoffrey Y6 years ago

Stupid strike need to be stop by 'power'. Uninon has too much power over public interest! Cut your income is the way to go.

Heidi D.
Heidi D6 years ago

"both the NDP and Liberal parties threaten to block any legislation" ???? Ha ha, that's a good one. Have they already forgotten that the Conservatives have a MAJORITY? The lefties can no longer block ANYTHING. Threaten away.

Ernie Miller
william Miller6 years ago

how does any one do buisness when there is no postal service? this seems really messed up to me.

Michael MacDonald

The terms of this lockout end favor the employer and cut off any chances of negotiations.
It was a bad deal and it's not a surprise coming from the "my way of the highway" conservatives.
they don't even care enough to let anyone have a substantial debate on anything.
it's a "we're always right" and a "your opinion doesn't matter to us" attitude and I hope it costs them the next election.

robert z.
robert zank6 years ago

the canadian government is responsible the problem and now offering solutions at cost of everyone. (the sign of corrupt organzations)
no humans around? just high end bankers?
what about jack the ripper being his own judge? or what about berlusconi ? just changes the law as needed. looks like we are being governed by dangerous monsters.

shannon b.
S B6 years ago

Will they stop the annual Canadian seal slaughter?

Robert O.
Robert O6 years ago

Thanks Ann.

Past Member
Past Member 6 years ago

Those who have replied are woefully unaware of the issues. Canada Post WAS privatized. Some workers, the unionized ones, do get a living wage, while others, the ones delivbering to the "neighbourhood boxes" are contracted out at minimum wage. We have several classes of workers and several classes of mail receivers. This system was damaged long ago by government. Issue one: This means millions of dollars that people pay in postage are directed towards providing Canada Post with commercial profits ($119 million in 2006) and the federal government with lucrative dividends ($80 million in 2006), instead of being used to maintain affordable rates and improve public postal service and jobs. Issue 2: Canada Post recently notified the union of its plans to eliminate 560.5 full-time and 119 part-time positions in Winnipeg, Halifax, Hamilton, Montreal, Quebec-Randin, Saskatoon, Saint John, and Toronto bringing to a total - positions destroyed over the next few years due to employer programs linked to modernization (ie. Postal Transformation, Process Consolidation and the National Network Review) to about 1050 full-time and 200 part-time. I am one of the consumers who receives mail from a minimum wage employee - if lucky - 2 or 3 times a week to my "SUPERBOX". This is not service, mail is poorly sorted or delivered. Before the introduction of SUPERBOXES, back when we had all union employees and door to door delivery for all Canadians, it seems to me the service was considered exactly th