Federal Judge Reinstates Gray Wolf as Endangered in Idaho

The governor of Idaho is up in arms over a federal judge’s decision to reinstate the gray wolf as an endangered species.

Governor Butch Otter is outraged by the decision because it interferes with a planned wolf hunt, and he claims that the wolves are responsible for killing livestock in Idaho.

The gray wolf was originally listed as an endangered species in 1974, but the controversy didn’t begin until the gray wolf was delisted as an endangered species in some states – including Idaho – but not others, last fall.

This discrepancy prompted a legal battle that resulted in a federal judge deciding last week that it was an error on the part of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services to list the gray wolf as endangered in Wyoming, but remove protections for them in Idaho and Montana.

Conservation groups say that it is scientifically unsound to list a species as endangered in some politically delineated areas, but not others.

Governor Otter, however, seems to have a personal vendetta against the gray wolf and has spoken out publicly against the judge’s decision, which has predictably been applauded by animal advocates and conservation groups.

The governor says that the wolves are hunting livestock and game animals. As an animal rights advocate, there’s a comedic irony that the governor is angry the wolves are killing game animals before he and other hunters can kill them. He’s angry the wolves are eating livestock before humans can get a chance to eat them.

Forgive me if I don’t feel sympathy for the lost profits of people who raise animals for food. And I’m sure you won’t be surprised if I’m not shedding a tear that the wolves are ruining hunting seasons for humans.

The case made by conservation groups makes sense. The delineation of state borders has no bearing on the territory of the gray wolf. Simply because there are ample amounts of wolves in one area, doesn’t mean the wolves should be fair game to be killed en masse just as they’re recovering from endangered status.

Let’s hope the gray wolf’s status as an endangered species survives the coming legal battle Governor Otter is planning to wage and that the vindictive hunters in Idaho don’t get a chance to kill their wolves this year, or any year hereafter.

Photo: dalliedee


Terry B.
Terry B7 years ago

The only reason I would ever go back to Idaho would be if I had an Otter hunting license.

Marcia Mueller
Marcia Mueller7 years ago

I disagree with hunting the wolves. However, I wonder about the wisdom of restoring them in the first place. I know the people who did it meant well, but they should have considered the history of wolf and human interaction. Many people have always hated wolves and have slaughtered them in horrible ways through the years. Maybe that hatred is irrational and unfair, but it always works against the animals, and people should consider that before considering wolf introduction and increasing their population.

Monique D.
Mon D7 years ago

How could an animal where there isn't many left not be classified as endangered?

sonia b.
sonia b7 years ago

please save our friends
it´s a shame
and a crime
justice now

Tamila mendoza
Tamila mendoza7 years ago

I think any animal that is about to become extinct should be preserved if it is happening unnaturally.

Vikki Valentin
Past Member 7 years ago

I am so happy. I was so worried. I agree that we should make a petition to thank the judge. That governor guy who wants to kill them is an idiot. He's mad because the wolves are killing animals to survive and he wants to be the just huntingthem for sport. He's sooo full of it. People like him and the people who agree with him is the reason why most of the remaining wildlife on earth is endangered. Heartless. disgrace of a human being. With a mentality like that I wonder what it's like living with that man being apart of his family. They do not value life and that is the wolves home. U dont belong there. The wolves do. I think we need to keep a close eye on this cuz I have a feeling he's gon be fighting this one cuz he wants to hunt so bad. Idiot. And as far the livstock. Um you guys will live. They are plenty of food for humans. The wolves need to survive, it's what they do. THANK YOU JUDGE. GOD BLESS THE WOLVES. IN YOUR FACE GOVERNOR OTTER!!! He dont even deserve that name Otter. Thats an animal. He hates animals. It should be governor lucifer.

Tiffany Lambiase
Tiffany Lambiase7 years ago

yes yes yes thank you judge

Rossy Osborne
Rossy Osborne7 years ago

Congratulations to all for this remarkable out come. Stay strong for the next step to continue to have justice for native wildlife. Gov. Otter should perhaps spend time playing computer games, where no-one or any thing is actually murdered!!!!

Luis J.
Luis Miguel J7 years ago

Good news, the gray's wolves, we don't need to kill animals to surva¡ive anymore and we need to save all the life in our planet

Shevlin R.
Shevlin R7 years ago

Otter and Palin should crawl into a hole in the ground and make some little ones so we can gas them in their dens.