Grieving Pit Bull Refused to Leave Companion’s Side


The sad story of a grieving pit bull in Phoenix, Ariz. is making its way around the web after he remained by his female companion’s side for over 14 hours on the side of the road over the weekend after she had been hit by a car, all the while laying next to her and nuzzling her body.

The female was believed have been the victim of a hit and run that took place at some point on Friday night. Reports indicate that Animal Control was called on Friday, but no one showed up until the following day to pick her up. Food and water were set out for the surviving dog by a nearby business, according to Fox News Phoenix.

Animal Care and Control brought the surviving male to its East Valley facility and believes he had an owner because he was wearing a harness, but no one has come forward to claim him.

The amount of time it took Animal Control to attend to the issue has caused a bit of an uproar.

“I was so outraged I even called the mayor’s office and had posted on Facebook in hopes that the mayor’s office would be bombarded with calls,” said Karyn Aspen, a Chicago resident who has been crusading for the dog since hearing the story.

The dog was expected to be put up for adoption after 72 hours, but according to an update from Aspen, he will be getting pulled by Lost Paws Rescue.

Fox News Phoenix inquired about why it took so long for anyone to get to the dogs and was told by Animal Control that it’s “sadly, kind of standard,” it wasn’t a priority and that the city’s sanitation department was responsible for removing the body.


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HELENE D5 years ago

so sad!

Carrie Anne Brown

i wouldn't mind adopting a pit bull, its more about the individual then the breed as a whole, bad image from the public and media doesn't help :) thanks for sharing

Bobbie T.
Bobbie T5 years ago

last report has him in a no kill shelter to await adoption. As for why animal control never's under the county sherrifs control. Maybe you've heard of him? Good ol' boy Sherrif Joe Arpio...the papers please top cop. This wasn't a very good photo op for the Top Cop so he stayed home for this story. Maybe the broken hearted pit bull scared him.

Isabelle J.
Isabelle J5 years ago

Poor dog!

Helle H.
Helle H5 years ago

I wouldn't mind adopting a pitt-bull. There are dogs like all others.

Anita Wisch
Anita Wisch5 years ago

Animals have been known to stay by hurt friends, deceased humans, etc. I could only hope we could find such compassion for our 4 legged friends.

Heather Thurlow
Heather Thurlow5 years ago

Yes I would adopt a pit bull. It's all in the way these dogs are brought up. I find that the smaller dogs are worse. Humans could learn a hell of a lot from animals, however some humans seem to think they have all the power. We SHARE this world! Dogs are incredialy loyal, something humans could learn!!

Leah D.
Leah v5 years ago

this very sad & upsetting article of this grieving pit bull and his horrible ordeal reminded me of poor sweet Lucy & Piggy,dearly loved and good dogs.At least their owner (Dad) was called when Lucy was hit by car and taken to vets where she passed and took Piggy home 'till he passed from old age related issues,still adored by all who knew him. Their owner did everything he could to keep them in their fenced yard,but they kept finding new ways to get out,so neighbors looked after them,took home or called him @ work when we all could. They had 'adopted' us as their surrogate family, especially old Piggy..I has the sad now :(

Leah D.
Leah v5 years ago

I can't have dogs where I live but my Grandson was raised since birth with a loving pit bull and later several others,all gentle loving & protective dogs! Also,for many years 1 house over a neighbor (I dated a while & is good friend still) had two pit bulls,sadly the youngest Lucy was hit by a car and passed her companion & older male Piggy was so grieving that when his 'Dad" went to work he came every morning to our house for treats & comfort. The kitties were none to pleased as Piggy's arthritis got so bad that we were letting him spend the day in the house during cold weather and he would go home soon as Dad (owner) got home from work. Piggy passed away a few years ago,dearly loved and looked after by nearly all our neighbors on our small River side street. are NO born bad dogs,only bad,mean humans that mistreat them & cause them to become attackers. All 3 of my Grandchildren,ranging from almost 8,3 & almost 1yr old, have pit bull family members(all of them since babies) they love & cherish,always gentle and loving doggies cos they have been raised with love.

Tricia Hamilton
Tricia Hamilton5 years ago

My kids got mauled by 2 of them. Sorry!!!