Groundbreaking: Turkish Parents of Gay Children Make Video (Video)

More positive change in Turkey with the news this week that the High Court of Appeals has ordered a newspaper to pay compensation for calling gay people “perverts” in a headline it printed in 2008.

Now a feature documentary is being produced with parents of LGBT children.

‘My Child’ is being produced with the group LISTAG (Families of LGBT in Istanbul), a solidarity and support group for friends, families and especially parents of LGBT individuals established in 2008.

LISTAG has worked with LGBT organizations, released public statements and engaged with politicians. It has actively been working against homophobia, transphobia, discrimination and hate crimes, being a source of inspiration and strength for LGBT individuals, by reminding them that it is not impossible to come out to their families.

The movie tells that story as well as about how they found out about their child’s sexual orientation, and how they learn to accept and embrace them. Some of them describe the experience as traumatic but how it has ‘led to their own rebirth, as they have been questioning what it means to be an individual, to be true to oneself, and to be a parent.’

The film is the first time the parents have ‘come out’ themselves, having previously hidden their identity.

For more information about the film, see their website.

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patrica and edw jones

People who are gay, lesbian or just different - are born that way for a reason.......perhaps to teach us love and compassion for each other and to accept that we are not all the same - but part of life's wonderful, rich tapestry.

Jane L.
Jane L6 years ago

It's absolutely breath-taking and so powerful to watch how parents can be so supportive of their children. To see a generation change to embrace a different way of being is so...Great!

paul m.
paul m6 years ago

you know, it's great that people can pass judgement on orthers! I'm not gay, so if they'er happy
with what they do, either they be from Turkey or anywhere else, who or what gives me the right
to say different. by the they d'ont do me any harm.Paul....

Jose Ramon Fisher Rodrigu

Good luck to them and others like them.

Heather O.
Heather O6 years ago

That was beautiful. I wanted to hug and kiss those parents...tell them just how awesome they are. In a political climate like Turkey, they're making such a difference, they can be an example for parents here, in the United States. We've come a long way ourselves, but LGBT youths are still kicked out of their homes and shunned by families, tormented by their peers and considered second class citizens by the laws of the land. (I say that alot...second class citizens...but it's so true)

I know their children know how exceptional their parents are.

Kari Knabe
Kari Knabe6 years ago

Kudos to them!!

Allana M.
Allana D6 years ago

absolutely beautiful! as a parent, to see something like this happen, is wonderful. i have a daughter, and i would welcome anyone she deems fit to love, wether be male, female, or transgendered! its not about whats between the legs of the partners of our children, but whats in their hearts, and the only way to know is to give them a chance!!!

all i would ask of my daughter is that she one day give me grandkids! a request most moms have of their children... these days you dont need a man and a woman to raise a baby... just love! the love that everyone deserves, unconditional!

Annmari Lundin
Annmari L6 years ago

Powerful and inspiring!

Andrew Carvin
Andrew Carvin6 years ago

In order to be a homophobe it has to occupy a significant part of your brain, and this means that homophobes are thinking about men/women rubbing penises/vaginas together in a 24/7 gay porno. That’s an awful lot of gay thoughts for supposedly straight people who hate gays. I bet even gay people don’t think about gay stuff as much as homophobes do.

Homophobes (aka Anti-Gay Movement) are not protesting against bestiality, pedophilia (with/without a priest involved), rape, sexual exploitation, or any other form of non-consensual sexual act in which a victim is forced against their will to participate

The Homophobes are protesting a private sexual act being performed by two consenting adults.


Homosexuals = fighting for the right to control their own behavior.

Homophobes = fighting for the right to control other peoples behavior.

Katherine Head
Katherine Head6 years ago