Group Uses Molestation Myth to Smear Ex-Gay Therapy Ban


The group “SaveCalifornia” has begun a campaign to fight California’s proposed ban on ex-gay therapy for minors by trading on the false notion that homosexuality is a product of molestation.

Noting that SB1172, which the California Senate voted to approve a few months ago, would ban ex-gay therapy being used on minors, SaveCalifornia says in a recent email blast:

What an attack on parental rights and on mental health professionals! And what lack of love for children suffering from gender confusion disorder, who’ve often been molested and become confused as a result. The Democrats pushing this bill on behalf of homosexual activists want to lock children into thinking they are “homosexual,” when these kids’ gender confusion often results from an attack by a sexual perpetrator.

The group is campaigning heavily to have Republican lawmakers in the General Assembly vote down the bill, saying:

To do our best for a gubernatorial veto, there needs to be negative news coverage of SB 1172. To have that, there needs to be a debate on the Assembly floor. To get that, you must call your Republican state assemblymember to demand that he or she “Speak against SB 1172 on the Assembly floor Thursday. This terrible bill prohibits loving parents from getting professional counseling for a sexually exploited son or daughter suffering from gender confusion, often at the hands of a perpetrator.”

Save California is headed by Randy Thomasson, a virulent anti-gay religious conservative. Said Thomason in a press release on the issue:

“How dare these Democrat politicians deny essential care to children who’ve been raped or molested by a perpetrator. How dare the Democrats rob parents of their God-given right to pursue healing for their traumatized child. It is absolutely wrong to withhold emotional, mental, and physical help from a child who has been raped or molested, who, as a result of this physical and emotional exploitation, is confused about his or her sexual identity. Loving parents have the moral obligation to seek and find the best counseling they can to help their abused child embrace the truth that heals and reject the lies that harm. SB 1172 is a disgusting abuse of government that destroys parental rights and damages the very souls of sexually abused children.

“The data show environmental factors shape gender-identity confusion, rather than biological factors, given the absence of a homosexual genome. The professional counseling that an abused child receives is often the key to the child’s recovery and overall mental health. Intolerant of people’s beliefs and unloving to abused children, SB 1172 would lock traumatized boys and girls into a state of sexual exploitation, prohibiting loving parents from acquiring and paying for professional counseling to help heal their hurting child’s heart and mind.”

Except of course this is  a gross misreading of scientific fact.

While it is indeed true that the gay gene has never been found, this is not unexpected. There is, after all, no evidence yet of a straight gene either. There have, however, been a number of identified hereditary biological factors that demonstrate homosexuality, like heterosexuality, is likely to be an immutable trait and not a choice.

Also, the so-called research Thomasson is citing as to the link between child molestation and being gay has been widely discredited.

Lastly, the ex-gay therapy ban is a necessary safe-guard that repsonsible Californian lawmakers have attempted to pass. Ex-gay therapy is unwarranted given that homosexuality has been shown to be a healthy expression of human relationships, is dangerous in that it has been evidenced to produce real psychological harm, and unfounded in that its success rate is unproven and demonstrably impotent.

But the SaveCalifornia campaign serves to indicate the lengths that religious right activists are willing to go to in order to fight pro-LGBT legislation that would actually safeguard child welfare.

Introduced by Senator Ted Lieu, SB1172 would limit California’s health professionals from engaging in so-called sexual orientation change efforts, sometimes known as conversion or reparative therapy, with minors.

The legislation, the first of its kind in the US, passed 23 votes to 13 in the state Senate last month. It is believed the General Assembly has enough votes to pass the legislation and that Gov. Jerry Brown will sign, but voicing your support will be vital in ensuring the bill becomes law.

Sign the petition to support California’s push to protect children from so-called ex-gay therapy.



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Kate G.
Kate G.5 years ago

Danielle, first no one wants to read three pages of madness spewed by you, you are just wrong on every level, go back to school.

John B.
John B5 years ago

Thanks Steve for the update on SB1172 in the Californian legislature. These people will try anything, including lies, to continue to abuse and harm LBGTQ youth.

Carl Oerke
Carl O5 years ago

Actually the gay gene has been found. It is sitting right next to the Tea Party gene on chromosome number 47. Normal people have 46 chromosomes. All kidding aside there is scientific evidence to believe that gender identification and sexual orientation are influenced while the fetus is in the womb by the effects of excessive or insufficient hormones specifically testosterone, estrogen and androgens. If that is the case and it appears likely homosexuality is not a choice. Let me repeat that homosexuality is not a choice it is who you were born to be, who you are. If man was created in God's image and man is God's best and most advanced work. Then so are gays and lesbians. They should be accepted as equal children of God. Homosexuality is not a disease or ailment or disgrace. And you can't pray away the gay no matter what Michele and Marcus Bachmann say or think. The Roman Catholic church has been trying to pray away the gay forever and if it were possible don't you think it would have succeeded? This molestation leads to homosexuality myth is unscientific and will prevent minors form getting the treatment that they deserve. They will receive treatment that enforces that they are a victim instead of treatment that enforces that they accepted and are who they were supposed to be.

Anita Wisch
Anita Wisch5 years ago

Human rights for ALL humans.

Max M.
Max M5 years ago

JAMES W., Max posted, "Holy Crap, they just admitted to either being the perp or knowing who the perp is, right?"

No Max, it's sounds more like you don't want kids to talk about having been abused.

James, you are a blithering idiot and most likely, a brain dead Republican tool. Now, do me a favor, squire and go away.

Christine C.
Chandra C5 years ago


melanie blow
melanie blow5 years ago


We need to support the rights of homosexuals to form non-exploitative homosexual relationships not because we're certain they are forced to do it by virtue of their genetics, but rather because its the right thing for our society to do. This article almost seems to suggest that the prospect of some child sex abuse survivors attributing their homosexuality to their experience will undo the entire gay-rights movement. I sincerely hope that isn't accurate.

melanie blow
melanie blow5 years ago

There is little evidence that being sexually abused as a child causes someone to identify as homosexual as an adult. But there is abundant evidence that child sexual abuse causes growing children to struggle to come to terms with their sexuality, and in the process they may do all sorts of things that they will discontinue as they age.

I used to volunteer in a group foster home for girls in PA, and I got to meet many young child sex abuse survivors. All of these girls had some mental illness diagnosis and some behavior issues (some alcohol and drug use, fighting), but the behavior that was most intolerable to their parents, the one that made their parents chose to send them away from their family, friends and community, was when the girls started identifying as homosexual or bisexual. Since the bill for this treatment was footed by the state, the girls couldn't specifically be "treated" for homosexuality, but they were coerced to go and surrounded by vocal Christians.

Children who were sexually abused deserve the best therapy available. They need to be taught to deal with the tsunamis of rage and sorrow that will be a prominent feature in their lives. They usually need help to deal with the destructive coping mechanisms they adopt. They need to learn about setting boundaries and forming safe, non-destructive relationships. They need to learn that they can live full, joyful lives, even with their scars. They do not need someone telling them that one kind of non-exploit

Cathy C.
Cathy C5 years ago

Sheesh. They just won't give up their idea of fixing GAYS for the Lord!!!! It can't be done!!!

Stanley J.
Stanley J.5 years ago

teh real reason for the ex gay biz is money - for the extremist churches to use to further demonize gay people

BTW the very idea of fixing gays is simply a blaming the victim for what he is methodology

BTW EXodus founder Michael Bussee about 2005 quit and married his male lover, also an exodus official.

Dr. Spitzer, who in 2001 said some gays could be changed just retracted his views a month or so ago.

the whole ex gay thing is being proven to be a mix, or we'd have an ex str8 group also. Expect all kinds of screaming and yelling from the people who have made millions while at best turning some gays into pathological liars..

What we really need is an Ex conservative xtian group.

BTW Narth which claims to fix gays - well its head George Rekers - it sure didnt fix him. He paid about 15000$ for a college twinky boy to go with him to Europe... the boy was rented from

See the link

BTW Rekers also founded the hate group FRC. headed by tony perkins

Here's tony in a link - racist bigot