Half of Women Avoid Sex Because of Their Weight

A depressing new survey from Britain reveals that out of 4,000 people, over half of women admitted to feeling so overweight that they avoided having sex with their partners. The really shocking part of the survey, though, was that the numbers were much lower for men, at around 20 percent. The women cited tiredness and dissatisfaction with their bodies as primary reasons for evading sex. A low but worrying percentage of women said that they only had sex out of “duty.”

Although this survey doesn’t seem to be exhaustive or particularly scientific (it was, after all, sponsored by “Fembido,” a “passion pill” for women), it does flag issues that come up again and again, with regard to female sexuality and body image. Although women’s sex drives are often portrayed as mysterious, there also seems to be evidence, like this, that women’s desire to have sex is conditioned by social factors, like bodily inadequacy.

And the fatigue of trying to balance work and home life, which a recent study revealed takes a stronger emotional toll on women than on men, may also have an impact.  Dr. Catherine Hood, a lecturer at Oxford University, explained that women “feel under pressure to live up to a vision of perfection which just isn’t realistic.”

It’s important to get this out in the open, although as Lane Moore points out on Jezebel, it’s pretty depressing that the only reason this study has happened is because a female libido pill company wants to figure out why women don’t want to have sex, so they can better market their product. It’s easy to imagine, though, why sex would feel like a chore if you’re constantly worried about whether your body measures up or whether your partner thinks you’re sufficiently attractive, which is how women are for the most part conditioned to relate to themselves physically. So perhaps female sexuality isn’t such a delicate science – and women’s sex lives might improve if they weren’t subjected to such crushing social pressures to have perfect bodies.


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Berny p.
berny p5 years ago

Cant say that I am surprised.....I did once!

Ernest Roth
Ernest R5 years ago

@ Adriana J. . “it's a lie! Men don't care about weight! Women don't care about weight!” Good news ! Then there’s no problem. I don’t care about weight. I do care about physical attractiveness, which I don’t find in obese women. Coincidence, I guess.

Vicky H.
Past Member 6 years ago


Thomas P.
Thomas P6 years ago

Thanks. I think those of us who are blessed enough to be healthy and able to stay in good shape and those who aren't in as good shape need to be respectful of those not like us...the vitriol seems to run both ways based on the comments I've read here. If people are able, I think they should make time to exercise, as it would not only help their sex lives, but their overall general health.

Scott haakon
Scott haakon6 years ago

The media is not the prime blame. Our US society condemns women's sexuality. Women are not given credence to their sexuality. Not only that but the idea of a women enjoying her sexuality out of the "approved" ways is condemned. Women in a way are their own worst enemies.

Laryb G.
Laryb G.6 years ago

It is true. In my case, she has become about 100 pounds overweight. Altho there is sex, it is "no look, no touch"!!! Sure takes a lot of joy out of it. I have many times assured her it doesnt matter to me--says "will do more when I lose the weight--still waiting after 10 years.
So, yes I have had affairs, almost all with women as big or larger than her. Not my preferance, but I long ago tired of waiting for variety in sex. I am very discrete, and would quit if she would be more open.

Christopher M.
Christopher M.6 years ago

Might make an affair a self-fulfilling prophecy..... sad.

Christopher M.
Christopher M.6 years ago

See how Satan interferes with the natural right of a man/woman to get married and have sex?

jane richmond
jane r7 years ago

interesting but expected

Amy B.
Amy Berg Pickett7 years ago

I do feel body image effects lovemaking. It takes a lot of work or practice to feel comfortable in our own skin. Something I am always working on. I want to appreciate beauty anywhere it exists, including me. It seems like the more someone feels beautiful, the more beautiful they are.