Has Madeleine Pickens Found A Way To Save Wild Horses?


Whoever said, “money can’t buy happiness” won’t be able to convince the thousands of mustangs that will be saved by Madeleine Pickens’ purchase of a wild horse sanctuary in Nevada.


The animal activist and wife of Texas billionaire T. Boone Pickens bought a 14,000-acre ranch near Elko, Nevada that will allow her to return all of the 34,000 wild mustangs that were rounded up by BLM and are now housed in government holding facilities. 


She plans to call the sanctuary – Mustang Monument Preserve.


If the Bureau of Land Management agrees to the arrangement, it will be the first time the government has released such a large number of mustangs to one sanctuary.


Pickens plans to initially move 1,000 horses to the ranch and eventually relocate all of the wild mustangs. 


The sanctuary will allow the horses to return to their natural habitat.  The ranch comes with grazing rights on 540,000 acres of public land.  And if needed, Pickens is ready to purchase the adjacent land that has an additional 24,000 acres of public grazing land.


Pickens told the Associated Press she was encouraged by her initial meetings with BLM representatives.


This isn’t the first time Madeleine Pickens has proposed an idea like this to BLM.  In 2008 plans for another sanctuary were denied because the land where she wanted to relocate the horses was not an area protected by the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act.  Federal laws restrict where wild horses can live.


The latest proposal addresses that issue because the sanctuary is located on land where wild mustangs have historically lived.


Pickens’ proposal includes the formation of a nonprofit foundation that would care for the animals with a government stipend of $500 a head, per year. 


There would be an educational center and lodging for guests on the ranch and a fence would be built around the land so the horses can’t wander away.


Stacie Daigle of Pickens’ Saving America’s Mustangs group said, “The wild horse eco-sanctuary will give them their natural habitat back, along with a place that Americans can come and view the horses and learn about the land and the American culture.”


There are approximately 33,700 wild horses in 10 Western states, but about half live in Nevada.  Earlier this year BLM decided only 26,600 horses and burros could be sustained in the area and rounded up the excess horses.


BLM met with controversy over their techniques for rounding up the horses because of the trauma it caused the animals, along with injuries and some deaths. 


Animal activists have been protesting the round ups and BLM’s methods.


The news of Madeleine Pickens plan comes one day after another BLM wild horse round up began in Northwest Colorado.  Helicopters began rounding up 140 horses that BLM says have moved outside the public land designated for them.   The horses will be herded into corrals and later sold or adopted.


The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Habitat for Horses and Colorado’s Cloud Foundation have filed a lawsuit to stop the Colorado roundup.  


Creative Commons - Zenera Wild Horse


Dawna Christy
Dawna Christy6 years ago

To everyone out there that has posted on here that everyone is sitting around doing nothing. You need to visit R.T. Fitch's website, Voice for the Horse. Laura Leigh's site thecloudfoundation.org. These people among others stand out in the blistering 110 degree heat, the below 0 temps just to document what happens at these "gathers. They travel hundreds of miles following where these poor animals are taken just to document the condition they end up in at the hands of the BLM. Ginger Kathrens has been following the wild horses for over 30 years. Putting herself at the risk of being injured, attacked by other wildlife, at the mercy of the relentless harsh conditions these animals live in. There are hundreds of us out in the field always watching, documenting & doing whatever it takes to stop this madness against our Wild Ones! The BLM tried their hardest to keep us away but it is our constitutional right to do this & many Federal Lawsuits are in court right now defending our actions to do just that! Document & expose the BLM for what they are, money hungry, animal abuse, selling out the tax payers of the US to line their own pockets. To address the fact that their will be no more wild ones due to gelding. Laura Leigh & The American Indians have purchased many stallions to keep these beautiful animals from being abolished from the face of the earth!

Dawna Christy
Dawna Christy6 years ago

The wild horses have been here before the US was even declared. The Spanish Barb came to the us over 2 million years ago & it has been documented from a tooth that was found in New York through DNA. Ask any of our Indian Nations how long the horse & burro has been here & the answer is always, "well before man." It is their natural habitat, it has been documented through science so it can not be treated as unreliable information. Doesn't anyone remember the Oregon trail? How do you think the settlers got there? They used horses, donkey & burros! They are entitled to the land that Congress set aside for them in 1971 just because of the proof that they did exist before us & it is their land. We need to preserve them as we would any endangered animal. To think otherwise is a sad tribute to part of our natural history.

Hope S.
Hope S7 years ago

So the Mustangs aren't native. As far as I know, no horses were native to the Americas, Even if these horses aren't native to the US when someone is willing to save their lives should we treat them abusively or kill them.

The BLM is not properly managing these lands because they support the cattle ranchers. Cattle are destroying the fragile grasslands with their hooves which then doesn't support anything. They spend more in assisting the ranchers than they are paid in fees for the use of the lands.

Irene L.
Irene L.7 years ago

this has gone on to long Madeleine has the means to provide for these horses let her have the horses no more talk let it be done I first heard about her from coast to coast radio and have supported her in every way i can by keeping it in peoples minds and posting on facebook

Rossy Osborne
Rossy Osborne7 years ago

BLM please see reason and thank Madeleine Pickens on bended knee for giving you a great solution for the American Mustangs.
God bless her and her family for sharing her wealth for all Americans today and for the future.
Now the BLM can spend their money on other worthy causes that have needed attention.

Karen W.
Karen W.7 years ago

I'm certainly all for saving the mustangs, but to be realisitic, they aren't 'native wildlife'.

Judith H.
Judith H7 years ago

Goooooo MP!

Ron Gordon
Ron Gordon7 years ago

The government does a LOT of BAD things. The way these horses are treated is WAY up there on my list (along with trying to kill ALL of the wolves). Hoping that the New Year brings Ms Picken's plans to fruition.

Petra Luna
Petra Luna7 years ago

Can't we have a wild horse refuge area? I find those who want to kill these horses to be vile and disgusting.

Christan Hummel
Christan Hummel7 years ago

Join us this Saturday in a free teleconference meditation to shift the quantum matrix holding this situation in place. Details are on our site at:


together we CAN and DO make a difference.