Hate Slurry Follows Afghan Murders on Right-Wing Websites

Not many bloggers have the patience, or the stomach, to document racist commentators on conservative websites. Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs is an exception.

He has posted on the stomach-churning comments which followed the death of Whitney Houston. Today, he looks at those which have followed the murder Sunday, allegedly by an American soldier, of 16 Afghan civilians including nine children.

He writes:

I’ve looked at about a dozen right wing sites this morning to see how they’d react to the news from Afghanistan, and the comments at every single one of them were full of people celebrating the killings, praising the soldier who allegedly committed them, and denying there was any crime, while at the same time frantically trying to blame the crime on President Obama.

He cites comments which appear on the website of Michelle Malkin and the major right-wing site Gateway Pundit — as well as Fox News, which is supposedly moderated.

Here is a sample:

A dead Mus lim is a good Mus lim. Give the soldier a medal.

musIim civilians????? Yea Right…Blow Me

This soldier made a great point. You kiI I our family, we will kil l yours.

What comes around goes around That soldier deserves a medal!!!!!

I don’t see a problem here.

Obama just announced that he is personally going to provide fe la tio to every Afghani male to compensate for their loss.

I don’t think he was unbalanced. I think he was getting some payback. It’s nice to see someone on our side who actually wants to hurt the enemy.


But why did he stop? Run out of ammo?

It’s a start. Now for the rest of the bastards.

There are pages and pages and pages more in the same vein. The misspelling is deliberate to avoid software filters. Yes, the ‘N’ word makes several appearances.

One lone commentator on the Fox News site calls for a reasoned response:

The comments here are why we lose out to the left all the time in what is deemed to be the mainstream media. To say that this President is wrong for an apology is moronic. Stop letting your hate for Obama drive you to the point of lunacy. For ANY american solder to do this goes against everything we stand for in this country and if you allow your hatred for “mooo-lims” as you call them, or anyone that has an opposing view shape your mind then we have lost half the battle. We all talk about loving this country, having god in our lives, and being the party of the people correct? Well I must say that if the views expressed here are the TRUE feelings of the average american then I want not part of YOUR america. Most of you sound worse than what you would say ANY liberal can ever dream of. Your ignorance only sets our cause back and with this prevailing mentality Obama and the dems will wipe the floor with the conservative party. And what’s worse is that in the true meaning of a democratic debate you should be able to express your views freely and to the public. I truly doubt that many of you would go on camera OR use the same words in public because you would be discounted by anyone with common sense. The ignorance in this is what has killed any chance the Tea Party had will divide conservatives to the point that we have no hope of truly being heard.

Picking up on this slurry of vicious racism, the Booman Tribune notes that in HBO’s movie “Game Change” about the 2008 campaign, John McCain is shown deliberately resisting a negative and destructive campaign against Obama. However, Palin’s rallies are shown as stirring just the sort of racism now blatant on many right-wing websites. McCain eventually declares that he never wanted to run “this kind of campaign.”


There’s another point in the movie that takes place right after McCain concedes the election to Obama. He talks to Palin and he tells her that she will now be a leader of the party and she shouldn’t cede that leadership to the Rush Limbaughs of the world because they will destroy the party. I don’t know if McCain ever said anything like that to Palin, but she didn’t take his advice if he did.

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Christopher Fowler


Just when we get used to Faux news covering up the hate and ignorance of it's reality-challenged, sychophantic, hate-mongering Christo-fascist supporting viewers, they go and read them the riot act for actually behaving the same way that they encourage their viewers to behave.

Perhaps there is hope for Fox after all.........not that I will hold my breath; It's probably just a fluke from an announcer that will get fired or admonished for supporting reasoned discourse for a change.

Sharon H.
Sharon H5 years ago

Patrick...the exception is that the National Enquirer actually gets it right sometimes.

Patrick F.
Patrick f5 years ago

Watching Fox news is no different than reading the National Enquirer.

Patrick F.
Patrick f5 years ago

Elaine A.'s profile and her comments completely contradict each other, her profile shows a caring, animal loving, Christian but her comments expose her for the hateful, spiteful, crackhead she really is. I can only gather that she put up that picture show you wouldn't see her pipe lips and dead eyes.

Julia J.
Julia A5 years ago

Like I have said: Self-Centered Kids May Just Have Immature Brains


Patrick F.
Patrick f5 years ago

Jeffrey W. states "The left has no more claim to the moral highroad as anybody else."

"Any objective reader couldn't fail to notice the irony of all these hate-spewing leftists offering noting but personal attacks toward those who hold opposing views - on a thread trying to exaggerate hatred on the right.

The left clings to its false narrative of compassion and moral superiority, but the possess neither."

Did I just read this right? The most by far morally bankrupt individual to ever comment on Care2 is preaching about morals?

Wow Jeffrey, I just thought you were self centered ice cube but you are truly a sick person and I pity you.

Mary Alexander
Mary Alexander5 years ago

What happen was very wrong and the person needs to pay for what he did if he was here he would. What this article covers just shows what this country that I love is turning into but I guess it has always been there but was not seen now it is out where every one can see it. Hate is not the answer for anything. This is very scary.

Ernest R.
Ernest R5 years ago

@ Linda T…”fatigue of 4 deployments has helped to keep us safe” Sadly, his deployments have done nothing toward keeping us safe. The situation is similar to Viet Nam. First, the government decides to dominate another country by force of arms and sends its soldiers to invade and kick a little butt. For some people there, who have already spilled a lot of blood trying to get foreign soldiers out of their country, that is more of the same. Fighting gets nastier with time. Resentment against foreign soldiers builds when innocent people are killed, sometimes mistakenly. The invading soldiers are now facing the hostile families of the victims and it soon seems that everyone is an enemy so the frustrated soldiers feel justified in killing civilians, women and children. That is when it is painfully obvious that the invasion has gone on past its best-before date.

Ernest R.
Ernest R5 years ago

@ Richard M.. “Those who voice such sentiments know NOTHING of any God” Have you never read about God and the battle of Jericho in the Bible ? Or isn’t that one your God ?

SeattleAnn S.
Ann S5 years ago

Pathetic that the conservatives pander to this level of frenzied, unfounded hate against all Middle Easterners.