Health Care: How is it not a moral issue?

Health care reform is an economic issue; it is a political issue; it is a medical issue; and it is most definitely a moral issue.

The wealthy don’t worry about access to health care. Members of Congress certainly don’t. The very poor qualify for Medicaid, a government-run insurance program. The elderly qualify for Medicare, another government-run insurance program.

The middle class is being squeezed out of health care. Sometimes it is because they can’t afford it and must choose between keeping a roof over their heads and buying health insurance. Sometimes it is because insurers are legally allowed to — and do — deny or drop coverage. Let’s face it — denial of health insurance is denial of access to preventive care, and continuity of care that an emergency room can not and will not provide.

How many more gut wrenching stories of the sick and dying do we have to hear before it sinks in? Are these unfortunate souls less deserving than everyone else, somehow less worthy? Do you still believe it could never happen to you? What if someone you love succumbed to a fully treatable condition because they were denied health insurance? Would you find it morally acceptable?

In the United States, we proudly proclaim that we all have the right to an attorney, even if we cannot afford one. No one will go undefended in a criminal case. We take that right for granted. It would be immoral to go around charging people with crimes and not giving them access to a legal defense. Why not offer a similar level of compassion to someone who is ill?

Petition: Pass Health Care Reform This Month!

Most middle class people are not looking for a handout. They simply want a fair shake when it comes to matters of health.

As to calls for tax boycotts should health care reform pass, that’s just not how our country works. We don’t pay taxes based on an a la carte menu — I’ll pay for schools and police, but not for defense spending or health care.

The current proposed legislation lacks punch. It doesn’t completely overhaul a system run amok, does not remove for-profit insurers from the equation, does not attempt to cover all Americans, and doesn’t take full effect for years. But waiting for everyone to agree on everything is an exercise in futility.

What it will offer, in part, is health insurance that can never be denied even if you have a pre-existing condition, security after a job loss, covered preventive care, real insurance industry reforms, and tax credits to help small businesses cover their workers.

What we have here is a reasonable beginning. For Congress, deadlines have come and deadlines have gone. Time is up. Pass health care reform now!

To those who say “start over with a clean sheet of paper,” we all know that means it just isn’t going to happen. It would be the death of health care reform for many years to come. Let’s not continue to turn our backs on a very real crisis for a great many people. You never know when it will be your turn. There is a very real moral issue at stake.

From the Petition Site

Congress: Time is up! I expect you to finish the job you started and finalize the package of health care reforms already approved by both chambers of Congress to give me peace-of-mind about my health care and real oversight of the insurance industry.

Petition: Pass Health Care Reform This Month!



Robert Patrick
Robert Patrick7 years ago

I am in the minority to educate, not dictate health care. It is a prson's duty to purchase a health plan and keep it;not to choose to abando it. It is going to cost a trillion dollars to fund this, and medicare funds are being tapped to pay for this, plus a tax to all. I will sign no petition to raise taxes on a measure which will be funded by the citizens of the USA

Alan Burke B.
Alan B7 years ago

Do these health protesters want to HELP the communists? I would bet that they buy CHINESE MADE goods! This costs American jobs.Maybe they should approach the importers of made in china products so they are seen to be ANTI_COMMO!

Jane L7 years ago

It's a moral issue alright, and the issue is that we all need to take care of each other. It's just what decent people do.

Linda M.
Linda M7 years ago


Linda M.
Linda M7 years ago

signed, and i pray this goes through

Michael O.
Michael O7 years ago

Health care is a basic human right that should be available to all, period. The sooner everyone understands this, the better.

Janet S.
Past Member 7 years ago

If passed tomorrow, this health care bill will be only a first step. It leaves much to be desired, but failure to pass it would be ghastly.

Jaette C.
Jaette Carpenter7 years ago

oops, just got another letter from my healthcare company. Raising the premiums again for the 4th time. No reason, just because. Now at 548. per month with a 2,000 deductible. Paying over half of our income into healthcare at this point. Do we need reform of health companies? YES!

Maira Sun
Maira Sun7 years ago


rita b.
Rita B7 years ago

I am one of those people who have very mixed feelings about the health care bill. Of course, I want to see everyone have access to affordable health care. But, neither the Repubs. or Dems have come up with some of the solutions which would go a long way towards bringing about this goal.

Here are some ideas they should be considering:

It would be great if the Health Insurance Companies were non- profit and far more moral, however at the very least there should be a CAP ON PREMIUMS.
There should be far more emphasis on prevention of medical problems -this means cleaning up the environment and taking toxins like GMs and high fructose corn syrup out of our food. Adress the causes of our health problems. Tax soda pop, just like cigarettes.

There should be real support given to holistic practicioners who often are far better (and less expensive) at treating chronic problems and prevention then allopathic doctors. Instead of persecuting naturopaths and midwives allopaths should be working with them to impove everyone's health.

Doctors should be paid by salary not procedures, however this could only work under a single payer system. Another alternative is that they all work for a non-profit organization which people pay into as replacement for the Helath insurance industry. The Mayo Clinic pays their doctors by salary.