Health Care Podcast Roundup

Several recent podcasts provide enlightening alternate approaches to learning about health insurance issues and Swine Flu (H1N1).

Health care

The clever construction and creative presentation of two audio pieces on This American Life provide insights that are otherwise unavailable in even the best standard news accounts of these subjects.  These shows do not present complete pictures of their subjects, by any means, but the personal examples nonetheless illustrate aspects of the health care system for our benefit. Highlights include brief accounts of the development of private health insurance in the United States, examples of how the spending of health care dollars can be anything but transparent, and a feature on health insurance for pets.  Available in ITunes and through the show website here: Someone Else’s Money and More is Less.  Pass the word!

A more typical journalistic account delves into the remarkable change in health care over time and provides food for thought on patients, doctors and costs in the world of modern medicine.  From NPR:  How the Modern Patient Drives Up Health Costs.

Flu news

Two excellent straight-forward interviews by Neil Conan on NPR’s Talk of the Nation with Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases and Dr. Paul Offit, Chief of Infectious Diseases at Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia, provide clear and thoughtful discussions of Swine Flu and vaccine risks.  Listening to the interviews, rather than reading a few sound bites from them, can give a sense of how the experts look at the risks and choices presented by the current Swine flu outbreak.

Finally, NPR’s Your Health Podcasts offer discussions and reporting on Swine Flu (H1N1) issues in the “Flu, Old and New” episode.  This episode is available on Itunes: NPR: Your Health: Flu, Old and New (October 10, 2009).  I was unable to locate a link on the NPR website.

To continue your research:

My October 12, 2009 story: Swine Flu (H1N1) Experts and Bill Maher on the Vaccine and Managing Your Risk

and Taxing Health Insurance Plans from October 13, 2009.


Harriet S.
Harriet S8 years ago

I have allergies to anti biotics Keflex and family because of over prescribing the drug. I beleive government has a lot to do with the flu virus production and swine flu as well. The medical profession and the government are bed buddies and should be exposed as greedy controlling entities. They inflict medical problems on the public, allow drugs to go to market that are detrimental to those who take , sometimes the drugs actually carry threough to the generations to come. Innoculations cause medical issues and conditions for many and aren't safe no matter what they say.
Why does the USA have to keep experimenting with drugs and fertilizers and feeding methods for our food sources when other countries have deemed them dangerous?? They are being pigheaded and foolish with the lives of innocent citizens. GMO foods for instance are loaded with pesticides and some can't even be killed with weed killer! Some more food for thought Feeding chicken feces to pigs, beef to cows, and dog food to Salmon not only is this disgusting but also after a time the naimals genetic make-up changes. How many years will it take till cows become preditors and meat eaters!? Vaccines are another story! LIVE VIRUS IN them WHAT??? So lets make sure we really do have a pandemic!!!!
I am appauty, the research departments, the drug companies and the FDA. 2012 will come and whether we are here depends on so many issues that have to be addressed immediately and drastic measures be taken to establish new w

Rozlyn R.
Rozlyn R8 years ago

Thanks for sharing this.

gary richard jo Thompson

I'm brain damaged,look at me now,they everyone has done well. Please keep it good