Help Prevent Drownings: An Activist Spotlight

Drowning is the leading cause of death for children under six years old in Texas, yet the state has no laws governing access control of residential swimming pools. Sadly, drowning is a persistent problem throughout the United States.

After her grandson became a victim of a tragic childhood drowning, Kim felt the need to take a stand by creating a Care2 petition.

“This is very near and dear to my heart and I don’t want to see another child drowned due to senselessness. Law’s protect us and I feel this is a NO brainer. I hope that the Texas Legislature will consider and pass the law to better protect our children.”

Many, like Kim, are speaking out to educate people on the issue, so others do not have to experience this tragedy first hand.

There are simple measures one can take to prevent children, adults and even pets from drowning — and a law enforcing these measures could limit the number of deaths and injuries per year. One easy solution could be a law enforcing four-sided pool barriers with self-closing and locking devices, which has been said to reduce the chance of drowning by 50-90%.

Do you want to help prevent people and animals from drowning? If so, sign this petition, today!




Lloyd W.
Lloyd W.7 years ago

Kim this is GREAT!!! I'll post it on Skyler's fb page too ... On with OUR MISSIONS !

Kelley R.
Kelley R.7 years ago

you are making a difference! Keep up the good work kim!

Kim J.
Kim Jacinto7 years ago

Would like to Thank everyone for showing their support in regards to the very important matter. It is sad, that we currently dont have laws protected our children around pools and I do agree that it is the responsibility of the parents to watch over their kids, BUT at the same time it is very hard to watch them 24/7 and with that in mind, WHY not put a barrier on pools to eliminate this devastating tragedy. My families lives as well as many others have changed and that's the reason I feel is it so important to take a stand.

jane richmond
jane richmond7 years ago

I'd sign this a hundred times

Linda Marsik
Linda Maarsik7 years ago

There needs to be laws nationwide regarding fencing and precautions to be taken if you have a pool.
Jenna and Alexandra so sorry about your lost.
The death of a child you never recover from.

Lika S.
Lika P7 years ago

Even the best of parents can have accidents happen. Lets face it. We are human, and can't be awake on the job 24/7. Sometimes it's just a matter of turning around, and poof, it happens. This is the very reason why it takes a village to raise a child, or we lose them.

Jenna R.
Jenna R.7 years ago

TO Alexandra O: I used to think that only parents who don't pay attention to their children have children that drown. Until my son drowned when my husband turned his back to take care of our infant daughter, my son pulled himself up and fell into our above-ground pool. Due to the water temp and that he went head first, he inhaled deeply and drowned within seconds. My husband was right there to pull him out and performed cpr, but still he's gone. A child can drown in as little as 20 seconds. Not even the most diligent parent can keep their eye on their child 24/7. Parents get distracted, children who are safely inside sleeping slip out, it only takes a moment. We had a false sense of security having an above-ground pool with no ladder attached. Still our son is gone, in less than one minute. So the more layers of protection the better. That is all this grandmother is asking, for a law that gives extra protection. If you read her letter, she lays no blame. Anyone who has lost a child to drowning blames themselves enough, trust me. DROWNING IS PREVENTABLE, and the first layer of protection should be active adult supervision, but that should only be one of several layers. This is NOT AN ISSUE OF BLAME, this is an issue of education. Drowning is quick, quiet and devastating. Our family will never be the same again, neither will Kim's. All we want is to prevent others from feeling this way.

Alexandra O.
Alex O7 years ago

While all the suggestions of extra pool safety are well intentioned, what happened to parents or adults watching the children they are charged to take care of? Why are the lack of safety measures at the various pools always taking the blame? It's always so much easier to point the finger at something that can't talk back. I believe in order to stop these drownings, parents need to take a hard look at themselves and see what they can personally change to prevent this from happening again. Adults are the first and last line of defense for our children and if we don't protect them, no amount of pool safety measures will.

Philippa P.
Philippa P7 years ago


Past Member
Yvonne S7 years ago

My five year old cousin died after falling into a swimming pool. If the pool had had fences around it it wouldn't have happened.