Hero Pit Bull Injured Protecting Kids from Oncoming Car

Early one morning last month, 12-year-old Jayden Odietus and his little sister, Thalia, took their family’s 11-month-old pit bull, Nico, for what should have been an uneventful walk around their Long Island, NY neighborhood. But as the three of them were crossing a street, a driver who was late for work pulled around a car that had stopped and, ignoring a stop sign, sped toward the kids and their dog.

Nico immediately got down on his haunches in front of Jayden and Thalia, barking at the car.

“He, like, got down like he was about to jump at the car, and I tried to yank him, and he wouldn’t move at all,” Jayden told WABC.

The hero dog prevented Jayden and Thalia from being hit. Unfortunately, Nico was struck by the car and seriously injured. The driver stopped about half a block away – but only, apparently, to pick up a co-worker.

When Nicole Paige, Jayden and Thalia’s mother, called the police and confronted the driver, she told WABC he said to her, “I’m not paying for him. It’s just a dog. The kids shouldn’t have been walking him.” He was going to leave the scene, but his co-worker told him to stay until police officers arrived.

For unfathomable reasons, the irresponsible driver was not arrested, according to WABC and CBS New York.

Nico was rushed to the nearby Animal Emergency Service hospital. X-rays revealed that he had suffered severe pelvic fractures and broken bones. Because he had fluid in his lungs, surgery had to be postponed for a while.

The hospital is kindly giving the Paige family a 20 percent discount on Niko’s treatment, but the bill is still expected to be at least $9,000. “The medical expenses keep coming up because now we have the rehabilitation process which is going to take quite some time,” Paige told CBS New York.

To help with the expenses, the New York-based nonprofit organization Paws Unite People made a donation and launched the “Niko Needs Our Help” campaign on fundrazr.com.

According to a Sept. 25 update on the Paws Unite People Facebook page, Nico was able to undergo successful surgery, and the hero dog is recovering well. He will stay in the hospital for a while and then begin physical therapy.

The online fundraising campaign has raised over $8,000 in donations from dog lovers around the world, including South Korea, Egypt and Kuwait. “Love knows no boundaries,” Paws Unite People wrote in a Sept. 22 campaign update. “It takes a village and we have an amazing one.”

October happens to be National Pit Bull Awareness Month, a time to dispel the myth—often spread by negative media stories—that these dogs are inherently vicious and do not make good pets.

WABC and CBS New York should be commended for covering a story about a hero pit bull. And, most of all, Nico should be commended for proving just how amazing these misunderstood dogs truly can be.

Photo credit: Paws Unite People/Facebook


foteini chormpou17 days ago

Hero dog & Hero organization! Let's support them...

Peggy B
Peggy B21 days ago


Ann B
Ann B21 days ago

i hope they get all they need ---- that dog is A HERO--BAD DRIVER!!!!!

Larry Cowden
Larry Cowden1 months ago

Time to track down the driver and render the appropriate justice the law failed to do!

Georgina Elizab M

Thank you Another point in favour of Pit Bulls.

Clare O
Clare O'Beara2 months ago

I'm with you Leanne.

Leanne K
Leanne K2 months ago

I friggin hate that pop up as Care2 and after being mucked tbout trying to make a comment again I WILL NOT breading your articles any lnger. Iim jack of it

Barbara V
Barbara V2 months ago

Bless that dear soul. Perhaps as a near martyr, this will shut up the anti-Pit Bull human mentality.

Holly M
Holly M2 months ago

File a claim against the driver's auto insurance. The law will call it "property damage."

Maggie D
Maggie D2 months ago

Petition, please!!