Hero Veterinarian Saves Beaten, Strangled Kitten Injected With Heroin

Thanks to the hunch of a savvy Pennsylvania veterinarian, a kitten on the brink of death will live. What almost killed him will stun you.

During a routine patrol around 4:40 a.m. on Sunday, Aug. 3, West Whiteland Township police officer Marc Meshurle reportedly found a man named James Paul Myers just sitting in a car on a remote road. Beneath one of the car doors, Meshurle noticed a small black kitten.

He was hanging there by a rope bound tightly around his neck. The officer at first thought he was dead. The poor kitten was bleeding, appeared to have been beaten, and had broken teeth. Investigators believe the kitten was either dragged behind Myers’ car, slammed repeatedly to the ground or both.

When Officer Meshurle cut off the rope from the kitten’s neck, it became clear he was still alive — but just barely. See a news report about this outrageous crime here:

A search of Myers’ car reportedly uncovered bundles of heroin, hundreds of used heroin bags, 46 hypodermic needles, and more rope just like the one the officer removed from the kitten’s neck. Someone, allegedly Myers, had spray painted the words “Slam it you p**sy” on the ground beside the car, possibly referring to the kitten.

Hoping it wasn’t too late, Meshurle took the kitten to the Hope Veterinary Clinic in Malvern, Pa. In addition to his obvious head injuries, the tiny creature was unresponsive and lethargic. The staff began to believe euthanasia was the only option available.

Officer visits the kitten he saved

Officer Marc Meshurle visits Hope, the kitten he helped save. Photo Credit: Hope Veterinary Specialists Facebook page.

The Clue That Saved a Kittens Life

When the clinic’s Dr. Jennifer Magilton heard that police reportedly had found heroin and needles in Myers’ car, she had a hunch. She administered a drug called Narcan, used to revive humans who have overdosed on opiates, to the kitten. Like magic, the kitten’s condition almost immediately improved.

Officials say they know the kitten was injected with heroin because the Narcan would have had no effect on him otherwise. The police arrested Myers, who now faces drug and animal cruelty charges.

The clinic decided to name their little patient Hope. It’s an excellent name for this resilient little fighter. Fortunately, Hope is now well on his way to full recovery. See how he’s doing for yourself in this video uploaded to YouTube by the clinic that saved his life:

The Chester County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is accepting donations to help pay for Hope’s veterinary care. As soon as the court case surrounding this crime concludes, Hope will be available for adoption. Until then, he’ll live with a foster family.

A Singularly Depraved Act

“The abuse of this kitten was a singularly depraved act. Heroin addicts abuse themselves, animals, and children without remorse or regret. What punishment is severe enough for this type of evil?” Chester County District Attorney Tom Hogan told The Mercury News.

Indeed, District Attorney Hogan says he’s never before seen a case in which someone injected an animal with heroin. Why anyone would do something so heartless is hard to fathom.

“Our department is working closely with the District Attorney’s Office in order to bring this case to a successful conclusion,” West Whiteland Police Chief Joseph Catov told The Mercury News. “We are thankful that the kitten was saved.”

We’re all glad little Hope is fine now, but he deserves his measure of justice. If you’d like to urge District Attorney Hogan to prosecute James Paul Myers to the full extent of the law, please sign this petition. Care2 will ensure your signatures get to Mr. Hogan to show him how many of us take animal cruelty seriously. We hope Chester County will show us it does, too.

Photo credit (all images): Hope Veterinary Specialists


Jim Ven
Jim Ven2 years ago

thanks for the article.

Debbie Crowe
Debbie Crowe2 years ago

A big THANK YOU to officer Marc Meshurle for finding and saving little Hope!! Dr. Jennifer Magilton also gets a big THANK YOU for finding out what was wrong with the little baby!!
I hope by now that Paul Myers is sitting in a jail cell for a long time.
With little Hope being as cute as she is, I know she has a loving home by now!!

Nola C.
Nola C3 years ago

Here's hoping that this piece of craps next injection is fatal! On drugs or not, you have to be an evil person to do such a thing. Thank goodness that officer Meshure came along when he did and saved little Hope! May they both have long lives. I think that Meshure should adopt Hope and give him the forever home he deserves!

Jonathan Harper
Jonathan Harper3 years ago


Alexandra G.
Alexandra G3 years ago

Thanks for this great rescue

kathrynelizabet Etier

The subhuman who committed this atrocity probably thought it was funny.

tiffany t.
tiffany t3 years ago

put a lethal injection of Heroin in him; protect every creature from the beast; who is just feeding a slow suicide

Sonia Minwer Barakat Requ

I read the story on Life with cats.Kudos to Officer Marc Meshurle and Dr. Jennifer Magilton.Petition signed,thanks for sharing

Claire Panman - van der M
Claire P3 years ago

Petition signed! I hope Hope finds a great home. What a terrrible human being Myers is!

Esther Lance
Esther Lance3 years ago

What a horrid beastly thing to do!
Bravo to all the heroes, and to little Hope.....a happy long life!