High School Bans Safe Sex Kits Because They Contain Condoms

This story from New Hampshire is downright frustrating.  Officials at a high school have banned the nonprofit organization AIDS Services for the Monadnock Region for distributing safe sex kits that contained condoms, candy, and flavored lubricant.  The kits were given to students in December as a part of an awareness-raising campaign for World AIDS Day, and reportedly more than 70 students picked one up.

The kits were initially approved by school officials, but school board members are now saying that they did not fully understand what the kits contained.  One explained that there will now be measures in place to inform parents when a “controversial” event like this is taking place.

Susan McNeil, a spokesperson for AIDS Services, said that the outrage was “unfortunate.”  She emphasized the need for safer sex to stop the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, and added that lubricant is often crucial to prevent condoms from breaking.

It’s hard to find more information than this short summary, but I can imagine what happened: school officials okayed the project, and then students came home with safer sex kits, inciting anger among the parents.  The school district was then forced to back down.  This is all terribly disappointing, because first of all, what should safer sex kits contain if not condoms, and second of all, McNeil is right to point out that lubricant is an essential part of safer sex practices. 

The school district should have stood up to parents and explained that as part of a global AIDS campaign, AIDS Servics was helping to educate and equip their children with tools for responsible sexual decision-making.  But given the state of sex education in this country, this outcome isn’t very surprising.

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Reuben Alex
Reuben Alex6 years ago

The issue of Sex Knowledge in Nigeria is still seen as a 'taboo' (forgive me, but I'l always want to relate this discussion to my own locality) I always let the kids I stay with know about sex education. The sadden news is that this same kids we under-estimate, know more than we think about sexuality. Please parents, the feature of the next generation's sexuality lies in your hands.
To Ban Safe Sex Kits isn't just enough, Parents have more to do. Bravo!

Ruadh S.
Ruadha S6 years ago

OK, this means at least one school board member who doesn't understand what a condom is.
It's been a looooong time since I was a teenager, but condoms DON'T make it easier. You either do it when the hormones rage or you don't. If they have the condom at least they have to THINK about it while they rip it open. Otherwise it's "Paradise ByThe Dashboard Light".

Martha Eberle
Martha Eberle7 years ago

Parents should be having discussions with their kids about safe sex and these kits. The misguided notion that if you don't talk about it, sex won't happen, is laughable, if it weren't so tragic. Hormones RAGE in teenagers. Sex will happen -- whether it will be safe or not, highly depends on the parents' attitudes.

A parent, in discussing sex with a teenager, can make their own moral case for not having sex until one is sure of the intentions of the partner, not being indiscriminate, linking feelings, love, to sex. (I ignore the argument of "waiting until marriage" because in most cases, that won't happen, no matter what your church espouses) But to say that sex will happen if it's discussed, is absurd and harmful to one's teenagers' futures.

HELP your kids, don't leave them scared and in the dark. Sex is one of the primary driving forces in all animals. To deny that, and cling to religious doctrines that it's "bad" unless within the confines of marriage, is to be irrational, and hurts your teens.

Norma V.
Norma Villarreal7 years ago

Sex is sex. It's amazing how we get so twisted with our moral values we forget it is about education, prevention, and safety.

Nancy C.
Nancy C7 years ago

Some will, some won't. The kit, for 98% of the high schoolers would not make the difference in their choice. The uninformed parents may have been awakened...but, oh well.

Jami Winn
Jami Winn7 years ago

if you want safe sex use a condom i am only fifteen and i don't want any kids just cuz my school wont give condoms in a SAFE SEX KIT thats the whole point

Past Member 7 years ago

so...leave the condom out and insert a prayer card praying for God to make sure that the user doens't get pregnant or and STD or AIDS.....a safe sex kit is not the same as authorizing the young to have sex...but it does say...we care about your safety....i cannot believe that some reactionary is causing every student set to receive this kit to be at risk....i hope whoever this reactionary is....they have lots of money because he'd be the first one i sued if anything happened to my kids...

Klaus P.
Klaus Peters7 years ago

They will do it anyway, no matter what the risks are.

Merelen Knitter
Merelen Knitter7 years ago

What I had heard about this story focused more on the inclusion of flavored lubricant and candy in the kits. Candy seems a bit sketchy for an addition to such a kit, and lube would not have to be flavored to be useful in encouraging safe sex practices. All in all, the outrage is unfortunate. Students are going to make bad choices, and we need to make sure they have the resources to be as safe as possible.

Yvonne Curtis
Von D7 years ago

Parents don't seem to understand that their "kids" are already having sex. They still want to believe it is somewhere in the future for them.