High School Newspaper Proclaims Global Warming a Hoax

I just stumbled across an article from a Salt Lake City high school newspaper entitled Global Warming, the biggest Hoax of the Century [sic]. And I have to say, it really bummed me out. For a variety of reasons. First, it shows that the young author already views climate change as an ideological issue rather than a scientifically-observed phenomenon. This student clearly has a very poor understanding of global warming (most teenagers do), yet he (or she) is confident enough to announce to his peers that it is a “moronic” hoax. Second, the journalism teacher that signed off on this (or who oversees the class in which it was drafted) should be requiring students to support such allegations with at least something resembling rigor. This isn’t the Washington Post editorial page, after all.

Here’s the beginning of the article:

Global warming is an issue that is highly debated by modern day scientists. Many scientists seem to think that our world is whirling to an end. These experts should probably double check their criteria because they are clearly mistaken.

Global warming is nothing more than a cycle that our earth must go through. Not only does the past show this warming in the atmosphere is completely normal, but so do modern day facts. Data collected from satellites show that over the last 18 years the Earth is cooling; not warming. According to scientist Robert Essenhigh, this cycle is due to “greenhouse gases” coming into and leaving the atmosphere through the oceans and vegetation, he claims the gases are mainly water vapor. If we are to be concerned at the moment about anything the facts show, we should start making blankets to keep warm for the cold winters to come, not taking the advice of bullheaded scientists telling us to stop using our cars.

I’m not going to tackle the many inaccuracies contained in the paragraphs above, and my intention is not in any way to attempt to embarrass a high school student. In fact, the student’s writing skills show promise, if I may say so myself.

I’m just hoping the example illustrates how deeply climate change beliefs are now rooted in ideology. If students begin attacking climate change before they even properly understand what the greenhouse effect is — whether egged on by nay-saying parents, media outlets, or authority figures — it’s all the more implausible they’ll be open to re-examining the science later on. A veritable culture of climate change denial has been erected, and it’s capable of convincing teenagers that global warming is a hoax. It’s going to take some serious work — and much-improved media coverage — to deconstruct that culture.

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Written by Brian Merchant, a Treehugger blogger


Michael C.
Michael C6 years ago

Continued from post below:

As a result of this, the problem worsens. We have just returned to the US after many years of living in Mexico. It appears that everywhere I look, I see Hybrid vehicles. Amazing, yet, the behavior of the drivers has not changed, and once again the solution is lost to us.
Now, these hybrid owners believe that they can drive guilt free, and more often, why because they perceive that it is Green and cheaper.

Have we all gone MAD, Nero is awaiting and his fiddle is strung, and all the while, the Devil is over there in the corner, just laughing.

Michael C.
Michael C6 years ago

Does any of this actually matter, Global Climate Change (GCC) is here and here to stay. Words of denial will not change the inevitable outcome, game over.

While many of you continue to state your commitment to act, few actually have done anything, but talk, sign petitions, and blame others.

If all the nations of this planet were to pass into law, a decree of sweeping change, it would effect nothing, even if they were to truly act. Too little, too late.

Just yesterday, i drove passed hundreds of wind turbines, in west Texas. How will these machines slow GCC, not by much, all of that effort is absorbed by growth and continued consumption.

For the past 3 decades we have attempted to warn you, to educate you and all you were able to do was laugh. We tried to educate you on the merits of solar and wind power, to help guide you on a path of change, you were too busy destroying your planet.

How did we arrive at this new state of awareness? This thing called the Green Revolution, it is the same vehicle that caused the problem of GCC. All of what we are witnessing is tantamount to your National Governments Debt Crisis', we are attempting to spend our way out of GCC.

As a result of this, the problem worsens. We have just returned to the US after many years of living in Mexico. It appears that everywhere I look, I see Hybrid vehicles. Amazing, yet, the behavior of the drivers has not changed, and once again the solution is lost to us.
Now, these hybrid owners believe

Annmari Lundin
Annmari Lundin6 years ago

Well, if it's such a hoax, why don't yall climate change deniers go visit some of the Island nations in the South Pacific and tell them they are just imagining their nations are sinking into the ocean? And while you're at it, tell them it's just a normal change all planets go through and not to worry so much. They are just collateral damage. Good luck getting of those islands alive after delivering that message!

Nancy W.
Nancy W6 years ago

Important to hear both sides, Free speech, is important, and I want to know both sides of the story. We can easily be fooled by the climate change side as with the debunkers, and where's the info to say where corporate interests are, and why they are apart or not apart of this whole debate. So far I hear more about climate change and next to nothing on the other side of the coin. I want to be totally informed, not a one sided filtered view point.

Cesar V.
Cesar Villanueva6 years ago

some people or so misinformed

James Taylor
James Taylor6 years ago

You are correct that your American mainstream media is largely corporate controlled and , I might add, designed to keep the population in a state of fear, anxiety and helplessness, so why not look to other countries to be better informed? Have a look at findings of the British Antarctic Survey and see if you can do so without prejudice (http://www.antarctica.ac.uk/bas_research/science/climate/position-statement.php)

Then have a look at the blatant lies concocted and spread by the so-called "deniers" and ask yourself, "Why would they lie to us?". I thought we were all after the truth?


James Taylor
James Taylor6 years ago

Interesting! , I never knew there were so many conspiracy theorists on this here blog. whats your take on UFOS's and stuff? Do you think its all secret Gov't technology?

Keith M.
Keith M.6 years ago

Naomi S hit the nail on the head with "corporate controlled media" to which I ad corporate scientists. Sorry folks, huge hoax, money making racket.

Wioletta S.
Wioletta S6 years ago


naomi S.
naomi S.6 years ago

Actually he is correct. What is happening with our weather is also happening to other planets in our galaxy. Our galaxy is actually evolving. I would suggest that you open your mind and do your own research and stop listening to a corporate controlled media which most people do.