Home Depot To American Family Association: Take A Hike! We Support Gay Rights! (VIDEO)

Recently, the American Family Association (AFA) presented Home Depot’s board of directors with AFA’s demand that they stop funding gay pride events and other events that promote tolerance and diversity.

The AFA had a petition with about 500,000 signatures from people who have vowed to boycott the store unless it joins them in their campaign against gay people.

Home Depot responded with a resounding “No Way!”

From boingboing:

Home Depot Chairman Frank Blake told the AFA to take a hike, stated that Home Depot was proud of its support for diversity, and that’s that.

Like all big box stores, Home Depot isn’t without its problems, but today, they’ve shown some real backbone.

Click here to sign our petition to say THANK YOU to Home Depot Chairman Frank Blake for taking this strong stand.

And then watch this video, where you can hear American Family Association’s Buddy Smith describe gays as being “in the clasp of Satan.”

Photo Credit: Neubie via Creative Commons


Jaime Dough
Angelus Silesius4 years ago

Home Depot often discriminates against straight people in favor of gay/bisexual ppl from what i have been told by many.Straight ppl should be respected as much as the GBLT community

Jaime Dough
Angelus Silesius5 years ago

Home Depot appears to be favor gay and bisexual employees as well as encourage adultery because of the way they schedule workers to keep them from quality time with their spouses and gf/bf

Lawrence Travers
Lawrence Travers5 years ago

BOYCOTT AFA.....as if anyone on this site would give AFA any support....LOL

Martha Eberle
Martha Eberle6 years ago

I'm happy to see a major company come out and just say it loud and proud, not skirting the issue or pandering to the bigoted group. Way to go, Home Depot!

John Doe
james rico6 years ago

i only judge people by how honest they are how they treat animals and how they try to help some one in need. and how fair minded they are who they date does not interest me one bit unless that person date under age then of course its not right

Holly S.
Holly S.6 years ago

Scott B - your link is interesting, only in that the founder feels that way. Apparently the Chairman, Frank Blake, has a better grasp of reality than does the founder, Bernie Marcus.

Jaclyn P.
Jaclyn P.6 years ago

Judge not lest ye be judged is what the bible says!!! Love thy neighbor is what the bible also says!! BUT, it doesn't say HOW to love thy neighbor!! The AFA needs to stop worrying about other people's sex lives and worry about themselves. Lesbian and Homosexuals are NOT hurting ANYONE with the way they live their lives....And YES even though I AM STRAIGHT, I am a HUGE supporter of equality, same sex marriages etc!! Telling these people that they don't have the same rights as everyone else just because of their sexuality is just WRONG and would be like telling black people that they nolonger have the same rights as white people just because of the color of their skin!! IT IS THE SAME DAMN DIFFERENCE!!

Scott B.
Scott B.6 years ago

Not so fast....


Eternal Gardener
Eternal Gardener6 years ago

Good on them!!!

Dee S.
Dee S.6 years ago

Tell u what, since I am a very big cheese in the gay community, I will make a deal to straights who don't like us. If all the striaght guys will stop beating your wife/girlfriends, stop molesting kids and stop raping, and no sleeping around unless your married to that person, and, and, if you only have sex for the main purpose of having children as the Bible says, I will get at the very least all the queeres in Atlanta to stick and poke the other sex. I donate blood all the time, hope you narrowed minded folks do not get the gay juice. Do'nt claim to be God loving people, if you can't mebrace us all. I spent last year around $32,000 at home depot. Think I will spend a bit more this year. At least Home Depot has balls.