House To Move On “Let Women Die” Act

Despite tens of thousands protesting the failures of the economic policies of the last decade, and despite a Republican party that campaigned in November on a “where are the jobs” platform, this week House Republicans will take up HR 358. The deceptively-titled “Protect Life Act” will allow hospitals that receive federal funds to turn away a woman seeking an abortion in all circumstances, even if the procedure is necessary to save her life.

Under current law, any hospital receiving Medicare or Medicaid funds is legally required to provide emergency care to any patient in need, regardless of his or her financial situation. If that hospital can’t provide that service, including a life-saving abortion, it has to transfer the patient to a hospital that can.

But under the bill sponsored by Rep. Joe Pitts (R-Pa), hospitals that don’t want to provide abortions could refuse to do so, even for a pregnant woman with a life-threatening complication that would require termination.

It’s a move that Catholic hospitals have been pushing for years. There are currently more than 600 Catholic hospitals governed by the Catholic Health Association, a group regulated by bishops and prohibited through that association from performing abortions.

And even though the Hyde Amendment currently bans taxpayer dollars from going toward abortion care, the Pitts bill prohibits federal funds from going to health care plans that cover any abortion services. The practical implication will be that insurance companies will just stop covering abortions, meaning women will once again be discriminated against in the delivery and coverage of health care services.

Opponents have rightly named the bill the “Let Women Die” act and the White House has promised a veto. While that may offer women some small comfort, it’s about time to remind Congress it’s job should first and foremost passing policy to stimulate the economy, not intrude in the medical care of women.

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Sarah Metcalf
Sarah M6 years ago


Patti T.
P T6 years ago

Repugnant from the Repudnants!
They are one big blob of contradictions...
Let's see if I have this straight...
They want to cut Planned Parenthood, BUT they don't want us to bring children in the world on welfare.
They want to cut healthcare offered for children of the poor, BUT they don't want us to have abortions.
They want us to give life, BUT they don't want us to have control of our life.
They want to cut food stamps, BUT they want us to be able to take care of our children.
They want to cut welfare education programs for women to train & get jobs, BUT they want us to take care of our children & get off welfare
They want to cut Head Start & other education programs that serves the children of the poor, BUT they support the private school systems.
WOW---the contradictions of the Repukthetea Party are head spinning!
Do people NOT see how much they do this, to say what they think any group might want to hear just to get elected? C'mon now, I know the Dems have their faults, problems & share of morons...BUT, YOU, my Repuks have Won the Pulitzer on BULL****!
And they wonder why the OWS is getting stronger & stronger every day.
They couldn't Run a Gas Station let alone a Country!!

Roxane Connor
Roxane Connor6 years ago

Why is it they can pass all kinds of laws regulating a woman's control over her OWN body, but you catch hell if you even suggest ANY laws about guns?
"If men could get pregnant abortion would be a sacrament!"

Linda H.
Linda h6 years ago

Republicans are criminals. They should not have any power over our lives.

Jen Kae
Jen Kae6 years ago

Has anyone ever noticed that abortion has gotten more negative press than Andrea Yates and Susan Smith combined, and to any right thinker, what they did was MUCH MUCH MUCH worse. What is this world coming to?

Shan D.
Shan D6 years ago

I am thankful for two things:

1. I'm Canadian and our politicians are slightly (not a lot, mind you) smarter than yours.

2. I'm past childbearing age.

I wish you U.S. folks luck in getting this utter insanity stopped. I sincerely hope you do, because we have a Republican-wannabe type of Prime Minister in Canada, who thinks that if the Republicans do it, it must be good. There are those of us in Canada who desperately don't want him to have any more bad examples set for him.

Sam T.
Samantha Trosky6 years ago

Llyod H. says, And get your hip waders on because the Repug/Tea Bagged have ELEVEN more bills just like it before various Committees, they control, in the House. Five, 5, Anti-Choice Bills of Misogyny have been passed by the House in 10 months, ZERO bills have been passed that create a single job for a single American in America. And 8 of the other bills passed by the House kill jobs, HR 1 cut 1 Million jobs, ACA repeal cuts 2 Million jobs, the Ryan Budget cuts 3 Million jobs, Jobs Act cuts 322,000 jobs, FAIR TAX cuts 102,000 jobs, HR 1094 cuts 180,00 jobs, cuts to Federal workforce 285,000 job but up to now 16 Anti-Choice Misogyny Bills, 5 passed and 11 in the works, can you say, "Theocrats"!

Read more:

So THIS is what is going on! Get a clue ANTI-CHOICE!!!!!

Tierney G.
Tierney G6 years ago

LLoyd H Please repost your comment widely and often like every day. Ignorant people need to know the TRUTH about the monsters running the Government and yes these are EVIL men and women who want to kill everyone male and female.
They all have NO conscience , they have more than proved it and those statistics confirm it.

Jen Kae
Jen Kae6 years ago

Everyone on this forum is very smart, and has a talent for writing. Why not put that talent to even better use and write the lawmakers and tell them what you think? CALL THEM TOO!!!

The government is supposed to be of the people, by the people, and for the people. Maybe we can remind them of that, if not, be sure to get out there and vote (by the way, interim elections are not unheard of in special circumstances)

Andrew Carvin
Andrew Carvin6 years ago

Today we have bodies evolved to need sex, but have sociological and technological developments that make having unnecessary babies detrimental. Babies consume resources, and with most of today’s babies reaching adulthood, not all of those babies will have resources to consume.

This is why free birth control (abortion, pills, etc) is good. Having unnecessary babies causes financial strain on the family, causes strain on societal resources, increases crime, and a host of other negative consequences all of which cost money to fix. By providing free birth control you are avoiding the far more costly consequences of allowing unnecessary babies to be born.