House Will Vote Tuesday To Kill Health Care Reform

Republicans are moving forward on their plan to kill health care reform, with a vote intended to repeal the law next Tuesday.  But are House Democrats really trying to stop them?  A quick look at their message is making many people wonder.

Via The Plum Line:

“The Patient’s Rights Repeal Act.”

At a House Dem leadership meeting last week, Dem leaders decided that this is the phrase they will officially use to brand the House GOP’s push to repeal health reform, aides tell me.

With House Republicans set to press forward with repeal next week, the idea behind the Dem talking point is to emphasize what repeal would take away from you — and to position the plight of the patient in the center of this battle.

Dems are gearing up for a major campaign against repeal, in hopes that it will give them another crack at selling the American public on the law by highlighting its most popular provisions and arguing that repeal would do away with them.

The effort by Dems to hit on a pithy phrase to brand the GOP’s repeal effort comes after Republicans have been remarkable successful in their messaging on health care. The two core talking points developed by Republicans — that health reform is a “job killer” and a “government takeover” — have both gained amazing media traction in the past two years, despite the fact that “government takeover” earned PolitiFact’s “lie of the year” award.

It remains to be seen whether “the Patient’s Rights Repeal Act” will enjoy similar success.

I, for one, am utterly underwhelmed by the branding of the anti-repeal campaign.  It’s confusing, not direct, not clear, and frankly, really lacking in any sort of punch. 

Want to quickly explain what the GOP is doing?  Call it what it is, the “kill health care reform act.”  The “bring back pre-existing conditions act.”  The “let the insurers bankrupt you if you get sick act.”   Or the “being a woman means extra premiums act.”

If those are supposed to be the Democrat’s “fighting words,” they’re definitely lin the featherweight category.

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Wendy Mueller
Wendy M6 years ago

The republicans continue to show where their loyalties are, and it is not with the working American people. They don't care about the working class. They care about the corporations who line their pockets. The American working class doesn't make enough money to pay the republicans to support their issues. The republicans talk about doing this because this is what the American people want. I guess they don't consider the working class to be Americans. They only consider you to be an American if you are rich.

Barbara Erdman
Barbara Erdman7 years ago


Kathleen D.
Kathleen D7 years ago

None of us LIKE the idea of HAVING to purchase healthcare. The problem is; for every person that goes to the emergency room, and, often via an ambulance, premiums go up for everybody else with healthcare coverage. So, everyone who carries insurance, pays for those who do not. I've heard the argument from those who don't have insurance and don't want to have to purchase it; what happens when they have a catastophic (and of course, unexpected) illness. They wouldn't be able to be dropped under the new plan. But with a repeal, they would not be able to get insurance, would not be able to afford doctor and hospitable fees and, if they owned property, they would lose that because they would be driven into bankruptcy. So many Americans are losing everything they have because they did do the right thing. They had insurance but were dropped because of the unethical, cut-throat, for profit health insurance companies. This is morally corrupt and must stop. We all are in this together and we need to support one another. Stop thinking in terms of me, me, me; it's all about me! Let's, as Americans, 'just do it'.

Connie Kirkpatrick
Past Member 7 years ago

I do not want to be forced to rent health insurance, but at the same time this country needs to change the way it has been providing for the community over all. Equality is the answer, but it seems this is another way of backing the elite.

MaryAnn L.
MaryAnn Larson7 years ago

I hope I'm not being too simplistic when I say that I think they should call it "Save health care/ Cut drug prices" The Republicans say it will cost too much. They are wrong, of course, but if they want to help pay for it, they need to put more restrictions on drug companies, lobbyists, etc. There are 2 issues here, not only 1. Helping middle class people to be able to get better health care coverage is one issue. The other part is paying for it. They are separate issues. Let them leave the health care plan intact, then go after the COSTS of health care, beginning with the corrupt pharmaceutical industry and salesmen going to each and every doctor's office, in every small town in the whole country to offer them bribes to presscribe their drugs. They have a real nerve denying health care to ordinary people, while keeping their own fabulous plans. They should be forced to disown their own insurance if they proceed on this fake "we will cut spending". Let's see, ... about 600 congresspersons, not on the govt. dole for them and their families' health care (God forbid, pay for their own coverage from a private company). How much do you think that would save the government? Hey, it's a good beginning!!! (Oh yeah, they could also do away with the 'In-house'hospital care that is afforded them.) What small entrepeneurial company can afford to offer their employees that kind of care?? How much more hipocritical can you get???

Kathleen D.
Kathleen D7 years ago

I like the; 'at least they're working even though on the wrong road.' Dian, they've been working on the wrong road all along and the left work for all Americans and guess what? We're tired of working for even those on the right. They have done nothing but obstruct and try to take away everything the left has fought so hard for.
HELL NO WE WON'T! Sound familiar? Well hell no I won't and I don't think others on the left are in the mood to hear more of the right s..t tanks either.

Dian S.
Dian syverson7 years ago

I agree with James R. Stewart, Jr and Glenn M. Please remember that we the people ARE the government of the US. And let's put a little more effort into doing our job. And let's not be too sharp in our criticism of the right. At least they are working even though on the wrong road,

Anne Callahan
Anne C7 years ago


Novinha L.
.7 years ago

Thanks for the article!

Chris S.
Chris S.7 years ago

1st ! > Why must the word " Kill " be used, is that why America is so Violent ? If this Health Care Bill were compared to a Boxing ring fight, It is obvious to me the opposition... is trying to tire the fighter. Follow the Motive it usually leads to $ ! Follow the Corruption, usually leads to a Republican !
I am sure the Bill is not perfect but the intentions I feel are Honourable