How Does DOMA Hurt Married Same-Sex Binational Couples? (VIDEO)

Even though Christina and Monica are legally married, because the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) prevents the U.S. government from recognizing same-sex spouses the couple could be torn apart because Cristina, who was born in America, can not sponsor her foreign born spouse Monica for citizenship under federal law.

Year after year, same-sex couples are torn apart even though they may fulfill all other criteria for sponsorship. Cristina and Monica tell their story below:

In what was described as “extraordinary” step, Attorney General Eric Holder last month vacated a Board of Immigration Appeals decision and asked the Board to reconsider a case dealing with a foreign-born man in a New Jersey civil union with his American born partner. You can read more on that here.

For more information and guidance for binational same-sex spouses, please click here.

Photo taken from the Freedom to Marry video, no infringement intended.


Laura Saxon
.4 years ago

Very informative video. Thanks for sharing.

Aruna B.
Aruna Baker6 years ago

It's not acceptable. It's not acceptable twice because, as a Cherokee, I know their marriage was legal in Turtle Island 500 years ago. White men removed it as a hate crime against humanity, like they killed the Buffalo and a quarter of my people on the Trail of Tears. There is a lesbian Trail of Tears lasting thousands of years. Forcing women apart is pure and simple a rape and is massively destructive. There is nothing more beautiful than woman love. We Cherokee see them as being like the Moon circling the Earth. After a gay man killed my daughter the response, support and love from lesbian women was overwhelming, and they did not known her mum was a lesbian. If the Earth is to be saved from climate change it will be lesbians who do it. These people are the bes on Eartht. Please tell these two women they are welcome anytime in my home here in Scotland. By the way we call it lesbian marriage, not same sex marriage and we call them woman who want the ocean.

Mohammad M.
Mohammad M.6 years ago

Given the situation and discriminatory attitude the "Statue of Liberty" should now be called "The Statue of Bigotory" to reflect the true state of affiars in the US.

K s Goh
KS Goh6 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Marilyn L.
Marilyn L6 years ago

Very sad.

Tami Kennedy
Tami Kennedy6 years ago

It is hard to believe the US can flaunt itself a nation of freedom and implement and maintain laws such as DOMA.

Sandy V.
Sandy v6 years ago

Politicians that swear we have too big a government has the time to tell us how to live? Their relationship has nothing to do with my marriage and if my daughter were gay, I'd want her happy. Honest, we really have too much time on our hands if we worry about others that are looking for happiness.

Valarie S.
Valarie Snell6 years ago


Fred Krohn
Fred Krohn6 years ago

There is no defence for the Disease of Marriage act, a Klinton (Dummycrat) act. Destroy DOMA!

Christopher Fowler

The only thing that protects marriage is outlawing divorce.

I noticed that DOMA only excludes LGBT couples, thus specifically denying equality recognition of marriage to gay couples.
Unless one is an idiot or a fascist Christian, then it is easily recognizable as federally mandated prejudice.