Jim Coke
Jim Coke5 years ago

I can't tell what all those numbers mean, but they don't appear to include the role of the States. Historically and Constitutionally, the States are primarily responsible for the health and welfare of the people. The Constitution didn't authorize the Federal government to directly provide those benefits (its foremost responsibility is protecting the people from foreign enemies). Not distinguishing between Federal and State responsibilities can make the numbers very confusing and misleading.

Maddy W.
Maddy W.5 years ago

Japan! :)

Pamela Tracy
Pamela Tracy5 years ago

Insurance companies are generous compared to the United States Peace Corps and United States Govt....we govt volunteers and employees are valued as nothing.....believe that and if you do not you live in la la land.....

i was damaged by a lie about myself from Peace Corps Sierra Leone....I sued Peace Corps USA and Sierra Leone saying since they Peace Corps had let a piece of my mail be stolen by someone and then blamed it on me that I was personally damaged....which was the truth...Peace Corps did not want to admit that I was honest and my mail which i entrusted to the mail room peace corps office and clerk was stolen and then I was never told for years and I was blamed for Peace Corps mismanagement and a mail bag being stolen.....which it turned out was the mail bag on my route.....

Peace Corps said my claim ...i.e., myself...was worth nothing...altho they peace corps sierra leone was to blame for myself being stalked, libeled, beat up and injured for the lies of peace corps itself.......

So at least we are worth something to insurance companies the US Govt will blame any scapegoat for their crimes.....and kill them if they have to.

Heather M
Heather Marv5 years ago

Interesting the price put on a life but life is worth so much more than money. Everyone is unique and no person walking the Earth or has walked the Earth, is exactly the same as another.

Dieter Riedel
Dieter R5 years ago

That explains a lot...

Lin Moy
Lin M5 years ago

It is hard to beleive but suppose it is true. Our military should get much more. Don't see why it is so much to kill an inmate either.

Florence Eaise
Florence Eaise5 years ago


Joan S.
Joan S5 years ago


Kamryn M.
Kay M5 years ago

maybe i should move to switzerland.

Willetta S.
Willetta s5 years ago