One Child of How Many? Human Trafficking in the U.S.


Heartbreaking news out of North Carolina this week. After a week-long search, Shaniya Davis, a five year old girl, was found murdered and left lying on the side of the road. She had been taken from her home and authorities say she was raped. Mario McNeill is charged with both first degree murder and first degree rape. Perhaps most shocking of all, the girl’s mother, Antoinette Davis, who first reported the child missing, has been charged not only with filing a false police report, but with trafficking her daughter and child abuse involving prostitution.


For many Americans, human trafficking seems like a foreign, remote problem, hard to fully comprehend. But the fact is, buying and selling of humans is very real. Worldwide, the International Labor Organization, estimates there are about 2.5 million people forced to work in human trafficking at any one time and that 56 percent of forced labor victims are women and girls. According to, the United States is primarily a transit and destination country. The organization estimates 14,500 to 17,500 people, primarily women and children, are trafficked to the U.S. annually.


However, trafficking happens within our national boundaries too. The Polaris Project, an anti-trafficking organization in the United States and Japan, says there is a large “domestic” component of human trafficking in the United States for the purposes of both sexual and labor exploitation. The Polaris Project also projects the average age at which most children are first exploited is 13.


Some recent high profile projects are shedding light on this issue. A new film, “Fatal Promises,” tells the story of victims and an art installation backed by actress Emma Thompson and called “The Journey” gives an in-depth look of a woman’s journey in the sex industry. But all the activism and awareness can’t help us comprehend how a mother could allegedly sell her own child.  Even so, there are ways to help.


To help stop human trafficking in the United States and to learn the signs by which to identify victims, sign this Care2 petition.




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Samantha T.
Samantha Trosky6 years ago

Past member, not to be rude, but as a rape victim that way of thinking infuriates me! Porn and prostitution have as much to do with sex trafficing as consentual sex has to do with rape!!! When you make all sex bad you help sex offenders to think consentual sex and rape is the same! It is not!!! A John is a person and is not stupid and KNOWS if it is forced or not! He knows if he is raping or not! Even if she is scared and not fighting back! A john for the most part knows if the person they are with is of age or not (unless 17 and looks of age)! What about the johns that want the MILF type??? So not the same as some weirdo that wants a 10 year old kid!!! IMO There is noting wrong with consentual prostitution! If both parties are of age and consentual then who cares!? Lets not mix things up here! Not all sex is bad! Just rape is! Please don't let the sex offenders win by mixing the two up!

Samantha T.
Samantha Trosky6 years ago

I get being abused leads to breaking laws, but not anything to that level. I was beaten by my father. I never got into trouble, but I used to hang around a few gang members in high school and then dated an Italian Mobster (I am from Chicago), BUT THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR SELLING YOUR CHILD!!!! This woman is a MONSTER with no excuse! I have a child and I go way above and beyond to be the best parent I can be! One of the best moms I know grew up in an orphanage! Another great mom I know was thrown out at 14 or 15 for her mom's boyfriend! No excuses for anything like that! I will make mistakes, as all parents do, but what that monster did is not a mistake!
She deserves life in prison in the population that KNOWS what she did!!! They will take care of her sorry ass! I usually don't like violence, but people like her deserve it!!!!

Trudy C.
Trudy C6 years ago

I have seen stats avg. age of child victims is 4-10yrs.

In any case life expectancy is less than 10yrs.

Great site to educate yourself is

to find out how to save a life

If you see underage prostitution esp at truck stops call in with the licence plate of the suspicious fancy car that hovers nearby - remember beatings, forced drugs & threats against family is used to control the kids

1-877 3737888

Catherine G.
Past Member 7 years ago

human trafficking, sex tourism and modern slavery are a huge problem worldwide. The sex industry, whether it is prostitution or porn videos encourages such trafficking. It preys on the vulnerable and the weak, please help fight this by signing
Thank you

Jeff J.
Richard N8 years ago

shaking head...

Carol E.
Carol M8 years ago

Carol M
I believe our Law Enforcement is Neglecting to Enforce. The policemen do their job only to have criminals set free. If they do the Crime they should do the time. People who commit Murder and Rape should die in the same fashion. Why should the children pay for the Sins of the Parents. If these Criminals were given what they deserve then it would encourage others from doing so. I don't believe in gun control either. If You were a criminal and You were about to rob the Bank, Wouldn't You think twice if You knew the people behind You all had guns? I Parents don't take care of the Own Children Then They should be taken away and given to people who would Love to have them. And there are many who through no fault of their Own can't have any. I would of loved to helped this child. I am shocked that something like this could and does happen in this country. It's time top do something People!

Mary C.
Mary C8 years ago

BM, I agree 110%. And yes, parenting classes should be in the classroom starting at ta young age. As well as humane treatment of animals. Many abusers start with animals and progress from there. But in cases where a child is killed or gets taken away from a mother permanently due to abuse, she should not be allowed to have any more kids. And the ONLY way to prevent that is tying those tubes. Its a joke. A child gets taken away from an abusive mother, yet she has anoither one 9 months later and THAT one is abused, gets taken away, etc etc etc. HOW MANY times does this have to happen with ONE woman before its stopped?? Then we really COULD start looking at that peaceful loving world someone else was fantasizing about.

If someone wants to risk taking drugs, then that is their decision. A bad one yes, but THEIRS. They do NOT, however, Have the right to bring a child into this world addicted to drugs, or abuse and kill this child. NO MORE. WHEN are some of you going to look out for they well being of the innocent children??? And NOT after too many of them are HERE and abused, but preventing the abusers from having any more. THAT and early parenting classes is the only way. A problem needs to be stopped BEFORE it gets out of hand, the it is not a problem any more! After the fact is like cleaning up after a flood, but not stopping the leak. Simple. NO more child abuse, trafficking and deaths. PROTECT OUR CHILDREN.

B. M.
Bette M8 years ago

Chana wrote:
Thirdly, we have to do all we can to prevent abuse in the first place - otherwise, the cycle will continue to perpetuate itself. Should women like this be punished? I'm not a big believer in the efficacy of punishment, but I certainly think she should be kept away from society, in order to keep society safe.

Well, how do we prevent? And, if there is one of these useless bit*thes there are a million of em! So, how do we find a million or more of these women to prevent what they might do? Where would we put all the children involved after these women are incarcerated?

But in todays very over crowded mean world we truly should institute parenting classes in the schools starting in kindergardten all the way to 12th grade. By doing this in a classroom setting through the years children will begin to understand what being a parent is. And, hopefully this would reduce teen pregnancy too.

There is no separation of a parents life from that of their children. One life affects the other & sometimes in profound ways & sometime tragically so.

I always say people spit out children like rats, rabbits & roaches. But, when you think about it those creatures are better parents!!


Plant & protect trees for life.............

Sara F.
Sara F8 years ago

i believe that this woman should be forced into having her tubes tied. No mother is perfect, but this goes way past imperfection. As a mother of 2 and currently expecting another child, i know that when i became a mother, it became my responsibility to ensure the safety and nurturement of my children. if a child cant expect her mother to protect her, who can he/she trust?!
i would also like to take a moment and tell people that not all addicts would allow their children to come to harm. Im living proof of that. For years my mother was what is considered a functioning addict. We went to our dr's appointments, school, there was always food in our fridge, our clothing was clean, and so were we. Our mother loved us, but was fighting a battle on the side. May God have mercy on any man that would have thought it was ok to try something indecent with us, because my mom wouldnt have. she would have killed him, went to jail, and did her time laughing at what she would have done to him!!
please refrain from considering all mothers fighting their own battles as mothers who would allow this to happen.
btw my mother has 16 years clean and she doesnt miss anything about it...

Chana B.
.8 years ago

B.M, I don't have a simple answer. I do believe that we have to stop looking at children as their parents' possessions and giving the parents endless chances to make it right. Some people do not have the capacity to parent well and should lose the right. If we do this, however, we need to provide a good alternative housing for the children. Maybe small group homes or "families" headed by professionals who have the training to help them with the fallout from their trauma. Thirdly, we have to do all we can to prevent abuse in the first place - otherwise, the cycle will continue to perpetuate itself. Should women like this be punished? I'm not a big believer in the efficacy of punishment, but I certainly think she should be kept away from society, in order to keep society safe.