Human Rights activist becomes prisoner of conscience in Morocco

Many human rights organizations including Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have issued public statements condemning Moroccan authorities for the illegal detention of Chekib El-Khiari, a human rights activist that has a commendable reputation for speaking out against corruption amongst the Moroccan leaders.
    El-Khiari’s whereabouts have been unknown since the National Bureau of Judicial Police took him on Tuesday last week. El-Khiari is the head of the Association for Human Rights in the Rif. The Court of Appeals of Casablanca ordered the judicial police to summon el-Khiari regarding statements he had previously made about drug trafficking in the northern coastal region of Morocco. El-Khiari had reportedly implicated various high-ranking state officials in his statements. Although the summons did not specify the reason for the request, el-Khiari traveled to Casablanca in adherence. The following day, however, 10 policemen accompanied him to his home. The officers searched his home without a warrant and confiscated many documents as well as his computer. When he was taken away again, the police gave his family no indication of where he would be taken.
     Amnesty International has denounced the police’s actions and declared Chekib El-Khiari to be a prisoner of conscience. The authorities have revealed no information as to el-Khiari’s location, but have stated that his accusations about the drug trafficking involvement are completely untrue, suggesting that he was simply trying to damage the image of national authorities. Amnesty has declared as well that this unlawful arrest is “an attack on the right of human rights defenders to collect and disseminate information and views on human rights issues without fear or reprisals”. According to Amnesty, the Moroccan authorities have violated the UN Declaration on the Right and Responsibility that strictly prohibits retaliation for seeking, knowing, or obtaining information on human rights issues. In addition, the authorities have violated both the Moroccan Constitution and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights guarantee the right to freedom of expression.
   Amnesty and Human Rights Watch have called for immediate and unconditional release of Chekib El-Khairi.



Martha P.
Martha Wisotsky9 years ago

Crime, greed and power attempts to destroy any truth, dignity and humanity that stands in their way. It has been people like Chekib who have risked their lives and even their families' lives to attain the precious freedom that makes it possible for us to even make these comments on a petition site. I pray for his release and for justice to prevail in this situation.

Ali Attar9 years ago

And I thought tha King Muhammad the 5th´s time is long gone

Ken Lucas
Ken L9 years ago

So much Corruption in Morocco in this day and age. Incredible

Julie van Niekerk

How low can a government go?

Julie van Niekerk

Shows you the serious corruption in Morocco. Most probably those in parlaiment are the most corruptive and their deeds should remain a secret, that is why the activist is taken into custody. How low can a government go?