Humans Cause 70 Percent of Loss of Arctic Sea Ice (Video)

A just-published study in the journal Environmental Research Letters has found that, based on computer modeling, at least 70 percent of “radical decline” in sea ice around the Arctic is caused by “human-induced climate change.”

In fact, as much as 95 percent of the loss of arctic sea ice could be due to human factors.

The decline in the sea ice could be cataclysmic for wildlife. It could further endanger arctic ecosystems as, with far less sea ice, new northern sea routes could be open and greater areas of the sea bed made accessible for drilling for oil and gas.

The sea ice has been shrinking at a faster rate since the 1990s. Scientists predict that, before too long — the late 2020s — the Arctic could become ice-free in the summer. Jonny Day, a climate scientist at the National Centre for Atmospheric Science at the University of Reading who led the study, says in the Guardian that the summer sea ice has decreased by 40 percent since the 1970s.

Day explains how the warming of the earth and the subsequent loss of ice can have other effects on the environment:

“[There is] something called the ice-albedo feedback, which means that when you have less ice, it means there’s more open water and therefore the ocean absorbs more radiation and will continue to warm.”

“It’s unclear what will happen – it definitely seems like it’s going in that direction.”

Care2 blogger  has written about the recent, dramatic effects of climate change on Greenland where an iceberg twice the size of Manhattan broke off inland. A gust of warm air has led to “unprecedented thawing” in Greenland, about four-fifths of which is covered by a huge ice sheet. An extreme runoff from the glacier has resulted and has washed out a key transport and research hub.

This video shows the bridge, which was built in the 1950s, being swept away.

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Photo taken in August of 2010 by U.S. Army Engineer Research & Development Center


Will Rogers
Will R5 years ago

If you think global warming is the only thing that can destroy the arctic, watch this. It's an icebreaker taking people to....wait for it.... The North Pole! They first went to the North Pole in a icebreaker in 1977, arctic icebreaker tourism started in 1989 and costs 25,000 US dollars.

Muriel Servaege
Muriel S5 years ago

Is this surprising?

Joseph O.
Joseph O.5 years ago

Some people here say old news but if they read the other comments they will see that no matter how many times it is published some people just don't get it. They would denie climate change if the woke up in Chicago on a day in January and it was 85 and sunny. They don't want to see the increase in violent weather and they won't be around when Florida becomes the new Atlantis.

Dave Y.
Dave Youngman5 years ago

and BTW, I've read ALL the linked URLs and his CLAIM that the loss of ice is 70% due to man made conditions is ... all based on COMPUTER SIMULATIONS with cyclical weather data going back 65 and 85 years.

First off it is clear that weather forecaster with all their computer simulations can't predict the weather 24 hours out let alone in years. Secondly data taken from the last 85 YEARS is completely inconsequential in the 100,000 YEARS it takes for the Earth to cycle through an ICE AGE and then a 100,000 year inter-glacial warm spell.

There are a FEW scientists who will admit that MOST of this data presented is A) factually inaccurate based on climate data that is either too short a time period to make ANY predictions or from data that is chosen to represent the aim of the study. And that B) the aim of the study? To get further GRANT MONEY FROM THE GOVERNMENTS.

Dave Y.
Dave Youngman5 years ago

" Remember the "hockey stick." The hockey stick shows the climate changing dramatically around 1979 into something it wasn't for thousands of years."

Good GAWD. I can't believe people are still getting suckered by that movie - made by a lying ex politician who owned a carbon credit exchange and was expected to make a BILLION DOLLARS ripping off industry with his carbon TAX (MONEY - get it?). No wonder he roars and blows fire. The TRUTH came out and his credit exchange went bankrupt. No wonder he's pissed. YOU on the other hand should bloody well KNOW BETTER!!!

That friggin HOCKEY STICK graph went back 157 YEARS. A tortoise takes that long to fart and it was presented as if this was definitive evidence of MAN MADE change. What rubbish!!
DO some research and SEE the larger graph - the one that goes back a million years using ice core data. That hockey stick is as insignificant as Gore should be.

Dave Y.
Dave Youngman5 years ago

As stated on another "enviro-nazi" thread in here ... this has ALL happened before. We've had SEVEN ice ages in the not too distant past. We had 12,000 FOOT THICK ice sheets covering most of the Norther Hemisphere. They MELTED and the oceans rose 350 FEET. Then everything got cold again and sea levels went down and the ice built up. SEVEN TIMES. Man wasn't building coal power plants then. He wasn't driving SUV's. TRUE data shows an INVERSE CO2 spike associated with warming trends. In other words things got warm and then CO2 levels rose - NOT the other way around like that shyster Gore claims in his movie of lies and deceit.

Nobody in the dreaded "denier" movements are suggesting we allow pollution to continue but to cut down on OUR contributions to CO2 would mean shutting down the economy of the planet and then even according to the UN study it MIGHT affect the global temps by a half a degree in 50 YEARS. 98% of global warming gasses are WATER VAPOR. Why aren't you all out demanding they BAN making TEA??

Genevieve Esson
Genevieve Esson5 years ago

What gives? Is there anything us working citizens can do to help cool down the planet? The bigwigs don't give a fig. Let's not make this hopeless. That is their power over us and they are going to fry just like us. Why does this have to be like dominoes. Let's do what we can do now to help save Mother Earth. But we have to act now. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Linda Finchum
Linda Finchum5 years ago

Lynn D: If you really want more information, read Mark Lynas' book SIX DEGREES: OUR FUTURE ON A HOTTER PLANET. The data is all there, already organized by degrees Centigrade of global warming, and synthesized from hundreds of papers published over recent decades in peer-reviewed scientific journals. There is no excuse except laziness to not go to a local library and check it out, or buy a paperback copy on Amazon for about $10.00. Don't expect local news to cover this topic and spoon feed it to the public. They're much too busy reporting on useless celebrities and sports to address anything this crucial...

Valentina R.
Valentina R5 years ago

Old news is old.

Ahren A.
Past Member 5 years ago