Huntsman Only Republican Presidential Candidate Against “Personhood” [VIDEO]

When it comes to the GOP presidential field, former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman has made it clear that he’s not nearly as far right as his rivals.  Now, he’s taken another step away from the pack, as the only presidential candidate to state that the Mississippi law to grant fertilized eggs full legal rights may go “too far,” saying that there should always be rape and incest exceptions for abortion.

Mississippi’s amendment not only has the potential to ban abortion at all times, with no exceptions, but also could force women to wait until their tube ruptures before they can treat an ectopic pregnancy, could end many forms of fertility treatment, and could outlaw many forms of birth control.  The state will vote on the amendment Tuesday, November 8th.
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Frances C.
Frances C6 years ago

Huntsman is the only sane one in a group of loonies, so naturally they won't pick him. the tea party wanting a sane person????

Marjaana V.
marjaana v6 years ago

YAY! one sane candidate! things are looking up.

i think.

Nancy L.
Nancy L6 years ago

Personhood for a blob of cells is such a joke. No rights at all for an embryo or fetus.

Debbie Doyle
Debbie Doyle6 years ago

Emmanuel V BRAVO!!!!!!! you hit every nail right on the head!!!! It's nice to know that other see what's going on. It is such a shame that the "sheeple" majority go through life oblivious to these "crimes" we are being subjected to. You are what you eat and the food is toxic so they get us from the get-go. And the large conglomerates that sell us processed dead crap as food are trying to buy out the small organic food and product producers one by one .... OMG none of us are safe :(

Sophi Z.
Sophia Z6 years ago

Mississippi has spoken up for the rights of women to control their destinies and their bodies tonight!

Ray M.
Ray M6 years ago

Suffice to say, he's the only repug candidate with a brain, not to forget, he's also the low man on the totum pole. Now what does that tell you about the lame republicon electorate? Ya think there may be too many brainwashed souls listening to FAUX news and hate radio? Absolutely. They have their little listening puppets just where they want them.

Marilyn L.
Marilyn L6 years ago

There is something that strikes me as odd when people start making choices for women. There is never, ever any word or amendment to one of these laws to say what the man's responsibility is. He can get a women pregnant with consent or not, and SHE must bear the child, but HE can walk away from the whole thing. So when these folks start screaming about personhood maybe in the same breath or law they should also address fatherhood.
What would happen if they made a law that said:
1. An abortion can only be given:
A. In the case of physical or mental health of the mother or fetus.
B. In the case of incest or rape.
2. That all babies born will have DNA testing perform to determine/confirm the father.
3. That the man (father) who created the fetus with the woman must provide medical care for the mother and child during pregnancy.
4. That the man must provide (not necessarily live there) a home, health, dental, vision and life insurance and care for the mother and child until that child is 18 years old;
5. And must further provide for the child’s education through at least trade/technical training or college up to a Master’s degree.
6. All of the above will apply no matter how many pregnancies can be attributed to the man or woman.
Surely this is fair. Why should society or another man financially care for another man’s child. How many men do you think would change their habits and even perhaps get vasectomies?

joyce dean
J D6 years ago

Could it be that HE, RON PAUL has taken & IS taking a stand on all these issues and more, &
ALL THE OTHER CANDIDATES are puppets, two sides of the same coin?

KARLOLINA G6 years ago

I said it before and I am going to say it again!

If you are BLACK, GAY, POOR, or a FEMALE, why on earth would you vote for a REPUBLICAN? Well I am just a Canadian FEMALE. What could I possibly know?

Emanuel v.
Emanuel v.6 years ago

Be sensible everyone. There are extenuating circumstances.with everything in this life and that goes for preganacy as well. What one should be opposed to is the indiscriminate murder of the unborn just because it does n't quite fit the agenda. I 've said it before those who support abortion on demand support their own extermination,Abortion the way it is implemented is just one aspect of the depopulation agenda 21 of the UN ( United Nazi) organisation that has every intention of getting rid of you and me as well. We are quietly being persuaded to self destruct with denatured food, refined, processed,chemicalised diet, polluted water, radiation, HAARP, Chem trailos, Germ trails , GMO's, toxic medical drugs and poisonous adjuvant, additive vaccines. sterilisation, contraception and abortion. And if you don't believe me, just look at the evidence that most if not all people now get one or other chronic diease well before old age,it is an epidemice that your doctor or the Government does nothing about , because it suits them to make a killing out of the Goyim that walk around like zombies oblivious to what is going.on.